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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how do I get my 3 year old to eat more veggies?

My 3 year old used to LOVE veggies, broccoli, and peas, and many more but he won’t eat them anymore, he refuses to even look at his plate if there are veggies on them. Any suggestions?

Answer by Jess
force feed

Answer by ..sad..
wait until they open thier mouth the shove a carrot down their throat

Answer by AsHkAn sE
why don’t you look at the recommended food for 3 year olds first, that way you know how much veggies the three year old needs. you can make them into puree form and “hide them” by mixing them with other foods.(maybe if the food has sharp colors it would be more interesting to the child)

Answer by Samantha
Mash them up or bake them in a frittata or an omelette. Cut them up and serve with a yummy dip.

Answer by Petter
Try giving him them before the meal starts. I’ve noticed that my 3 y.o. almost always eat what he likes best first, and then if he’s not stuffed move to the second best, third best etc. The veggies often stayed on the plate after the meal, until I started to give him them before the meal.

Answer by T. M.
Shredded/grated zucchini is veggie easily hidden in other dishes!

Answer by Dawn
My two year old goes back and forth on eating her veggies too. First of all I ALWAYS make sure there are some on her dinner plate, but I dont force her to eat them. I will blend up a veggie or two and put it in her spaghetti sauce or something like that, zucchinni in her cookies (really you cant taste it) but like I said I never give her dinner without them being on her plate. I think if you force a child to eat something they will never like it.

Answer by Leigh
make a new rule that he cant leave the table until he has had at least 3 bites of whatever veggie you gave him. soon hell either get bored or hungry enough and eat. a bad taste wont hurt him but poor eating habits will. he also needs to learn that its rude to refuse and complain about food that someone took the time to make him. my parents did this and after a few weeks me and my siblings learned that they werent giving in and would just eat our dinners without complaint, even if we didnt like it, because we knew we werent going to get our way and that we had to eat it because its good for us. now we all have great eating skills and will eat anything and eat healthy on our own.

I really dont agree with the hiding them idea, then he will never learn to eat them. what happens when he grows up and doesnt have you to hide him veggies in his meatloaf anymore? or when he goes to someones house for dinner and complains about the food they put effort into preparing for him? its a quick fix for a long term problem.

Answer by mumamia
One good one is most children love pasta so when you make the sauce do the usual tin of tomatoes onion garlic tomato puree etc but you can add Pretty much anything to it carrots broccoli ETC then just blend it up and mix it in with the pasta!

another idea that has worked with mine is a sticker chart explain that if they eat what is on there plate (very small amount at first then slowly add more) they get a sticker then if they get say 3 stickers they can choose a treat, it could be chocolate or small toy from a grab bag ETC.

NEVER let them have pudding if they don’t eat whats on there plate (if your worried they will be hungry then give them a glass of milk before bed)

A great book is green eggs and ham by dr Seuss I read that to my children and when they don’t want to try something new I quote some of that to them and they usually try a taste!

Good luck ­čÖé
Also just to let you know a portion for a child is meant to be the size of the palm of there hand. most doctors or health visitors would say don’t look at what he’s had in a day but what he’s had over a week ­čÖé

Answer by Cameron James’ mommy
Hide veggies in foods like:


or do the 3 bites thing with them. Don’t give in to snacks until they have at least tried their veggies but don’t force feed. Imagine how you would feel if somebody forced a veggie you didn’t like or want down your throat…not too happy I believe. My mother used to force me to eat liver and peas…to this day I HATE them. I used to (as a kid) eat minimal and I mean minimal veggies but now I eat almost everything.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some good informative books to read?

what are some good fun things I can learn? I’m reading a lot… like on money, investing, cold readings, palm readings, spiritual stuff, goal setting…. whatever.. what ever interests me, what are some things that could be interesting and I should check out and read?

Don’t tell me to read something like Harry Potter… Don’t get me wrong, stories can be fun and all – but I feel its a waste of time if I’m not learning anything. I’ll leave that to English class.

Answer by echinopsis .
Try by Stephen Hawking. I hated Physics when I went to school some 40 years ago, but this book is truly amazing, I loved it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are psychics real? And is getting your palms read a sin?

I went to the fair today, and i got my palms read. It seemed very accurate, but then again I don’t know if she was real. Somebody help me,because I would love to believe her. I also wonder if i am a bad person for getting my palms read.

Answer by Red
I’ll be brief, I’m tired: No.

