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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can you find out what magical power you have?

My sister Kylee, can see the future. When ever she dreams or day dreams, she sees slightly altered forms of the future, which 92% of the time are proven true.
As well, my cousin Jade, is a pagan. All of the spells she had casted recently did work.
As if you can tell, I’m a bit jealous of my supernatural family, even though I am proud of them. Here is some information about myself, if you want to know.
– I feel more ‘energy’ during the night. For some reason I love the dark.
– Whenever a game console fails to work no matter how much someone tries, I can get it working in only one try.
– I always loved being in the dark, i read, play games, swim, and watch TV in the dark, however I still fear it.
– I can often hear things that no one else can.
– I have an unnecessary fear of mirrors.

Answer by Faraz
Practice your skills and discover them.
Find yourself.

Answer by Ally

my family doesnt have any powers

Answer by Emma
I don’t think the existence of magic has been proven whatsoever, so I would suggest that maybe you just accept that these are flukes or coincidences that coincide with someone’s religion.

Maybe take a quiz online? If you really believe in this stuff, then try to look for a website of something, but a lot of them may just be for entertainment.

Don’t be disappointed if you have no “magical powers” though…

Answer by The Mighty Captain Obvious
You think that’s something? I went to the mystical Cave Bangjherbakdohr in the remote regions of northern Thailand. Inside I found a wise old magician. After reading some tea leaves and smoking a fat, juicy bowl of Purple Kush, he bestowed ancient magical powers onto me. Now I can do a dozen pushups with no hands. I have heat vision; I can make a grill cheese sandwich without leaving the living room. I predicted that Obama would win a second term. I didn’t just rise from the dead once. I rise from the dead every morning with a skull splitting hangover that made Krakatoa look like a wet firecracker. Suck on that, Chris Angel.

Answer by Katriathewolf
Lucky, my friend can read minds….other friend sees the future too….try meditating and think about the possibilities and how well they would match up with you. Then test out ur theories and see what works. Good luck 🙂

Answer by Meatwad
Gorillaz – Cloud of Unknowing

“On the cloud of unknowing, my world seems open”

When you don’t about something, possibilities are endless.

Answer by Jacob
What’s wrong with being normal?

Answer by herro derr
I’m a sensitive( its like a medium) and I can see and sense ghosts

Answer by Tormentrix Demonica
sounds like you have natural abilities.

try some crystals to help you get in touch with your power. I recommend moldavite. hold a piece in your palm with both palms facing upwards. then feel it’s energy and let it know you are on a search to find your true powers. It will help you.

Answer by EasyDo
OK,,, If you’re serious & genuinie about this,, then I suggest you get together with that ‘Pagan cousin’ of yours. Get her to teach you all that she can & will, & Do Learn it. …. From what you have said, I surmize that you are still a very young person. (that’s OK, but young people often have heightened senses which only “appear” to be ‘supernatural’ (for want of a better word). If that’s all it is, it will disappear as you grow. ….. OR,, You may have some natural “Ability”. (we don’t call them powers.) ………. To me, it sounds like Your Ability with training & practice ‘could be’, a natural ability to be “clareaudient”. (that’s like carevoyance, but instead you hear things instead of see things.) ……… I would suggest that after studying with your pagan cousin, you build & learn to use your own “Black Mirror.” …………. You have a fear of mirrors, so you do have some connection to them. If you learn to use the black mirror, you will learn (at the least) to conquer & control your fear!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is a good exercise for being able to hold / carry a girl?

Well, I do consider myself decently strong, but I can’t seem to hold my girlfriend up that long… When I pick her up, she’s too heavy for me (not trying to be mean at all, I love her very much~! ). Now, she weighs 230, while I’m 130. If anyone knows of a good exercise, and a schedule (reps, sets, times of the week), if you could please tell me briefly, I would be extremely thankful. Otherwise, have a wonderful weekend, thanks! 😀

