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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to palm read your non dominant hand?

And please don’t answer me to find me on the internet i’ve tried it and best answer 10 points

Answer by Lauren
You read it the exact same way that you do your dominant hand. The only difference is your dominant hand is how you “come off” to others and your non-dominant hand is your inner self.

Answer by kona
mostly the dominant hand is the right and the non dominant hand is the left.
the non- dominant hand shows what u got from parents and what u are born with, the qualities like strengths, weaknesses, challenges,capabilities etc.
the dominating hand shows what improvements u have to show or shown in ur life path, over the qualities inherited from parents/birth.this is a simple answer to know about the non dominant hand in palm reading.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you read my palm ? please help !!?

Ok so I want to be a singer,actress and a dancer and I want to know if my dreams will ever come true . And yes I do put hard work into reaching my dreams but I would like it if someone could read my palms and tell me things about myself , their are so much questions I have about my life and future and who I am and will be and I thing this is the only way ill get answers.

Below is the link to we’re you can see a picture of my palms

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