Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I met up with a guy from online in real life and he was weird and gay. What do I do?

I met up with one of my best friends for 3 years who I talk to almost everyday on this one website and he was weird and gay. He was my best friend and the only one who seemed to understand me and we would talk for hours every day about weird stuff and conspiracy theories and such. I live in Pennsylvania and he lives in Michigan and I recently went over his house for the first time. We are both 19.

When I met him he was fat and he had long straight really frizzy blonde hair, like it was damaged. He had a blonde mustache and also wore tight tan spandex pants and had a big butt. He smelled like sausages and his back stunk. His house was really dirty and there was trash everywhere and there was brown stuff on the walls in the bathroom.

He kept saying, “I believe that we are one” and he kept rubbing on my hand. He kept trying to read my palm or something and asked me about my astrology sign and stuff. He was really weird and didn’t respond well to conversations and when I’d say something, he’d just nod. He seemed disconnected from the conversation. Like he had some sort of mental condition. He was nothing like he is online. He was quiet the whole time and just sat there rubbing on my hand and he tried to kiss me once when we were sitting on the couch. I think he had a social skill problem.

He told me that he believed that we were soul mates and that he wanted to do some weird ritual wedding ceremony with me. I’m not even gay. Now he keeps emailing me talking about how we are going to get married and he keeps asking me when I’m coming over so we can do the ceremony. He won’t even talk about what we used to talk about and he’s only interested in the wedding. He keeps bothering me and sends about 20 emails an hour.

I don’t want to marry him. I don’t even want to associate with him anymore. And I’m not gay. What do I do? How do I tell him I don’t want to marry him and how do I get him to leave me alone!? Should I just stop talking to him completely?

Answer by jaja
hahahaa wtf.

Answer by Adam
Whoa, I’m gay(ish) and I nearly gagged when reading this. That is disgusting.

Just quit talking to him. I’m so sorry for your trauma.

Answer by david
Don’t even answer his emails. And block him from your phone and move. What a creeper…
I don’t trust people like that… You don’t know what’s going on in their minds. What if he comes to your house by doing some research?… IDK! Thats scary. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! : /

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My birthday’s coming up, and I need ideas for what to do.?

I’m turning 14…
I was thinking about something rave-ish?
Any ideas?

Answer by Marisa
sky diving!!!! hahaha just kidding!

go to wild wood!

happy birthday!!!!!!

Answer by Mr GoldDigger 🙂
since its almost halloween have a costume party

Answer by Katheryn
a rave idea would be cool, you need blacklights and a strobe light though, and crazy techie music…

if you went with that idea, you could always buy white shirts for people to decorate and glow in the dark paint, so they would look really cool under the blacklight! and you can buy paint and glow sticks at the dollar store…

other ideas are:a murder mystery party (you can buy packages online and have your parents set it up), fortune telling party (ouija board, palm reading, etc), you can mysteriously pick your guest up early in the morning in there pjs and go out to bfast, dance party (could always end the night with movies like grease and high school musical)… the possibilites are endless!

i remember when i was younger i’d just have my best friends over, and we would sleep on my trampoline in the backyard. then in the middle of the night we’d go walking around the neighborhood, ding dong ditching my neighbors and opening up glow sticks and pouring them in peoples yards….good times…

just be creative and decide the basics: how many people, boys and girls, stuff like that so you can narrow it down and figure out food and stuff.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I change my name? Have you ever done that?

Hi all. I am a 22 year old female. My mom named me a name that while it is lovely, it would not help me in the future in the fields (business world…) that I may want to work in. I have considered changing my name. My mom and I had a talk about this. Even though I am an adult I want to consult her. I live in New York and have read about the process. I am ready for it. I am now in college and would like a name that is not only professional but will fit in. The name I chose is actually a “modern” update on my mother’s own name. How do you feel about name changes for employment?

Answer by 608man
Don’t change ur fu$ king name. My name is Kaz and it is very original, I get every job I apply for and It’s probably cuz no one EVER forgets ur name

Answer by Lexi
if thats wut u want to do go for it especially if u think it will be more positive towards ur future

Answer by A Dining Room
Yes. I changed my name to “A Dining Room”.

Answer by oakakaemmy
Lol go for it. People buy cocacola cause it’s catchy. This is why palm pilots went under, they changed it to just palm and people didn’t want just palms they went with black berrys. Now we have andriods. and that’s a little catch it’s all like futuristic and high tech (till you actually own one)

As far as names go think if something that people will remember and will roll of the tongue like my online name is Aron Azureus

Answer by Daisy
I doubt your name will make any difference when it calls for employment. Unless your name insults other people specifically, no employer is going to hire by a name. If It is an ethnic issue and that would be illegal, the people who do that are not going to let a name change anything.

Answer by Bud
Yes, you should do that, especially if you’re a black woman with a weird name. There are employers who will throw away resumes from people named things like “Sheneequa” or “Laquisha.” Pick one that is normal and boring and not indicative of any race or culture. Pick one that a queen would have, like Elizabeth or Mary.

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