Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do high school swim meets work?

does everyone on the team race (theres about 25 people on the team)
do you ever swim against people on your own team
are you chosen what type of stroke you do by how skilled you are
Feel free to add anything else i should know
Also how can i improve backstroke when doing a flip turn? i do the flip turn but i kick my body down and my back hits the floor

Answer by alberto
You just swim

Answer by Jessica
From my experience with swimming
Yes everyone in the team races, on some important events you might not swim depending on how good you are. They could change your spot.

Yes you sometimes swim against your own teammates, you cant focus on competing against them, you have to care more about your time. TIME is everything.

Yes you are chosen with how skilled you are with the strokes.

Answer by Surferchick101
You were a bit vague, but I’m presuming you mean at a regional or state level where you have a swimming carnival with other schools

Yes, everyone on the team races, but not all at the same time and in different events
You can swim against people on your own team but your school will get points for having swimmers participate.
If you got through from your school swimming carnival, you got to the next level by winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a certain stroke, or “event.” These are the events that you will be competing in at the next meet.

Answer by SMILEE&LOOVE x3
Yes everyone on the team races. Usually everyone will swim a total of 4 events (2 individual and 2 relays). Yes you will be swimming against people on your own team. One team will have the odd lanes and the other will have the evens. And so say one event has 6 lanes then lane 2, 4, 6 are from one school and lanes 1, 3, 5 are from the other. Swimming is as much of an individual sport as a team sport. For which stroke/event you do depends on your coach. Coaches do the lineups for every meet and most of the time they’ll take your word of which event you like into consideration.

For your flipturn for backstroke. You have to count how many strokes it takes for you to get to the wall from the flags. once youre almost near the wall flip onto your stomach and do a flipturn but after you flip stay on your back and kickoff the wall on your back in streamline.

Answer by christina c
Hey there!

They a little complicated to understand the events and orders sometimes but you’ll get the hang of it

Each event goes JV girls, JV boys, Varsity girls, Varsity boys then onto the next event

1st off here’s the meet event order:
EVENT 1:4×50 medley relay(50back, 50breast, 50fly, 50free) a separate person swims each stroke
EVENT 2:200 yard freestyle
EVENT 3:100 yard I.M.(jv)/ 200yard I.M. (V)
EVENT 4:50 yard freestyle
EVENT 5:50 yard butterfly
EVENT 6:100 yard freestyle
EVENT 7:500 yard freestyle
EVENT 8:4×50 freestyle relay
EVENT 9:50 yard backstroke(jv)/ 100 yard backstroke (V)
EVENT 10:50 yard breaststroke(jv)/ 100 yard breaststroke(V)
EVENT 11: 4×100 freestyle relay

Your coaches will normally choose which events you’ll be doing or what strokes you’ll be doing based on how good you are at them. Swim is both a team and individual sport. You’re competing for time. Your times are the most important. The better you place the more points you earn for your team. But also don’t worry too much if you don’t place well, just try beating your own times. Everyone on the team swims. The max amount of events you can swim is 4 EVENTS. no more than that. And unless there is not enough people you will always be swimming against your own teammates in a 2-school-meet(your school against 1 other school)

the lanes are odd and even normally they use up to 8 lanes for the meet. This means one team gets odd lanes and the other gets the even. so each event, if there is enough ppl it will be 4 of your players swimming against 4 of their players for each event.

bigger meets with more teams work pretty much the same. same order of events just more people so theres 3 of the same event or so in a row. 🙂

🙂 hope this helps!

also for your backstroke. when you flip make sure your legs stay together, tuck them into your chest as tight as you can when your flipping and make sure you plant both feet in the midle of the wall before you push off( normally there is a “T” mark your feet should plant on the “T” and then push off in streamline with your hands on top of eachother and butterfly kick on your back till you reach the surface again.

the reason your hitting the ground when you push off the wall is because your feet are to high up on the wall so you push yourself down instead off straight. you gotta center your feet 🙂 good luck

Answer by academicjoq
Another reply did an excellent job of explaining a high school meet. Here are instructions on how to do a backstroke flip turn.

