Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How come only your fingers and toes get prune in the shower and nothing else does?

Answer by Hicktowngirl66
Always wondered about that. I read online that your palms and bottom of your feet also get pruney because they have indentations.


The raisin for the wrinkles is because of a protective layer on the skin called the callus. The callus is a layer of cells thicker than our regular skin cells, the cells in the callus themselves are ‘dryer’ inside than other skin cells and have thicker walls . They are practically dead .
The callus and the individual cells are not water proof so when you get soaked the cells and the layer absorb water and swell up. The callus layer doesn’t stretch like other skin, but the water softens the cell walls and the wrinkles form to give room for the swollen cells. The softening of the cells is also why people who try to remove the callus with emery boards do it after a bath. ( Sanding the callus may actually be counter productive, the friction and heat stimulates the skin to form more callus, especially on dry skin, the water at least acts as a lubricant and coolant.)
The callus is a protective layer that forms in response to friction and wear on the skin so it is found mainly on the hands and feet. People who use their hands a lot, carpenters, gardeners etc have a thicker layer, and as we get older it gets thicker, but everyone has at least a thin layer on the hands and feet, it forms naturally. Even a callow youth has a youthful callus. That’s why we usually only see the wrinkles on our palms and soles. Elbows and knees also have a natural callus layer but unless you do a lot of crawling or have some weird job involving rubbing things with your elbows the layer is thin and the wrinkles don’t show up as much. People who keep their noses to the grindstone could wind up with a wrinkly schnoz. Unfeeling people with a callous heart could wind up with a wrinkled soul.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you think of the Blackjack II by Samsung?

I’m switching from Sprint to AT&T. Some suggestions were the Palm Centro, Sony Ericcson & Blackberry Curve… what about the Blackjack II? If you have one or ever used a friends, can you please give me some feedback on it. (I read the descrip. online, but wanted to get real feedback. Uses: business/to get e-mails & personal, want keyboard/internet) Thanks!

Answer by getLO0SE
Hi me again :]

The blackjack II is a good phone. It is windows mobile and I really like palm a lot more! It is so much more easy to use. The palm centro has a bigger touch screen. The bjii doesnt have a touch screen. The internet speeds are about the same. I’d go with the centro

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