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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I am finding it very hard to talk to pray as?

I have terrible depression, I read the bible every night but just can not bring myself to talk to god because, I don’t feel as if he is near me, iv been prescribed medication for the depression but don’t start taking them until this thursday, and until then I feel very low, like now.

Is there anyone out there who can understand what I am talking about and have been at the stage where they are too depressed to pray and if so what did you do.

Answer by ju1244
You are chemically depressed. It has nothing to do with the bible, you are likely too depressed to do other things too. Mark your calendar, you will be better in a months time

Answer by Sue C
Shout ‘Halleluia” 10 (x) or 20 (x) or as many times as it takes until your heart, mind & soul is turned towards Jesus rather than focusing on your feelings.

Jesus is Emmanuel meaning God with us, therefore God is with you irregardless of how you feel. Feelings can be deceiptive, therefore put your trust in the Word of God rather than your feelings. Exercise faith when reading bible.

Answer by Munchkin
Hey :o) I suffered debilitating depression for a long time, and can totally relate with its feeling like He isn’t near.

Can I honestly tell you what helped? Persevering. I read a book once by a lady called Stormy O’Martian, all about her depression, and she knew exactly how it felt, but when she talked about her being healed of it, I stopped reading as I just didn’t see that it was possible for me.

But I persevered, and truly held on to His promises of joy and salvation. When things were at their worst, I would listen to worship and raise my hands to Him. I listened to a lot of David Wilkerson sermons, and read things that built me up. I had real problems reading the Bible for a long time. It didn’t seem to feed me the way it did many Christians, so I didn’t force myself to read it “religiously”. But I read it, and thought about specific verses that spoke about what I was going through.

I really know that the enemy uses depression to keep us in bondage. If he can make us curl in on ourselves, and take our eyes off God, we’re easier to lead astray. But, even though you can’t feel it right now (feelings really really are unreliable) God has you in he palm of His hands. Medication is a good idea, and those will help, too.

But if you can’t bring yourself to pray, sing worship music, listen to sermons that realign your focus and puts it back on Him, and honestly trust that you are loved, and that it really *won’t* always be like this. It really, really won’t. I couldn’t conceive of not feeling like everything was grey, but God has a way of drawing us in, and through it all, almost without our even realising it’s happening.

Will pray for you as soon as this is sent, sweetie. Rest in Him, and know that you are loved.

Answer by andre
i’m sorry to hear that. depression is a very serious condition that can reduce your quality of life. but never give up. God can read your heart. some scripture to consider are Romans 8:26,27 & Psalms 94:19. even if u start and stop God will understand. do more on your good days. u make have to seek counseling or change your medication but u can do it. seek support of your friends and family. but never give up. even a little goes a long ways like the widow mite effort. Jesus recognize that and God will do the same for u.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can bad eye sight be improved by eating carrots ?

I really want to see clearly without wearing glasses or contacts. Can I improve vision by eating carrots ?

Answer by Mark
no, thats an old wives tale.

Answer by Abdullah Shakir
Lul No

Answer by Tanya
I remember hearing that it is.. mostly a myth.
I think it’s something like…. you’d have to eat thousands and thousands and thousands of carrots. So no, eating carrots will not improve your vision.
Well wait, more, the things in carrots can be good for your vision (prevention), but won’t improve it. Just like eating healthy is good for your health, it’s not much of anything.
Check out the website for more information on the myth.

Answer by Flying Dragon
Carrots contain a vitamin that is good for your eyes but, in the vast majority of cases, people already get enough of the vitamin anyway. So, stuffing yourself with carrots is extremely unlikely to free you of glasses/contacts.

I think this story was started by the carrot farmers to increase sales!

Answer by David E
If you have been out on a sailing ship for months eating nothing but salt pork and biscuits, you probably have a vitamin A deficiency and it is starting to affect your retina. Eating carrots will help you see better. Otherwise, not so much.

Answer by Just another Megan
No. I’m sure they do help, but only if you eat them from the time your a child, they probably help best when your eyes are young and developing, you cannot, however, reverse any current damage with carrots alone.

Answer by Moonbeam
There is some evidence that suggests eating carrots may help maintain current vision capabilities, there is no solid proof that eating carrots will improve eyesight. Carrots are high in beta-carotene (a pro-vitamin) which converts into Vitamin A. In terms of eyesight, Vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining healthy vision. When the body is deprived of Vitamin A there are risks of vision impairment.

But here are some ways that can help you to improve your vision naturally. The development of vision disorders such as myopia, presbyopia, glaucoma, astigmatism, crossed-eye, lazy eye, cataracts, macular degeneration can be stopped or eliminated through natural healing methods.

So what ways can you improve your bad eyesight? There are several methods that you can start training your vision and some of those are:

1. Sunning and palming
2. Resting and relaxing after long hours doing close work
3. Having enough sleep
4. Looking at far away objects after reading, writing or staring at computer’s monitor
5. Reducing causes of mental stress
6. Blinks more often
7. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable
8. Consume fish oil and food supplement for the eye more often
9. Relaxing and closing your eyes and imagining places you love to be around
10. Performing eye yoga exercises

Incorporate the above steps into your daily life to avoid or to eliminate vision problems. The techniques above can promote the health of your eyes and you can see the improvement within weeks. Some people have found remarkable vision improvement in just two weeks.

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