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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How long does it take to learn to inline skate?

Just bought the family skates/pads/helmets…me the wife and our 9 yo boy…wonder what to expect.

Answer by rinmotokimeka
almost a month

Answer by asunversee
Depends on what you call inline skating. Inline skating has been assigned to the more Extreme Skating sort of activities, and if you are talking about that, it took me about 2 years to become decent. If you are talking about skating with rollerblades, the skates with the inline 4 wheels, it can take anywhere from a day to a year depending on how long you try for and how well you can balance naturally.

Answer by Fun Skater
A lot depends on the person. I have seen people pick it up immediately (like in strap them on and start moving comfortably) with no help and I have seen people who needed a couple hours of help just to move awkwardly.

If you have ever skated on ice or quad (aka old style) skates, you have a significant advantage.
Downhill skiing seems to be a slight hinderance. It seems that they put more weight on their toes, which is wrong for inlines.

I would suggest looking at Liz Miller’s Get Rolling web site ( There are some good hints there.

If you have a local person who KNOWS (not most skaters) how to describe the peoper techniques, it can take off a lot of time. You can search the web for local clubs. Most have people who are very willing to teach beginners.

You started right, with helmets and pads.

The basic stance is the “ready” position.
Feet shoulder width apart
Knees and hips slightly bent.
(Nose, knees, and toes in a vertical line.)
Arms slightly forward with hands up between the shoulder and waist and palms (covered by wrist guards) forward.
This position gives you the best ability to shift your weight to balance yourself.
Your balance should always be slightly forward. If you try to stand straight up, you are likely to fall backwards and smack the back of your head.
That does not mean to push on the toes.
For standing or gliding you want the weight balanced over the skate.
When you push, you want the main push to be through the heel.

You can start to learn by standing and walking on carpet or grass. This lets you get a feel for the balance.

The basic beginners stride is to point the toes slightly out and push to the side, then glide a little.

There are more people at the usenet group rec.sports.skating.inline that can help. If you don’t know how to read usenet groups, you can do it via Google Groups.

If you let us know where you live, I may be able to help you find a local club that can help you.

If you can’t find people locally to help, Liz Miller’s book is good. I also found an out of production video tape that is very good at . I wish that they would reissue it as a DVD.

Answer by Just a lil Dandy Warhol
Woa, woa, woa. Back it up a minute!

“Me, the wife and our 9 yo boy”? And here I was thinking you were a single man! Well my day is ruined. I’m so hurt. I feel as if you have led me on for so long…lol. justa kiddin.

it took me about two weeks but I went to practice every other day or so. Plus I’m just really talented.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what features should a decent video camera have(i want to use it to make short films)?

I’ve decided to buy a video camera but i’m clueless when it comes to knowing how it should be. I want to use it to make short films but it shouldn’t be too expensive. Can you give me some articles to read to acquaintance myself with what features a good but not-exceptional video camera should have so i’ll know what to look for when i buy one? thanks

Answer by Mandy
(I posted this for similar question here on YA but edited some of it for you).

You did not state your budget so you may get suggestions for many camcorders. So I’ll answer part of your question, what to look for.

First decide how viewers will see your work; DVD, web, etc. And you’ll need an appropriate video editing program that will support the video format of your cam. Plus your computer needs to be able to handle the video format, as some formats like HD is very compressed and requires a computer with lots of proper and memory.

You may want to avoid camcorders that use a drive, like a hard disk drive (HDD) and miniDVD drive. These moving drives use more power and are subject to failure should the camera be dropped or abruptly jolted. HDD don’t like high altitudes and DVD cams are difficult to edit (takes more steps, and you need a ripping program to access the actual video files on the DVD if you want to edit them). The better choice would be flash memory (internal and memory card; Dual-flash). Or even miniDV tapes.

You will want a camcorder that has an external microphone input port (many lower priced cams do not, except the $ 99.00 Kodak Zi8 pocket cam). Using a good quality mic will make the audio of your video projects more appeasing. Good audio is more important than the video imagery.

You may want a cam with manual focus. Although many consumer-grade cams do a good job of auto-focus, they don’t do well if you are trying to pin-point a subject within objects such as tree branches, crowds of people, etc. It’s much easier to ‘lock’ focus on the subject.

LCD screen and a viewfinder. A cam with a viewfinder will make it easier to manually focus, but they tend to be small (like on palm-held cams) so they can be a challenge to use. You will also want to buy an LCD shade screen. The screens are hard to see on a bright day outdoors.

