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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you choose the right Palm Reader?

I’m just curious, there are many fake ones out there so how would you know beside the wrong answers?

Answer by sagebrush46
Don’t go to one with a red hand on their sign. I seldom meet a palm reader, although I do a little of it myself, I am not proficient. See if your city has any psychic fairs or any New Age bookstores. At a psychic fair or spirit fair there are a lot of readers of all types and you can look them over and try whoever you like.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Going to go see a palm reader recently heard some wonderful storys.How to get the most out of it?

1st one thing people say is go in with an open mind and don’t give any indictation if they are right or wrong. So what do u do if they say something that’s right or wrong or if they out right ask you if its right or wrong? How else can I get the most from this experinece? I also live in New Orleans which I’m sure is filled with a bunch of phoneys is there a way to tell if they’re real or not?

Answer by Invisigoth
if they try to sell you a bunch of stuff for removing a “curse” or for good luck or anything above and beyond what you went to see them for then they are fakes.

if you’re just doing it for fun then hit Jackson Square on any weekend day. You’ll have your pick of about 20 or 30 card or palm readers.

and as far as acknowledging right and wrong answers–it’s alright as long as you don’t go into detail. a simple yes or no.

and as far as who’s real and who isn’t—there are more fakes than there are real. ask a completely off the wall question that only you could know the answer to. if they get it, then you’ve found the real thing.

Answer by Dwayne H
there satinac truthfuly how could a human read the future by your palm I am a christian but not deeply but even i would not go to one there stupid and to me there all phoney

Answer by Devo
Well, the open mind aspect is really the best thing. Usually, a phoney will make exact claims (like that can see everything that is going to happen for the rest of your life), but really, it’s not an exact science. My uncle learned how to read palms, and he can’t tell you every little detail about your life, how it is going to pan out, etc. He can tell you that you can expect “this sort of thing” to happen at “this point in time”, but it’s not completely exact, because nothing is set in stone. So I guess that could be a good indicator.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I make the reader nervous while reading my novel?

I am currently at the part of my novel where my main character wakes up and hears noises in his house. He then walks slowly down his stairs to discover that all of his lights are on. Naturally, he thinks someone has broken into his house and begins to get nervous. How can I effectively write this part to make the reader feel his nervousness? Any example(s) that you might have would be greatly appreciated!

Also, what can he grab as a weapon to defend himself that isn’t a gun or a knife?

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Answer by triple flip
he could grab a lamp lol, if i was nervous id grab a lmap or if i wasnt thinking straight a pillow, but thats cause im stupid when im nervous.

Answer by Linda Is Riding a Bear*\o/*
don’t give away every detail all at once. Go through what you would think do and feel if you were in that situation. As for a weapon, maybe he can grab an umbrella from his closet or a stand.

Answer by Freya
It’s your novel. If you are going to be a successful author you should probably be able to write without consulting people that waste their time on yahoo answers.
With that, here are my useless suggestions…
The rustling became louder as character name tiptoed slowly down the stairs, dragging the curtain rod behind him. His breaths were short and quiet out of fear he would make the intruder aware of his presence. Now completely paranoid, character name was shaking as he thought of the possibilities of who, or what, could possibly be in his house at the wee hours of the morning…
Something along those lines of sentence structure. You might want to include what noises he hears as well as how loud they are and your characters reaction to each individual noise. Maybe his palms are sweaty, maybe it’s hard for him to swallow. Little reactions like that can be really effective when used properly. Just continue to build on your characters own nervousness. He might think he hears something behind him out of paranoia, he might cause a noise of his own, by tripping over something perhaps, and hold his breath for a while out of fear the intruder heard him. There are plenty if ways to build tension with writing.
As far as a weapon goes, I used a curtain rod as an example, but any blunt object that is common in a household will do.
There’s my bit. Hope this helped.

Answer by Misti
Detailed description. Really get into the rapid heart beat, creaking floor, or whatever elements involved in the scene.
weapon-golf club, baseball bat, or my personal favorite-umbrella

Answer by Iphigenia
The most important thing I can think of is this-
Make sure we, as the readers, love your character.

I remember being about ten and reading one of the Harry Potter books (I AM AWESOME) and I had to put it down because I was panicked about Harry getting caught in the corridors at night.

If I care about your character, that can add more suspense than most imagery.

AND! As for a weapon, when I get nervous and think I hear things (more often than is ever reasonable. 😐 ) I tend to reach for the gigantor flashlight I have by my bed, a hard-cover book i may be reading, and once my laptop. Ha.

Answer by Ana
I agree with everyone here, it needs to be very-detailed and try to create suspense. Whenever I read a book, there’s always a part that has a lot of suspense and that makes me nervous because i wonder what happens next. Your character should grab something unexpected, like someone said a pillow or a lamp of some sort. The readers think its safe for a moment, suspense builds up and bam! It scares you and you it gives you relief to know what happened, whether it was good or bad.

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