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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to record a band?

I am looking to record my band but I don’t know how, i want something like what they have at my school, it’s an amp that records when a mic is plugged in, where would I get one of these?

Answer by fueledbymusic!
Guitar Center has pretty much everything you’ll need to record.

Answer by Toodeemo
You need to do a little reaearch before you go buying recording equipment. Your question shows that you have no idea what you are talking about. Nothing wrong with that. People are not born with that information on board. However, if you just go to Guitar Center or any other place looking for an “amp you plug a microphone in and it records” you are going to end up either being completely confused or spending money on stuff you just do not need.

There are groups online you can join. There are people who will answer your specific questions. Generally, they are happy to guide “newbies” like you and prevent you from making costly mistakes. Here’s one:

Also, you need to think about what you can spend. There are “palm recorders” out there for a couple of hundred bucks that are relatively easy to use. May be good for a beginner. Here is an example:

If you want to get something that offers more flexibility, you can get a “multi-track recorder.” These get you into “professional” recording, with overdubs, effects, mixing etc. It may be complicated at first, but if you are serious about recording, this is a good place to start.

There is also a book called “Home Recording For Dummies.” I suggest you pick up a copy and read it. You can find a ton of stuff online too. Just enter “home recording” in your search bar. You’ll find more stuff than you can handle.

Recording is something every musician should learn how to do. Even if you just do it for rehearsals, it will help you hear what is wrong and right about your music. Plus, it’s just plain old fun. There is just WAY too much for you to learn by posting here.

Good luck. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. But unfortunately, this is the kind of thing you sort of have to learn mostly on your own or from people you know who can do it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm Reading Rocks. What do they mean?

I got a palm reading(against my good judgement) and afterwards she gave me a tiny bag with 3 rocks, 2 white ones and a single clear rock. Now I’m just curious what are they and can I safely remove them from my possesion.

Answer by Robert J
I’ve never heard of palm reading rocks, but I found a cool site where you can get free online palm readings. Mine was actually pretty accurate.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i read kissing coffins for free online and in english?

I always find it in a different lanuage and not in english plzz hel me

Answer by Ultem
The book ‘Schreiber, Ellen: Vampire Kisses 2: Kissing Coffins’ was released 2005 and is copyrighted under US law. It can be purchased as a Mobi-, Adobe-, M-soft- or Palm-file at [1].

I find it disturbing that you can illegally download this simply by typing the title and ‘rapidshare’ into Google and getting torrents or a rapidshare download in the first few results.

Hope that helped.

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