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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I get my friend to stop thinking that some person put a curse on him?

He thinks that because he didn’t let some random person read his palm a few years ago, he’s never going to find true love. How do I convince him that he’s a really cool person and that he will find true love one day? He’s 16, by the way..

Answer by ronnizle
All that palm crap is bulls***. Tell him to read the Bible.

Answer by cz285b
oh, he is just 16? if he thinks that way by 21, start getting worried, but now, nothing much to worry about.

Answer by Nick V
You can try to hook him up..
or you can take him to a palm reader again and get it over with..
tell him to ask the palm reader if he will ever find true love.

Answer by scoop
Maybe he’s in love with YOU and he’s fishing for you to confess your love for him.

him: “I’ll never find my true love. woe to me.”

you: “She’s right under your nose…I love you!”

him thinking: “the poor little ol’ me routine worked!”

Answer by JRS
If he is superstitious and truly believes that he is never going to find his true love, there is nothing you can do about it. It’s part of his psyche. However if he’s sixteen I’m sure he will grow out of it because he is still growing emotionally. And I’m sure by the time he’s ready for his one true love, he will have forgotten all about this!

Answer by tikimookie7
smack him!

Answer by Louie
Perform some elaborate ceremony that will lift the curse.

Answer by thatrosiegirl
depending on his religion, find a cool article about fate and stuff and if he’s religious tell him that his vocation may not be to get married.

Answer by Nessaja
well you could make him feel stupid about it or use some exmaple on yourself or a story that “you believe” that he this is total b.s then when he tries to convince you turn it around on him.

Answer by Gone Too Long
Tell him he has a full time Guardian Angel!!

Answer by catehokte1
He is very insecure with himself and alot of teens these days in between relationships think they will never find the right one or anyone. This is a normal part of growing up for alot of kids. He is too young to be thinking about finding true love at his age. It will come when the time is right for him and no refusal to a palm reader has anything to do with this. he won’t be ready for true love for years yet. He has school to finish, college or a trade to learn in order to make a living, he needs to get situated in his own apartment, self supporting with his own vehicle,learn to be responcible then worry about looking for true love when he is mature enough to nurture and keep it growing.

Answer by Kristy
tell him there is no such thing as a curse!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do I feel like my abilities vary day to day?

I am very critical of myself. I love acting and singing. Some days when i practice, I think i do a very good job. The next day, if I practice the same thing, and its not as good as it was the day before, i get really upset with myself to the point where I think that i’m losing my abilities. I know this is a weird question. Why am I so critical of myself?

Answer by jsuisbelle
It is normal to be critical of yourself. Everyone does it. The thing to remember is that we are human, not perfect. You will have to learn to accept that you will have good days and bad days, and not every day will be the same. I wouldn’t say you are losing your abilities – you are human.

Answer by D L
abilities vary for athletes, shooters, writers, singers, etc. it’s natural, like the waves of the ocean.

why are you critical? most likely, the power of association. hanging around people who are critical of you or themselves could be it. surround yourself with positive people who encourage you.

Answer by iris054
Great question. We are all critical of ourselves. It’s far better that you drive yourself to improve than that you give up and lay in bed all day. Likewise, we don’t want to be overly-critical of ourselves, and make ourselves miserable or give up too easily. So it’s a matter of keeping things in balance.

I think a much better and more pleasant way to go is to use affirmations? Do you know how? You can google it and read about it. Pick an affirmation or three (no more) to work on for a few days, then reassess and tweak as needed. Examples:
– I quickly and easily memorize my lines.
– It’s easy for me to slip into character when I’m acting.
– I quickly grasp the essence of the character, use that as my base, and then can improvise.
– I have perfect intonation and always hit notes cleanly.
– I have a wonderful sense of just how long to hold a note.
– My sense of rythm is perfect.
– I easily accomplish all my goals.

The most powerful time of day to say your affirmations is right before you fall asleep and when you first wake up. But I like to excuse myself to the powder room right before a rehearsal or interview or test or other trial, and use affirmations to get my head on straight before I march into the challenge. Doing that, I can overcome sweaty palms, knocking knees, and square my shoulders back and come out confident and win. Ask yourself, “What would a winner do in this situation?” Then do that.

As far as why your abilities vary, that’s perfectly normal. Depends on how well you slept, what you ate, and so on. I follow the blood type food lists and I find when I do my moods are much better as are my abilities. I was really surprised to discover how much difference it makes for me.

Now, go out there and shine, hon!

Written by RockPsychic


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