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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I get stressed out a lot and get migraines. What should I do?

i take my education very seriously. i am very shy in school and sometimes i am shy to ask my teachers. i also would love to do sports but i dont know if i will fit in.

Answer by doingthepanic
Go to the doctor. Get some self-esteem. Your teachers are there to help, there’s no need to be shy, and who cares if you fit in as long as you enjoy it? Jeez.

That is all.

Answer by herman
Get some stress meds like reloramax

Answer by Christy SD Nurse
See your Dr and ask about medication that prevents migraines, as well as medication when you do get one.

Answer by eyJude
take yoga .. it will help you with the stress.
there is now hot yoga..too

Answer by J L
Depends on your personality but yoga can help. I find I need more energy outlet and do martial arts. I am a new person after a good class.

Answer by ps@yahoo
I have migraines too, so I joined a yoga class for relaxation, this helps tremendously, try it.If you are shy and afraid to ask your tutors questions, do what I did years ago.If there was something bothering me, and I was afraid to ask things, I set myself this…I awarded myself a little present/luxury gift to myself, if I had the nerve to go ahead with any questions that I needed to ask. You know, this really worked, then after a while I had built myself up that I was,nt afraid to ask anymore.Gaining more self esteem and respect, and..the other people around me did,nt make me feel embarrassed any longer.So go for it, get that confidence going for you, you can do it. Good luck to you.

Answer by Eileen
Stress is not a Migraine trigger, actually. But, the way your body reacts to stress, may be what is triggering your Migraines. When you stress, does your neck, shoulders get tense? eat less?

If you are getting more then 2-3 Migraines a week, you should see a doctor about a preventive Migraine treatment.

Good luck!

Answer by Julz
I get migraines chronically and take medication prescribed from my Dr. so talk to your Dr. Stress often triggers a migraine for me as well. You may want to try an anti-anxiety medication to help when you are feeling anxious around others. I used to be just the same and recently have gotten better. I used to worry about what others thought about me so much that I couldn’t sleep at night. I began to realize that it can’t control my life and my anxiety was based on my false perceptions. Lastly, talk to a counselor, this can really help your anxiety, self-esteem and in turn your migraines. Good Luck.

Answer by lordreith
Why teens get stress

Moving or changing schools
Conflicts with peers
Injuries or severe illness
Grades, tests, homework
Pressure to use drugs and alcohol
Bulling or teasing by peers
Illness of family member
Changes in their bodies
Los of anything valuable
Separation or divorce of parents
Insufficient physical resources—food, clothing, shelter, etc.
Death of a loved one
High expectations of others
Family financial problems
Insufficient sleep
Fear of physical harm traveling to and from school
Insecurity about one’s looks, clothing, athletic ability, etc.
Rejection by friends, girlfriend, or boyfriend
Death or suicide of another teen
Taking on too many activities

Physical signs of stress
Accelerated heart rate
Asthma attack
Cold hands
Dilated pupils
Dry mouth
Erratic heart beat
Hands shaking
Higher blood pressure
Muscle pain
Neck ache
Sexual dysfunction
Shortness of breath
Skin rash
Sleep disturbance
Sweaty palms
Upset stomach

Stress Reduction Techniques

Ask someone for help
Challenge your assumptions
Challenge your irrational self-talk
Do aerobic exercise
Engage in a hobby
Get a massage
Go for counseling
Hug someone
Join a self-help group
Just listen
Keep things in perspective
Listen to favorite music
Make a list mediate
Never make important decisions after midnight
Play a musical instrument
Recall a pleasant experience
Relax your jaw
Remember that tomorrow is a new day
Seek a different perspective
Take a break
Take a nap
Take a walk
Take a warm bath
Take three slow deep breaths
Talk with someone you trust
Use biofeedback
Visualize a calming scene
Write a letter
Don’t put yourself down
Avoid unnecessary arguments
Be prepared
Be thankful
Do one thing at a time
Eat a healthy diet
Exercise regularly
Find some time to be alone
Get adequate rest and sleep
Get organized
Get up ten minutes early
Have a good belly laugh
Have a pet
Help others
Keep a journal
Know and accept yourself
Learn to say no
List your strengths and successes
Maintain a sense of humor
Make effective planning a habit
Remember to play
Stop to smell the roses
Take time to relax
Unclutter your life

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : for people who can palm read, what does this line on my hand mean?

Umm, yeah, basically, some people think this is a load of rubbish, and I think it could possibly be, but I am just interested anyway. My love line on my right palm (I am right handed), starts below my middle finger, and curves down and ends below my little finger.
What does this mean for my love/married life, whatever you want to call it?