First, have a friend stand at the wall. The purpose of the friend is to be certain you don’t hit your hand/arm/head on the wall. You must trust them as you must swim all the way to the wall on your back without turning your head to look for the wall. Start swimming (on your back) toward the wall from about 1/2 way down the pool. When you see the flags DIRECTLY OVER YOUR FACE start counting your strokes until your friend stops you. Do this several times so that you know the EXACT STROKE COUNT from the flags to the wall. While learning your stroke count, you must maintain consistent stroke and speed. If you don’t maintain stroke and speed, you cannot depend on yourself in a race.

Whatever your stroke count is, deduct 1.5 strokes from the count and THIS becomes your STROKE COUNT for your turn. When you do your turn and reach your stroke count, with your last stroke turn onto your chest.

The remaining part of the turn, with the exception of the last step, is identical to a freestyle flip turn.

This is a VERY THOROUGH explanation on how to do a flip turn. Read it, study it, practice it in front of a mirror and, when first in the pool, out away from the wall.

First of all, as you are coming into the wall, keep your head down (chin tucked in) in the water … do NOT look forward at the wall. Looking forward is a very common and terrible mistake. Look at the BOTTOM of the turn target.

You must glide into the wall with your hands at your hips (chin tucked in) however, the shorter the glide the better. So, your glide should only be about 2-6 inches long. A lot will happen at the end of that glide.

You might want to practice the following instructions for doing the somersault aspect of the turn out away from the wall so you don’t have to worry about being too close or too far away.

Do the next few things sequentially, but so close together they almost occur at the same time.

As you get to the wall (or practice away from the wall), with your chin tucked in and at the end of your 2-6 inch glide, when you think your head is going to hit the wall … do a dolphin kick and DUCK! As you dolphin kick and duck (remember, your hands are at your hips) you turn both palms of your hands so that they are facing the bottom of the pool (palms facing the bottom is absolutely CRITICAL — many swimmers will turn one hand, but not both).

As you curl at your waist your head goes to where your feet WERE. As your head comes around press on the water with the palms of your hands (remember, palms are facing the bottom of the pool) – it is almost as if you are pulling the water from the top surface of the pool toward the bottom of the pool. If you do this properly, your head is going to come around to your hands and your hands will end up around your head or your face. It will feel as if your hands are doing very little.

If your hands are not turned as I described, you’ll do your turn improperly and you’ll feel one (or both) of your hands waving or swirling around in the water out away from your body. Still (and always) keep your chin tucked in.

Your feet should end up about 1.5 feet under the surface of the water and you’ll be mostly on your back. The moment before your feet hit the wall, begin your push off. Your toes will be facing upward toward the sky and tilted either left or right. STAY ON YOUR BACK OR SLIGHTLY ON YOUR SIDE but, for backstroke, YOU MUST PUSH OFF ON YOUR BACK OR SLIGHTLY ON YOUR SIDE. Still (and always) keep your chin tucked in. (NOTE: for freestyle: Which ever side your toes face, that is the side you’ll twist onto AFTER your feet leave the wall. That means as you push off the wall, you’ll be on your side and then twist onto your stomach after you push off.)

All of this time, you MUST keep your chin tucked in for streamlining – with hope, that aspect of the turn is very clear! If you keep your chin tucked in, with the exception of your hands being stacked and your arms squeezing your head behind your ears, you will already be in streamline position. All you’ll have to do is stretch your arms out and you’re gone! You already know how to push off the wall.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the minimum cost of hair transplantation in USA/India?

I’m 25 and already lost a lot of hair on front, back and sides follicles are fine, can someone suggest me a best hair transplant procedure and approx cost?

Answer by Q
$ 7

Answer by Jon
It’s very expensive, around $ 100,000 for a good job.

Answer by Mukunda M
Read up on the bad experiences of those who have had transplants. Many say they were not happy with the results – and hhey can be incredibly expensive.

