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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I start getting internet service on my palm pilot TX?

I don’t want to have to go to a hotspot everytime I want to use my palm pilot for the internet.

Answer by ackmondual
T|X uses Bluetooth v1.1 and a WiFi (802.11b), so those are your 2 angles to internet access. I’ve read somewhere that u can go online using Infrared, but with BT, it just isn’t worth the hassle of IR

I just know the basics, so unfortunately, i cna’t go into any detail. I have pointed out some questions u’d wanna ask a tech person should u decide to go through with this


short of going to a hotspot, you can create your own hotspot.. If u have internet access at home or the office, u can buy a router does wireless. The T|X uses the B (802.11) standard, but older laptops roughly around up to 5 years ago either support G standard built in or through a USB add-on card. N is the very newest. If you were to get a B router, that would ensure compatibility, but wouldn’t be too helpful if u got a more modern laptop. Even if said laptop were backwards compatible with the B standard, u’d want at least G on your laptop.

AFAIK, the wireless routers with G standard should be backwards compatible with B standard. If this were so, u’d be able to get it for your T|X, and kill another bird with the same stone since u’d have wifi access for your laptop should u decide to get one. Just be sure to follow safety precautions with WL routers like setting up a password, and possibly encrption and firewall settings on the router.


For BT, u’d need a BT compatible cellphone. You’ll want to ask if BT cellphones u have/r intersted in work with your T|X’s BT version 1.1. Then u could get internet from your cellphone’s radio/cell WL stream and transfer taht data to your T|X via BT. Getting internet through most cellphones is expensive, so be sure to get a data plan to get the best bang for your buck

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How could I have forseen this dumb trick by my co-worker?

After a lunch break, I walked into my office area and a co-worker who I’ve known for about 3 months and have been friendly with (chatting etc..), said “put your hands out like this” so I put my hands out palms up. I thought they were going to do that trust game where you lightly place your palms on someone else’s palms and try to touch the other’s hands/move your hands away etc. Or, they were going to read the lines on my hand like palm reading.
Instead, they smacked as hard as they could both of my hands and said, “which one hurt the most?”
I was so stunned I didn’t know what to say. My hands hurt.
Then they said, according to which hand hurt the most, that indicates whether or not we’re genetically related even if a ways back.
Obviously this was a dumb made up game.
I felt like such a doofus. I walked right into this.
I keep rewinding the situation over in my head trying to figure out how I walked into it.
How could I have foreseen this obnoxious behavior?
Of course NOW I’m savvy.
Am I just one of those trusting souls? Believing that people will be nice?
I’m always polite and respectful of others.
I keep trying to think of how I could have predicted my co-workers behavior. I did not see this coming at all.
Also, I feel embarrassed that some of my other co-workers witnessed this. I don’t want them to think less of me for falling for that trick.

Answer by Gillpza
You see skepticism alone could have prevented this but had you not know of that possible outcome of the situation you would have no method to control it therefore the only way you can remain savvy in advanced is to thing ahead, say what is the worse outcome of this situation ask yourself is this situation being rehearsed by another person who thinks it’s just cool or something or am I able to predict this person will not deceive me if you think like that you will avoid other’s stupid pranks. try it

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What brands of lotion are out there that do not contain any palm oil?

I love lotion, for hands, face and body. I refuse to stop using it. I just want to find ones that are better for the environment and more specifically do not contain palm oil. Ones available in Canada would be most ideal. Thanks!

Answer by Marjie W
This seems painfully obvious, but… why not read the labels when you’re purchasing lotion next time???

Answer by Kyle M
I am aware that Lush is working to get their products palm oil free, as well as free of other nasties as well. They’ve got a soap based on sunflower, rapeseed and coconut oils. It seems to be rather hard to make soap cheaply without palm oil. I don’t know anything about their lotions or hand creams, but from their own marketing, they seem to work along the same philosophy, if not the same set of ingredients.

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