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I’ve always been fascinated with card readings and palm readings and tea left ect, but never actually went to one. For the first time ever the other day I went for a reading and had a really amazing experience. I couldn’t believe it, which made me really want to get into it and be able to give others a great experience. It just spoke to me and I can’t explain how I felt. It’s something I really want to take up, but I’m not sure how to go about doing so or what my first steps would be.

Id love any help.

Thanks. 🙂
@True Christian that’s kind of rude of what you said. How would you like it if I said to you stop being a Christian it’s a waste of time. You wouldn’t like that. So please keep comments like that to yourself. Thank you!
@True Christian Thank you very much for clarifying. This isn’t something that I’m going to quit my job over and take up doing. I thought it would be something interesting to do for family and friends. Is all.

But thanks for every ones input so far. 🙂
@Arcane Writer thanks. I’ll do a search for that. 🙂

don’t its a waste of everything.

1. well in fact, i’m not really a christian. i’m just mocking christians.

2. i’m only telling you the truth. the cards don’t do anything. its just paper/plastic with ink and letters.

Answer by NJs mommy
Buy a kit. Find one that speaks most to you(the pictures on the cards or size, etc) and get it. Once you’ve done that, find the time that feels right to you.

Answer by Arcane Writer
cheapest way (overall) is to just buy you’re own deck. I got both a deck & a book describing the meaning of each card for about $ 25 at Books-A-Million
if you don’t want that then just do a websearch for fortune tellers near you. I hope that this helps 😀

Answer by Helghast Wolf
Go to the local book store and buy some tarots and a instruction manual on tarot reading. I’ve been thinking the same thing would be a fun hobby.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
The most recommended tarot decks to learn from are based on the Rider Waite deck… the Hanson-Roberts deck, Morgan Greer deck and the Fenestra deck are all good decks that are very close to the Rider Waite in their images. Any deck will do though… find one whose images appeal to you and that “speak” to you. More than anything, personal preference should be your first guide. Don’t pick an RW clone deck just because you think you aught to… that can kill your appetite for tarot if you find it ugly.
To choose a good deck for yourself you’ll want a deck that first of all you find appealing… something that will motivate you to use the cards. More importantly, however, you’ll want a deck that “speaks” to you. Find a sample image of one (or several) of the cards. Ask a somewhat random sample question and then look at the image… how would you answer your question if you pulled that card? If the answer comes fairly easily, then it might be a good deck. If it’s a struggle, then it might not be a good deck for you, even if you find it really beautiful.
One effective method of learning tarot is to journal. Go card-by-card through your deck in order and spend some time with each card. Study the image on the card and record your impressions. Break down the symbolism (out loud if you have to) and record what you think it means. Then get out your books… the guidebook that comes with the deck and any other book you have with tarot meanings (at least having one other book can be helpful. I recommend either “Tarot: Your Everyday Guide” bu Jenina Renee or “The Tarot Workbook” by Nevill Drury) and read through the entries while examining the picture on the card. Record whatever information seems important or relevant. When you are through with the deck, go back through your notes and study them… compile a short statement about the card, maybe a couple of sentences describing what you think it means… then see if you can break this down further into a keyword or two that describes the card… this will help the meanings you see by studying the cards stick in your head a little.
The next thing you might try is comparing the numbers. Take out all the aces and compare what they mean… the things they have in common will refer to the essential meaning of “ace” and the things that are different about them will refer to the essential meanings of each suit. Go on and do this with the twos, threes etc until you’ve gone through all the minor arcana. I found this to be extremely helpful, myself. Next find a reference for the “Journey of the Fool” and the story about the major arcana and why they are in that particular order and what they symbolize in our greater life’s journey. Journal about the Journey and how you feel about the major arcana… these things were all very helpful to me in my training.
To do a reading, leave the book alone. Don’t even keep your guidebook with your deck as you don’t want to be tempted to reference it during the reading. Read from the images, even if you have no experience with the cards. Look at the people on the cards and figure out what they are doing, how they are feeling and what the various symbols might indicate, then try to apply the behaviors and symbols on the card to the situation at hand. Use your intuition to focus on what seems to be the most important and relevant aspect of the image or symbolism.
If you’ve never read before, you might be better off leaving more complex spreads alone. Leave the complex 10-card “Celtic Cross” spread for when you are more experienced with the cards and stick with simple spreads like a one-card spread or 3 to 4 card spreads where the positions are fairly easy to figure out. Once you’ve got a better handle on the cards themselves and the positions of your spreads, you can experiment with more complex spreads and trying to read the relationships between the cards.

Answer by Bentley
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you like learning Chinese characters?

I like, I know over 3 000, but not all readings.

Answer by vvav
Sometimes it can be fun making up stories about the different parts of the kanji to help remember it, and sometimes it’s awful.

Answer by Rick Byrne 筆名
I love it – It is an amazing writing system.
Terribly impractical with regards to a steep learning curve, but once you are over that the intricate way in which the characters were designed and all fit together is amazing. The ‘phonetic’ parts of the characters really do help guess readings. I also love the way that you are visually presented with the roots to words and can easily make up new words by mashing a few characters together!
That and I think that hanzi/kanji is an excellent language to take notes in if you are short on space.
I also love the calligraphy and the way the symbols can become an artform.
This is probably specific to Japanese, but I like the way that lots of slightly different verbs use one ‘common’ kanji, it links ideas very well.

Answer by Elena S
yes, i like

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i’m searching for some new modern love quote, not cheesy or gay rhyming little elementary school ones, or provarbs or bible readings. preferaby song lyrics and that type of stuff. thankss 🙂

Answer by Advice from God
I see my pot of gold, but where is the rainbow?

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