In my twenties my hair had receded at front and I had a bald spot on my crown. The following treatment stopped all loss and totally regrew my hair. MANY others on Answers have also had the same great results. See some responses below ##

TREATMENT: Toxic shampoos and toxic hair products are a principal cause of loss. They sicken scalp and hair cause loss then block the hair shafts and so prevent new growth. All of scalp will have been sickened and hair ducts blocked. It’s important to brush entire scalp. Vigorous and firm brushing will unblock them and will force new growth.
Massage a pure natural oil into hair/scalp. Extra virgin olive or EV coconut oils are excellent. Then using a palm held brush with 1/2” or 5/8”long boar bristles (important that it is palm held and boar bristles) brush vigorously and firmly so that you feel it stimulating scalp. It’s OK if scalp is irritated to a degree but stop if you get soreness. It’s best to gradually build up to 200 /250 strokes or even more every day. Brushing will pull out other sickened and badly anchored hairs. Do not be concerned as in about a week you will see new, weak looking and blondish colored hairs starting to appear. Continued brushing my uproot them but they will be quickly replaced with normal colored and stronger ones. My new hairs grew to 1 1/2” long in about 5 weeks and continued to grow fast and more densely week by week.

Only use totally safe, toxin and harmful chemical free shampoos/other products. Visit Skin Deep Safety Database to see many hundreds that were found to be severely harmful and loss causing and others identified as being totally safe.

## “Mukunda M, I hope you remember me, it’s about an answer you gave in hair loss treatment. I’m doing exactly how you told me, olive oil and brushing my hair every night…. and the results are great. My front head simple recover all the hair was missing there and I’m feeling brand new………. So I want to thank you very much, you can’t imagine what you did to me”. Andrej

## Herr Waynovic “Re: Brushing the scalp for hair growth. Hi Mukunda! My hair grew BACK!!!!! Thank you sooo much! How could you find out that brushing can regrow hair 20 years ago? That’s really amazing! please tell me your story!!!”

“You may remember me, Mo Satrum, the guy with the constant questioning about the hair loss, well I’ve been doing it(the treatment) for 2 months now and it’s working wonders! My hair loss increased the first few weeks but it gradually slowed down and my hair is gradually going back to normal as it were before. I was always told that hair loss was genetic and you could do nothing about it, but you’ve proved everyone wrong and even I had my doubts before starting your treatment but I cannot describe how much you’ve turned my life around! Thank you! I don’t know where I would be without you

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What should I do about my daughters weight?

Ok so my daughter is 5″7 and overweight. Every time she tries to lose weight it’s in a bad way or she does it for a day and gives up. And we have healthy food and non healthy food in the house so I can see how she’s tempted she weighs 234 and is only 12 in 7th. Grade she does boxing ballet and basketball but that doesn’t seem to be enough for her body and I really don’t know how she can decrease he weight plz help! 🙂

Answer by Cole
just start cooking more healthy stuff and get her outside and doing stuff.. but you cant exactly force her just kinda persuade her

Answer by pink and purple pink and purple pink and purple
you can make her ride a bike every day and make sure she don’t but goodie at school

Answer by Anna Banana
Get more fruits and vegetables in the house and less fatty foods. Start to go on daily runs and ask her to join.

Answer by Hope
. The best way to know if your child has a weight problem for their age is get them evaluated by a pediatrician. They’ll check her out and if she is overweight, they’ll know the best way to adjust her diet so as not to deprive her of essential nutrients she needs to grow.

If you feel she’s sneaking food, don’t buy food that is sneakable. If you don’t have unhealthy, high calorie food around to sneak it will solve that problem. Get healthier snacks to keep around. Most humans should exerice at least 20 minutes of cardio, 3 times a week at minimium.. Maybe she’d like dance aerobic classes for children. They’re pretty fun. it’s still imperative to instill in her healthy excercise habits that she can keep a lifetime.

teach them is that food is simply fuel and that you only need to eat when you’re hungry.

Good luck.