Iris control is found on pro-sumer cams; it controls the aperture of your lens. Many cams come with presets, but it’s nice to control the iris manually.

Shutter control is also important. Most shutter speeds are set based on the frames-per-second that you set your camera at, like 30fps or 60fps for example. But it’s nice to be able to go lower or higher and still keep the cam set at 30fps or 60fsp.

Threaded lens for filters or lens adapters. Some cams don’t have a threaded lens for adding a filter or a wide-angle lens.

Accessory shoe. Some cams don’t have a shoe to mount a light or a mic on top of the cam. But you can use under-camera brackets.

Low Lux. This may or may not be the biggest factor to you when choosing a camera because most small consumer-grade cams have such small sensors and lenses that these cameras don’t do real well in low light. Video likes lots of light so keep that in mind.

There are many articles on the net on how to choose a camcorder but many are several years old. The link below is a from 2010:

Answer by ?
I would consider Sony Bloggie Touch (MHS-TS20/B) – 8 GB, 2 Hours NEWEST MODEL (Black)

1920×1080 HD MP4 recording: The Bloggie Touch camera lets you record your favorite moments anytime, anywhere. Using the MP4 format, the Bloggie Touch shoots video in 1920×1080 high definition, as well as captures 12.8MP still images
12.8MP still images: Enjoy capturing clear, crisp still photos at 12.8MP resolution. The high resolution yields incredible detail while giving you the flexibility for large prints and cropping
Capacitive touch-screen LCD: The touch screen LCD utilizes an easy to use touch & slide method for searching through your videos and pictures
3.0″ LCD with vertical/horizontal operation: The 3.0″ touch screen LCD (measured diagonally) will rotate its orientation automatically; however you hold the camera – horizontally, vertically, left, right, even upside down
Up to 4 hours HD video: Record and store up to four hours of high-definition video footage (default setting) to the Bloggie Touch camera’s 8GB of built-in flash memory

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I fix my eyesight?

Does anyone know how a fix eyesights because mines bad it’s like 20/70. I hate glasses and contact lense because they just make my eye worser and glasses also makes me look weird. Don’t say take eye surgery or something like that because my parents won’t let me do that. I tried relaxing my eye like palming but they don’t help much. Please help I want my eyesight to be fix badly so I can see better.

Answer by Haardik Lathia
Dont worry. I used to have a horrible 20/210 and now have 20/90.
This will help:
The Cure of Imperfect Sight
by Treatment Without
If you dont want to buy it, it can be found on torrent. The official site is also very helpful.
Trust me, it works wonders, but the language in the book may seem dull and some concepts may seem foolish, but don’t let this discourage you. I am the living proof of this Method and even now, my eyesight is getting better.

Answer by janie
the bates method is great but I heard it tends to wok best on people under 12 as does regular vision least that is my understanding but it is cheap and easy to do so no harm in trying

I tries to find a doctor trained in Bates when my son was young and was told he had 20-200 vision which could never be reversed and could not find in my state but by calling the state university eye college, I did find a doctor trained in vision therapy.

It took a 50 miles round trip for 20 weeks but the ends result of all the eye exercises was 20-40 in one eye and 20-40 in the other. (I also had him read the eye chart daily and do all the bates exercises)

It was with great pleasure I had him send the report of his vision improvement without glasses to my sons school as they were telling him things like “your mom doesn’t mean to be mean to must get her to get you glasses.

The allegedly irreversible condition get reversed and kept my son out of glasses the next 20 years about.

I would recommend Dr Richard Schulze’s eyewash formula and the suggestions he gives with it in his save your life manual. He demonstrates the eye wash formula on the me for the links.

Be sure all herbs you use are in the form of organic tinctures (example the brain herbs he recommends)…his formula can be bought at but works best as he directs in the manual.

It only slightly stings for a few minutes so do not let it scare you..I used it before and no harm came to me.

IN the event it doesn’t work, you may need to do the full incurables program with eyewash and things that help the eyes.

Also go here and type in eyesight and read the testimonies of healing it. It may take a while though. I heard the author of the book/website speak and he talked of how years of the diet got his bad eyesight reversed to 20-20 he was into his 70s fairly bouncing around on stage from all hisi energy and said he had just passed the driver’s test with 20-20 after years of wearing glasses.

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