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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How many inches tall and long are traditional Breyer Horses?

So I recently ordered some traditional sized breyer horses. I read that the classics rump will fit into your palm and I’m guessing the breyers I have now are classics because they’re rump firts into my palm. I also read they are atleast 7 inches tall….. So how tall would the traditional breyers be? In inches please! Oh and how many inches long? Thanks:)

Answer by trucowgrl2

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What kind off food would you feed a palm tree plant and who often should you water it?

I two palm trees that where given to me and I dont want them to die on me. I dont have the green thumb.

Answer by rannbabyduck
Miracle grow is the best read instructions on back first cuz it depends on the pot size too much will eventually harm a plant as for water keep moist but not soaked rule of thumb it is always better to under water than over water cuz too much water will cause root damage palms like to be misted and they also like bright light being they are a tropical plant if really unsure go to your local garden center and purchase a water Gage good luck your on your way to having a green thumb

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