“i am a bad person for getting my palms read.”

Bad person? No. Gullible person? Absolutely.

Answer by Michael K
No and no.

Answer by Fireball
no it is fakes….fakes fakes…dont waste your $ $ $ ONLY GOD knows the future so dont mess with that stuff.

Answer by Karosan444
No, and bible screw up#37:EVERYTHING IS A SIN!

Answer by azn m0n
psychics are not real in the sense that they can tell the future, but they can give a convincing appearance and tell some bull to you for cash, and some times we don’t know if something’s wrong or right, so there’s no rule against basic learning

Answer by Sacrosanct
Yes, some psychics are real. Or so I believe. I did meet one once that was amazing. All she needed was your name on a piece of paper and she could tell you everything that was going on with you in your life. Extremely accurate.
Keep in mind, that most are frauds. Finding a real one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But they are out there.
Why do you think you’re bad or sinful going to one? You’re not. However I would say, be awfully sure. Most just want your money.

Answer by svnthdysthsbbth
1) devils pawns! 2) for me it is

Answer by Bobq
Some people are more intuitive than others, but there are no legitimate seers. Anyone making a living as a seer is no more authentic than a magician. Surely you do not believe in magic?
Whether or not you are concerned with Mosaic Law I do not know, but for your information God quite clearly does not allow seers. It is a sin to be one, even though the Old Testament Book of Samuel tells the story of the “Witch of Endor” who successfully brought the High Priest back from the dead.
Read the Book of Leviticus and decide for yourself how guilty you are. ( I usually skip the first few chapters as the grisly details of the blood sacrifices chill me)

Answer by Mr McKenzie- Skeptical Christian
When scientists or scholars analyze the specific predictions psychics make, they find that most of the predictions are so general that it is impossible to verify whether or not they are accurate. But the accuracy isn’t the main reason people keep returning to physics. The thing people are looking for isn’t truth but comfort. They want to know that everything will be alright. They want to know in a world that can be confusing and disappointing, there are good things in their future.

Some of the biggest supporters of physics are Hollywood celebrities, whose careers are regularly to roller-coaster ups and downs. Bill Burns is one of the best-known physics to the stars, according to the magazine Entertainment Weekly: “His name is Bill Burns, and Hollywood stars and execs swear by his powers of prediction. Here’s a peek behind the curtain:”

“For a hour-long session, costing $ 275, the barrel-chested 61-year-old Boston native gives insiders a sixth sense about the biz… Working from the name or photograph of a person a client wants ‘profiled,’ Burns enters a trance-like state. ‘I get an instant knowing about who they are in relationship to the question I’m being asked,’ he says. ‘I can immediately and intuitively visualize the person’s motivations, hot buttons, reliability, and integrity.'”

Even more bizarre is a cable television show called The Pet Psychic, which aired on the Animal Planet network. Host Sonya Fitzpatrick claims to communicate with animals so she can tell their owners what the pets are thinking. “If I was an old fake, dear, they wouldn’t be spending all this money doing my TV show,” says Fitzpatrick. But when there’s money to be made giving people the comfort they desperately want, who says a little fakery won’t go long the way?

The Bible doesn’t specifically mention palm reading, but the Old and New Testaments are crystal clear in their condemnation of divination as a dangerous and deceptive spiritual practice. The instructions for God’s people as they entered the Promise Land were clear: “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or a enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord,” Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

The prophet Ezekiel condemned “vain vision [and] flattering divination” which were misleading the people of Israel. In the book of Revelation the final words in the New Testament proclaim blessings for those lives practitioners of spiritual rebellion: “For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whore-mongers, and murders, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.”

Interestingly, the Bible doesn’t say that those who practice divination are always wrong in their findings. In fact, Acts records an incident in Philippi where Paul and Silas were preaching. One day on their way to prayer, the two evangelists encountered a slave girl who told fortunes for pay and earned a healthy income for her owners. The girl told the gospel truth about Paul and Silas: “These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.” But after a few days of this, Paul became troubled and cast a spirit out of the girl, an action that angered her owner and caused the two evangelists to be dragged before the town magistrates, who ordered them to be stripped and flogged.

Then, as now, followers of Christ proclaim a radically different way of knowing God and learning spiritual truth. Even in other means sometimes provides deceptive answers. Today, Christians who oppose divination may not get flogged, but there are increasing signs that occultic ways of seeking the truth are challenging the Christian worldview in the marketplace of spirituality.

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