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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need help with my overhand serve in volleyball?

I am 15 and I have been practicing my overhand serve for a year now. Nothing I try will go over. I know I’m obviously doing something wrong.
I’ve watched plenty of videos, read so many instructions, and had countless JV and Varsity teammates try and show me how and I can’t get it. I so badly want to make varsity this year and that mean I have to get my serve over. Plllleaaasseee helpppp?!?!

Answer by BORED
Get stronger and if u r pretty strong then just hit it hard with your palm and hit it up not down by getting under the ball

Answer by Vball Babe! ♡
First, you need to know your footwork, and adjust it if you are left-handed or right-handed. I can’t really tell you specific footwork, because you gotta figure what works for you! I use a two-step approach, and many just step once! You just have to figure out what is comfortable for you!

Next is your arm and hand. You want to have elbow first when you overhand, and contact it at the palm of your hand. Have a nice low toss, and contact it with all your power.

Working out your arms does help alot too!

Answer by Angela
If you are right handed…
1. left foot forward
2. throw it up in the air
-make sure when you throw it up it should land near your right toes
-throw it as high as you can reach to hit it
3.make contact with it at its highest point
-hit it hard enough that it goes over but not too hard that it goes out
-make sure your feet are pointed to where you want the ball to go
-hit in the center of the ball
-hit it with the center of the palm of your hand
-practice, practice, practice
it might not work because it differs with some people but once you get the basics you can work on technique
Good luck

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to get your sleeping patterns back on track?

Lately i’ve been up talkin to my bf on the phone until 5am and not wakin until 2pm but i want to get my sleeping patterns back so that im getting up early

Answer by LMNOP14
Stay up all night so you’ll be really tired. Then go to bed at alike 10 pm. You have to make sure you wake up early, though.

Answer by prakash neupane
first of all you must change your habit and remember that early to bed and early to get keeps a man healthy and tidy.

Answer by Dee
*** How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

For many centuries it has been known that a good night’s sleep does not happen by chance. Sleeping well depends on a series of factors beyond just controlling anxiety and stress. These are known collectively as sleep hygiene.

Effective sleep hygiene amounts to a way of life. It includes getting regular exercise at the right time of the day. Exercise during the morning or afternoon can help one to be drowsy at bedtime. But working out close to bedtime can interfere with sleep.

Exciting films or engrossing reading material can also have a stimulating effect. Before going to bed, it may be better to read something relaxing, listen to soothing music, or take a warm bath.

Experts say that you can teach your brain to associate bed with sleep by lying down only when you really mean to sleep. People who eat, study, work, watch TV, or play video games in bed may find it harder to fall asleep.

Preparing the body for restful sleep also involves watching your diet. While alcoholic drinks make a person feel drowsy, they can actually impair sleep quality. Coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, and cola-based drinks should be avoided at night because they are stimulants. On the other hand, small quantities of mango, sweet potato, banana, persimmon, palm cabbage, rice, bean sprouts, or nuts stimulate the production of serotonin and can thus be sleep-inducing. A word of warning: Eating a heavy meal late at night can be as harmful to sleep as going to bed on an empty stomach.

Just as important as our presleep routine is the environment in which we sleep. A pleasant temperature, a dark and noise-free room, and a comfortable mattress and pillows are an invitation to a good night’s sleep. In fact, with so much comfort, it may be hard to get up the next morning. But remember, staying in bed longer than necessary, even on the weekend, can disturb your sleep pattern and make it harder for you to sleep the following night.

Surely, you would not purposely harm any of your vital organs. Sleep is just as vital, a part of life that should not be neglected or underestimated. After all, a third of our life is spent sleeping. Can you improve your sleeping habits? Why not start tonight!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you communicate with someone who can’t see or hear?

What category is this question supposed to go in?
So every person who wants to communicate with them needs to learn Braille? Or would this person have a person who translates everything into Braille?

Answer by Bakeneko
By touch?

Answer by Kirshon
Braille write in Braille they will feel it they will know what you are talking about

Answer by Ambree
If they can’t see, they use Braille, which is bumps on paper that blind people run their fingers over to read. If they can’t hear, they use sign language, which is communicating with your hands. If they can’t see or hear, they can still use Braille, like Helen Keller.

Answer by Shoes
Deafblind people may use a number of different communication methods:

Sign languages such as

British Sign Language
Sign Supported English (SSE) – English supported by signs borrowed from BSL
Paget Gorman Signed Speech

Deafblind people may use one of the following methods of receiving the sign: visual frame signing or close signing, hands-on signing.

Block: this involves using the forefinger to trace out capital letters on a deafblind person’s palm.

Deafblind Manual Alphabet: The Deafblind Manual Alphabet is made by one person onto the deafblind person’s hand. It is similar to the BSL finger-spelling alphabet and is easy to learn as a way of ‘talking to’ but less easy to learn to be ‘talked to’.

Computer Aided Transcription (CAT): also known as Keyboard Interpreter. The text is displayed on a screen with magnification appropriate to the individual, or a braille display.

Lip speaking: Lipspeakers are trained professionals who repeat what a hearing person or speaker is saying, without using their voice. They produce clearly the shape of words, the flow, rhythm and phrasing of natural speech, and repeat the stress used by the speaker. Lipspeakers also use facial expression, natural gesture and fingerspelling.

Objects of reference: ‘Objects of reference’ is a term to describe the use of objects as a means of communication.

Clear speech

Note writing

Individual’s own personal signs

Large print

Braille: Braille is a tactile method of reading and writing

Moon: Moon is a simple tactile alphabet, similar to the Roman alphabet that needs less sensitivity in the finger than Braille.

Computer text file


Videotape: videos in sign language can provide accessible reviewable information to people who sign.

A combination of any of the above.
For some, only person-to-person communication, for example by hands-on sign or deafblind manual, will be effective.

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Contradictory Palm Reading Gag

Written by LoveDrNikki

I was born with my innate gifts of clairvoyance (see things), clairaudient (hear things), clairsentient (know things). By the time I was 3 I knew there were things that I knew that I could not tell anyone about because they got really weird if I did. At 13 I got my first deck of tarot cards (Ryder – Waite) and started doing readings professionally.

At 16 I had my first near death experience when I was in a pick-up truck that hit a semi-tractor trailer truck. My dad had died several years earlier – and he had been a semi-truck driver. I was fortunate enough to receive my Father as a Spirit Guide that day, My second NDE was when I was 18 – I was in a Piper Cub 2 seater aircraft that did a hard landing into the side of a mountain. I have spent my entire life studying and working with the wyrd and wonderful in all its guises. While not required by any means I enjoy using the Tarot or any of the other divination tools I have at hand you may want to use for your reading.

I have Doctorate Degrees in Divinity (D.Div) and Theology (Th.D.) from Northern Lights Seminary and continue to study. Among some of my other titles are Psychic Minister, Esoteric Minister, High Priestess, Shaman, Spiritual Coach, Psychic Coach, Psychic Healer, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Small Business Consultant, Paralegal, Executive Director and College student. I am honored to be a “reader’s reader,” meaning that many of the people do readings for are readers or spiritual workers themselves.