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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I own a PC Is it better to get a “Palm Pilot” or an HP PDA?

I’ve read some reviews and a lot of palm users have difficulties it seems. does anyone have an alternative suggestion? Any models you’d recommend? Under $ 100 please.

Answer by Ellwood
I’ve owned two older Palms then switched to an HP PDA to get a color screen and windows mobile. Windows Mobile was a pain in the neck. So, back to Palm with a Tungsten E a few years ago and a Treo 650 as of this moment. I’m not sure if you will see much for less than $ 100 unless you try Ebay. Good Luck!

Answer by Pitchy
I’ve had 2 older Palm Pilots and they were great. I have no complaints with them.

But I recently got an iPaq 5915 which is WM5 and I love it. It syncs so easy and when I want to transfer music or files to it, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping from folder to folder.

With WM5, my iPaq shows up in My Computer as a drive. I can then browser the content of my iPaq just as it was a folder or drive on my PC. I can then transfer music, videos, documents etc… For that, I love my iPaq 🙂

Answer by mike m
here’s a link on ebay where you can read reviews of them by ebay members.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : our 10 mo pup doesn’t get along with our friend or anyone but us .what can we do?

Woogie is a loveable, playful little terrier mix. He is a great watchdog but overdoes it. He barks at everyone and everything. Sometimes he even growls at our friends. We have read books, tried all kinds of rewards and threats but nothing seems to work. We love him and want to be patient, but one of these days he might end up hurting an adult or even worse, a child.

Answer by Sheana
Here’s what worked with my adopted Rat terrier:

Have person he doesn’t like kneel down sideways (not facing him) and toss his favorite treat to him, several times letting treat fall closer to them every time. Then they should try offering in their hand. Next, have them try to place treat in palm and try to scratch his chin with their fingertips when he gets his treat. You should be there the whole time praising him. If he growls or snaps, back off for a few minutes and go back to which ever step he’s most comfortable with.
If he still won’t accept them try letting him meet them in a neutral setting like the park. Take it really slow and if it doesn’t work after a few weeks consider consulting a trainer. ( Expensive but with us worth every penny)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you guys agree that it was stupid that WWE crew was trying to stop the Yes! chants in London on Monday?

I read that WWE crew was telling the crowd to stop chanting Yes! I think its stupid i personally love the yes chants there fun and better then the What chants. So do u guys agree its stupid let the wwe fans chant what we want to chant we pay enough to see the show.
BQ: Because of the Yes chants do you think WWE should just turn Daniel Bryan face?

Answer by Rise Above Hate
YES YES YES!!! it is stupid.

Answer by Alejandro
yer i guess but the yes chants r sh!t anyway. crowds have been dead for years (only on occasion will you hear a good crowd with good chants anymore, but you’d have to leave the u.s to hear those)

Answer by Reely reely Dont care
is it true that if wrestling fans yell YES YES YES long enough they actually have an orgasm

Answer by Crєαтυrє Øf Tнє Nιgнт
Agreed. When I first read the reports that the WWE was trying to keep down the “Yes” chants I automatically face palmed. I really don’t understand them toning down the “Yes” chants considering it’s something that’s becoming huge for the company and something they could maybe take advantage of in a business standpoint. It could really makes some hard cash in the future, so I really don’t understand as to why they are stopping it unless they plan on burying Daniel Bryan, which I seriously hope doesn’t happen.

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