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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How is it childish to resent having other people’s beliefs forced on you?

I remember back when I was a kid. Arguing with egg donor and stepdad about religion. Being dragged to church and told that my disbelief was caused by Satan. Told all about how I was going to be dragged down into the fiery pits of Hell by demons and deserved no better. Getting threatened into telling the preacher to convert me. Getting threatened and whipped for saying blasphemous things like about how the Bible didn’t make sense to me and how I couldn’t understand a loving god playing murdering the majority of humanity multiple times. I really don’t see how it’s wrong not to be okay with that sort of behavior or the mindset which produces it.
*playing arsonist with the world and murdering the majority of humanity.
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Answer by Fred
You would understand if you would only think of it from the perspective of an imaginary fairy.

Answer by KidW25
It’s not childish. And I certainly don’t like having my atheist friends gang up on me and try to break down my beliefs. That’s why I try not to shove my beliefs onto people.

Basis of Christianity is that we’re in a personal relationship with a LOVING God, so if they’re doing things like that, then they’re doing it wrong.

Answer by Penny Lane
It really has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the personality defects of the people you are talking about. Some people can believe, and teach, and arent threatened by questions. Some people simply dont have the answers you are looking for and see that as a vulnerability in their own faith. So they get pushy, threaten-y, condemning…. Im sure religion wasnt the only aspect they were like that in.

I tend to see that pattern in people who dont really have a solid testimony, but rather, accept it only because they were taught it. I might even claim their belief is based on fear, and not love/understanding. But maybe thats arrogant of me to claim, so who knows. You will always always know people who are all too aware they are scummy so they treat others that way to elevate themselves, and you will hopefully come across people who are flawed, but trying, and treat you the way they want to be treated.

Answer by Just Kathleen
OK…I’m starting to get it

but it’s not all clear yet

I’m so sorry I am so dense. πŸ™

Please forgive me everyone.

Answer by india lima foxtrot
My dad is the same way, except he kept my blasphemy secret out of shame and embarrassment. When someone is upset about his beliefs being pushed onto them, he calls them names and tells them to get over it. When Muslims want to use tax money to build a foot washing station, he buys ammunition.

Answer by The angels have the phone box.
Seems to me that part of growing up and maturing is not letting other people’s actions have that much effect on our emotions.

If you truly are still this bothered, then perhaps your emotions are preventing you from recognizing that there are many ways to read and work with another culture’s ancient folklore. Literal readings of translations and avoidance of the historical context in which they were written tend to get everyone into knots.

Answer by .
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