Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to palm mute guitar help?

I know what a palm mute is i read tabs for my song and i can do (x=mute)
But what im trying to do is
Can some please instruct me with detail on how to do that or answer with a video on how to do that type of palm mute

Answer by OnTheRock
To palm mute means to rest the fleshy part of your strumming/picking hand against the strings at the bridge to basically mute them as you strum. What you need to do for your 2nd tab example is not a palm mute. For that example you would use part of your left hand to mute that middle string. For example, I’d probably play that in such a way that my index finger covered the 5th fret of the A string but also gently touched the D string to mute it, them my ring finger would cover the 7th fret of the G string. That’s not palm muting though.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know where to find this video?

Kay, so my Social Studies teacher (private school) showed this video about Holy Week. It said in bright bold letters: “PALM SUNDAY” and flashed to a family in church. Two brothers (older) were hitting each other with the palm leaves. The mom told them to knock it off. Then it showed them reading that crucifixion of Jesus story, and they were betting who could yell, “Crucify Him!” louder. After the third time they do it. One of the brothers has a vision of Jesus screaming and shit on the cross. Then a little bit later he had a vision of being blamed for being one of Jesus’s followers. Then he had a vision where Jesus was crying nailed to the cross. Then the kid was seen holding some nails and he was like, “the fuck?”

I was wondering if anybody could find me the link to the Youtube video. Thanks!

Answer by ۞ მɴʈℍřʘvʘğʮЄ ۞ 丂ロ刀ノム イん乇 乃乇ムびイノキびレ ワノ尺レ
Find ’em in Hulu….

Good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does this signal mean when people make a ‘T’ with their hands? One palm facing ground… (pls read)?

There is apparently some sign when you put your hands in perpendicular, such as: if your right hand has its palm facing the ground, then your left hand is vertical and pointing upwards and perpendicular to your palm of right hand. Such as in this video, at 2:04 minutes:

Does anyone know exactly what this sign is, its name, or paste a link for further info?

Answer by Ryan K

Answer by David Reyes
it means time out

Answer by Kokonut12
It means “Timeout!” which also means like “Stop! I need a break!”

Answer by granny
Time out, one moment, stop.

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