Answer by Hannah Meadows
Start with your diet. For fast results, you must change your eating habits. And because you want fast results, you must make drastic changes. However, hunger will not be one of the solutions and neither is bulimia. Some prefer to have set menus to stick to, some people prefer rules. This contains a bit of both.
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Breakfast Ideas: Toast with vegemite or your favorite spread
Just to talk up vegemite a little more: It has almost no calories – 4 per tablespoon or something ridiculous like that.
So anyway: Toast with vegemite and a banana; cereal with skim milk and fruit; that kind of thing. Some can’t wake up without coffee, and it’s an appetite suppressant so thumbs up.
Lunch Ideas: At some schools, most people bring their lunch from home, of course, what it’s like in other countries and schools vary, but do know that what you can bring from home will most likely always be better than what you can buy at any canteen/tuck shop/cafeteria.
Sandwich on wholegrain/wholewheat/multi-grain bread – with cheese, ham or chicken, salad veggies, mayo, tomato sauce (sounds weird but it actually tastes really great, don’t dog it until you’ve tried it), salt and pepper; if you have access to boiling water you can bring those powdered soups in a thermos and a bread roll; dinner leftovers are always great.
Snack Ideas: carrot and fruit, natural yogurt and berries; a handful of nuts; veggies
Dinner Ideas: One idea is: 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbohydrates. If your parents make fatty foods for tea, only have a little and make yourself a salad as well. If you’re cooking for yourself here’s some easy ideas: pasta with tomato based sauce; quick soup, and bread; scrambled eggs; if you really can’t be bothered, just make yourself a sandwich or heat up leftovers; eat baked beans cold from the can and have a bit of salad after. It really doesn’t matter, just as long as you follow that basic rules mentioned below.
Breakfast: Carbohydrates, fat, dairyLunch: Carbohydrates, veggies, protein
Dinner: Pasta, carbohydrates, veggies
Snacks: Fruit, veggies, dairy, protein
For each meal, make the veggies the main part, then the protein, then the carbohydrates. dairy falls in somewhere there too.
A serve fits in the palm of your hand
3 serves of fruit per day
3 serves of dairy per day
4-5 serves of carbohydrates per day
Go crazy on the veggies. You can have pretty well as much as you want, you can’t go overboard.
Don’t cut anything out completely. Well, except fast food Maccas, Hungries , KFC. Some facts about them are: Maccas soft serves are made from pig fat. KFC chips are fried in lard. Those thick-shakes have pretty much no natural ingredients in them. It’s all preservatives and additives, and lots of bad things. Read “Chew On This” or “Fast Food Nation.” You’ll never eat junk food again.
Having said that, restrict consumption of: sugary, chocolate dark may be a bit healthier, but it is best to avoid! Have it once a week instead and you’ll probably enjoy it more as well as lose weight, Butter, oil, fried crap, ice cream, or potatoes. Chips, biscuits, cake, juice, cordial, soft drinks, or sausages – at the end of the day, you know what is good for you and what isn’t
Listen to your body, it will tell you what it wants and when it wants you to stop packing in junk, or just when your full. Don’t eat out of boredom.
2Get off your butt and exercise: Fast weight loss will only be achieved with diet and exercise.
Plan your week: Have 3 days where you do intense exercise – like running or a class at the gym. The other 3 days do low intensity exercise like a long walk and, well, that’s about it. The other day is your day off.
An exercise “session” should go for about 30 minutes to an hour. You should burn at the very least 300 calories in a high intensity workout session in 30 minutes. Any less and you’re not working hard enough
You’re working hard enough if you’re sweating profusely, breathless, and when you’re done you can scull water with no effort because you need it that badly.
Do some weight training. Muscles burn calories by just being there. The more muscles you have, the faster you’ll lose weight.
Always, always stretch before, and after you exercise. It’s bloody hard to lose weight when you’re injured.
3Get very good at saying no when people offer you food that will sabatoge your diet. In fact, think of this more as a healthier lifestyle choice. This should inspire you to take care of your body and feed it only when needed.

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