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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How detailed can you really get with a palm reading?

A friend of mine read my palm for me a while back, and his reading has been bothering me ever since. There were some normal elements to his reading: long lust line, lots of travel in my future… and then he says “You will be forgiven”. And he goes on to say “your love line and your life line run together” and “You’ll die in your early 30’s, and you will be murdered by your lover. It will be a crime of passion. There will also be a knife involved.”

My question is, can you really get that detailed in your palm readings, or was he just making some of it up? And, if your just going to tell me these sort of things never come true, don’t bother replying at all.
Celia and mrsunshine = the same person? O.o

I know palm reading has no scientific backing. That was made clear to me a loooonnnnggg time ago. But still, it funny how one can predict break-ups with tarot cards, and have them come true. Ahh, the power of suggestion.

Answer by Celia
He’s making it up. Sorry, but palm reading has absolutely nothing scientific backing it up. You’re friend made a mistake in giving you a bad reading, if he’d given you a good reading (like any professional palm reader would) you wouldn’t be questioning it. Don’t worry about it, your friend just got carried away.

Answer by mrsushinator
He’s making it up. Sorry, but palm reading has absolutely nothing scientific backing it up. You’re friend made a mistake in giving you a bad reading, if he’d given you a good reading (like any professional palm reader would) you wouldn’t be questioning it. Don’t worry about it, your friend just got carried away.

Answer by Lorelei
I know a fair bit about palm reading, and there is NO WAY you can get that detailed and specific.

You CANNOT predict what age someone will die, let alone all that other stuff.

For one thing, people’s hands change constantly, so they are actually quite useless for foretelling the future.

Your fate is, quite literally, in your own hands!

Answer by Willie
Palm reading is the devil’s work.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is palm reading real?

I was once on this website and I posted this:

Okay,so I need help with palmistry stuff.
So Im gonna talk about my palms
because they are oh so wonderful.
Umm.. okay, so on my right hand I have 2 marriage lines, the top one is longer than the bottom one.
On my left hand, I have 4 marriage lines, the two middle ones are longer.
My life line on my left hand goes all the way to my wrist, and it curves a bit towards my thumb near the end.
My right hand is the same.

and I have a major question:
Less than a month ago, I cut myself on my left hand multiple times, the scars are still there and there are indents on my hand. Will that affect me if I ever get my palm professionally read/ or I try to read it myself?”

and this is what somebody replied as :

“As far as i can read it ..You will get married actually twice the first Love is not going to last..What a shame ..You left with 2 Children..Now when that will happen i can not read because of your Scars ,but the second Marriage is the one that will make all the difference..Should i tell you?I guess it is my Duty.You will marry the same Gender..”Wow” and what a Honeymoon.”

but the thing is, I have NO interest to girls what so ever like that.
Could it be wrong?

Answer by ;D
You shoudl wait till the scars are fully healed, or atleast when you know it doesnt interact with your original lines, then you can tell the professional palm reader to disregard those.
Strange enough, My top is also longer than the bottom…. o.O
I’ve been told many things, my first line has a cross running through it . ive havent heard anything about marrying the same gender .

Ive done a bit research (may not be accurate) but for a man it means he will have many affair(s). it may or may not be the same for a women, but for me being a girl ive had alot of affairs in life.
You should get it professionally done. I will soon too, im just beginnings.
i hope I helped a bit

Answer by Kale
Palm reading is real, when done correctly.

It is important to note, however, that what most people believe about palmistry is wrong. Firstly, you cannot tell how many times someone will marry by their palm. Marriage lines as we understand them aren’t true, they were made up by fake psychics looking to make money by offering something impossible that everyone wants to know (who doesn’t want to know if they will get married? Especially because most people who get their palms read are women). Traditional palmistry, and any reputable palm reader say that there is no way to tell numbers such as the number of times you will get married, how many children you will have, how long you will live, etc. Palmistry is more qualitative than quantitative.

The more “marriage” lines you have, the more flirtatious you are, although I suppose that does increase your chances of marrying more times. What this shows on your hand is that either you were meant to be very flirty, but you changed due to something in your childhood, and are now just a little flirty, or you are very flirty inside (maybe you think a lot about love, sex, and/or marriage), but you don’t act on it too much.

As for the life line; long, deep lines on both hands means that you have very good health.

And there is nothing from what you posted that would point to you being a lesbian. There actually aren’t any good cues for homosexuality, although one followed fairly widely is if you have a V shape or triangle emerging from the middle of your heart line you are more likely to be homosexual or bisexual.

Any good palm reader would be able to tell the difference between a palm line, and scars, the tissue is very different. However, scars on your hands are still important to consider, because there may be a greater cosmic reason of why your hands got scarred up (depending on the palm reader, some may read around the scars, others will include them, others may include them if they look important or significant but ignore them if not).

There are many, many details to a proper palm reading, and they generally should all be considered. Any palm reader who claims to know numbers is lying, or using an improper technique and is therefor under-educated. If you want a serious palm reading, be careful who you get it from. That being said it can still be fun to have a “carnival” reading that tells you silly fallacies such as the number of weddings. But traditional palmistry is used to learn about the deeper personality and motivations of the individual.

I hope this helped a bit.

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