Answer by ny
The Prison Workout: A Total Body Exercise Routine
Some prison inmates
have nothing but a sink, a toilet, their bed, and a few square feet of
space at their disposal. They need an exercise routine that can be
done in a confined space without equipment. The “Prison Workout,”
which was nicknamed by some people who saw prisoners without access to
weights doing it, is designed to develop strength, endurance, speed,
agility, and balance. It also produces gains in muscle, losses in body
fat, and plenty of stamina. It is a total body and cardio workout. The
Prison Workout consists of one classic exercise, the “burpee.” This
exercise works your chest, arms, front deltoids, thighs and abs. The
burpee is a six-count exercise:
1) Stand with your feet shoulder width
apart and your hands raised over your head. Then squat down and place
your palms on the floor by your feet.
2) Kick both of your legs back so that you’re in push-up position.
3) Bend your elbows and lower your
body until your chest touches the floor.
4) Push yourself back up.
5) At the end of the push-up, quickly pull both knees into your chest
while keeping your hands on the floor. You’re jumping back into the
squat position of step one.
6) Stand straight up by straightening your
legs and throwing your hands in the air over your your head. You’re
now in the position that you started in. You can make the burpee more
advanced and increase the explosive power in your legs by jumping into
the air as you stand up. The Prison Workout is done in descending
sets. For example, begin by doing 20 burpees without stopping. Rest 30
seconds, and then do 19 burpees without stopping. Rest 30 seconds and
do 18 burpees. Continue doing descending sets until you get down to a
final set of 1 burpee. That makes a total of 210 burpees. For most
people, 20 sets will be too much to start with. In that case, pick a
lower number of sets like 15 or 10 or even fewer for your first
workout. Then add a set every 1-2 weeks until you reach your goal. In
prison, doing 20 descending sets without stopping is the minimum to be
considered a “man.” If you can do 25 sets, you’re considered to be
pretty tough, and, if you can do 30 sets, you’re considered a “stud.”
If you’re doing other exercises in addition to this workout, do your
burpee workout 3 times per week on cardio days. If some of you who’ve
read this far are thinking to yourselves, “This Prison Workout is too
easy. I’m looking for a man’s workout,” try one of these advanced
variations of the basic burpee.
1) If you have access to pull-up bars,
at step 6, jump up and do a pull-up. That will add 210 or more
pull-ups to the workout.
2) Place dumbbells on the floor.
Use the dumbbells as push-up bars for steps 1-5. At step 6, clean the
dumbbells to your shoulders, press them overhead, and then set them
back down for the next repetition. In other words, add an overhead
press to each burpee. Be sure to use the solid, hexagonal dumbbells
rather than the adjustable kind. By itself, the Prison
Workout will strip fat from your body, add muscle, and build stamina.
Alternate it with a weight training routine, and you may be mistaken
for a Greek god, or, at least, for an ex-convict. If you can follow
simple instructions, then you can build a HEALTHY, HIGH-PERFORMANCE,
ATTRACTIVE body in the comfort of your own home using ONLY bodyweight

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Looking for a book summary of ‘What I Saw and How I Lied’ By Judy Blundell?

If you find one you can just copy and paste it as an answer. It’s not on Sparknotes, and I’m not going to have enough time to finish my summer reading. Or if you’ve read it and want to help out, it would be much appreciated, thank you. Ten points to someone that helps and doesn’t just make fun of my laziness.

Answer by Lindsay
15-year-old Evie grows up quickly when she discovers her adored parents are not the people she thought they were. While on vacation in Palm Beach in 1947, Evie’s parents, Joe and Bev, get involved in a shady business deal with the Graysons, another couple on holiday. Meanwhile, Evie begins a flirtation with Peter, a handsome ex-GI who served with Joe and just happens to be staying at their hotel. Evie soon learns that Peter’s presence is no coincidence and that he threatens to uncover a terrible secret that Joe has kept since the war. Then Bev, Joe, and Peter go boating, but only two of them return. Evie must sort through secrets, lies, and her own grief to find the truth. Using pitch-perfect dialogue and short sentences filled with meaning, Blundell has crafted a suspenseful, historical mystery that not only subtly explores issues of post–WWII racism, sexism, and socioeconomic class, but also realistically captures the headiness of first love and the crushing realization that adults are not all-powerful. Grades 8-12. –Jennifer Hubert

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Matt Bellamy Palm Reading

Written by RockPsychic


✰ My area of expertise is that of a Time-Shifter. I am the only Time-Shifter to my knowledge on Live Mystics.
Time-Shifters are a rare-breed. I am proud to say, that I have mastered Time-Shifting and will share my talents with you.

✰✪✰ In 2010, I predicted the exact date of the August 23, 2011 – Mineral, Virginia 5.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked the entire East Coast of the United States and up through Canada creating more than $300 million dollars in damage.
I had also seen a fantastic amount of water, coming in shortly thereafter. I therefore notified the appropriate government authorities to warn them.
17 Hours after the quake, Hurricane Irene made landfall less than 300 miles from the epicenter of the Earthquake.
Damage estimates from this hurricane, throughout the United States were near $19.6 billion dollars, which made it the 5th costliness hurricane in United States history
The coastlines were evacuated and lives were saved because of this prediction and appropriate warnings.