Answer by Shelby Nolan
who knows. that stuffis fake anways because when you get older your lines change.

Answer by Brandie C
i dont know

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is Nioxin really works to prevent hair loss?

So I’ve been using Nioxin 2 now for about a week, before that I used Revivogen. I love the shampoo and conditioner however the treatment foam causes stiffness and make my hair all sticky. It’s a big of a deal since my hair is limp and thin. when I used the foam, it would exposed my scalp especially under sunlight.

Have you used Nioxin before and if yes, is it really works? What result did you get after 1 month of using it?

Answer by masterdelrond
I found Nioxin to work well, but like all hair loss treatments it can take a few months for the effects to show. I would keep trying it.. for at least another 2 month:

Found this:

“There are currently no shampoos clinically proven to stop hair loss. There is however various shampoos that may possible help to slow the onset of balding: Revigen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo, Nioxin System 3, Dermenodex Scalp Cleansing Shampoo and PhytoCyane Revitalizing Shampoo all have received positive customer reviews.

Ensuring your scalp is dandruff and infection free is the best way to prevent hair loss, but before you order the latest and greatest dandruff removing shampoo remember over-shampooing can cause premature hair-loss.

Shampoo your hair twice a week to preserve its strength.”

Answer by Mukunda M
Toxic shampoos are a principal cause of loss. They sicken and harm scalp and cause loss then block hair ducts and thus prevent regrowth. Do a Google “Men’s shampoos: Skin Deep Database” and “Not Just a Pretty Face.” ….and you will see countless ones that are severely harmful and others which are safe and non harming.

I truly believe I escaped the fate of my grandfather, my father, my two younger brothers and an 18 year old nephew through this treatment. All are (or were) completely, or very nearly bald. So I feel this treatment has disproved the genetics theory. Read this happy testimonial from a user on ANSWERS: Mo Sratum. You can contact him
Subject: HAIR LOSS! OMG!
“You may remember me, Mo Satrum, the guy with the constant questioning about the hair loss, well I’ve been doing it(treatment) for 2 months now and it’s working wonders! My hair loss increased the first few weeks but it gradually slowed down and my hair is gradually going back to normal as it were before. I was always told that hair loss was genetic and you could do nothing about it, but you’ve proved everyone wrong and even I had my doubts before starting your treatment but I cannot describe how much you’ve turned my life around! Thank you I don’t know where I would be without you”

In my early twenties I suffered severe loss. Treatment stopped loss and forced new growth. Many years later I still have all my hair. My hair is`now so well anchored that I do not have any loss even when I wash my hair.

TREATMENT: Massage any pure, natural oil into scalp, Extra virgin olive, coconut and grape seed work well. Then brush ALL of scalp vigorously preferably using a palm held brush with short natural boar bristles.(Quite stiff bristles are best). You can see them on Amazon – they are known as military brushes.
Brush strongly so you feel it stimulating/irritating scalp. But do not overdo it. Do 90 /110 strokes each session and focus on where loss is. You may be apprehensive about irritating scalp – believe me I was too but this is what will force new growth as it unplugs the blocked hair ducts that result in loss – they are experienced as the painful small itching spots.
As you brush some shedding and breakage may occur at first but will quickly stop as brushing makes hair better anchored and stronger. New hairs will appear and will be weak looking and sparse. Keep up the brushing and do not be concerned if brushing uproots them, as they will RE-APPEAR EVEN STRONGER and will not be uprooted.
I found it best at the beginning to apply the oil at night, do the brushing and sleep with it that way and wash off in the morning.

My hair has completely regrown on crown. Where receded at front regrowth was slower at first then each month it became denser.and has also completely regrown.
I only wash hair with totally safe pure soap or shampoo with no toxins – no toxic coloring, no toxic fragrances, no toxic preservatives, no harmful additives of any kind. You can also find them in GNC, Trader Joes, some Walmart Stores, Cost Plus, Wegmans, Earth Fare, and some natural & health foods stores.

P.S. My near bald brother is now using the treatment after seeing my great success. We had not seen each other for 15 years and he and my other totally bald brother and totally bald 18 year old nephew were all amazed to see me with all my hair. Again it clearly shows that genetics has nothing to do with hair loss.
Email me if you need more info.

SOURCE(S): Many years research, self experimentation using natural treatments for hair loss, regrowth and cures of skin, scalp and hair disorders

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Channing Tatum Palm Reading

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