Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I read “Moneyball” and loved it, does anybody have any suggestions for similar readings?

I read the book “Moneyball” about Billy Beane and his management of the Oakland Athletics and absolutely loved it. Does anybody have any suggestions for similar books that I could read about the management and other smaller aspects of the game of baseball?

Answer by Doggity
Ted Williams – The Science of Hitting

Answer by HeywardFan
Baseball Between the Numbers: Why Everything You Know About the Game Is Wrong

Loved it and It is I guess it is kinda similar, but I really encourage you to read it.

Answer by nman16
I read it a while back myself and it was great!

May I suggest:
“Love Me, Hate Me”
“Ball Four”
“The Echoing Green” (great book about the truth behind 1951 pennant written by joshua prager)

There are a few other great books out there but these are 3 I read lately that I really liked

Answer by matt
Ball Four by Jim Bouton is very good.
The Bullpen Gospels by Dirk Hayhurts is great also.

Answer by Salty
Ok, yr in luck… I feel generous today. I’d suggest:

Feeding the Monster by Seth Mnoookin (about the Red Sox management; a NYT bestseller)

Mind Game by Baseball Prospectus writers, Steven Goldman editor (about the Red Sox 2004 season using statistical analysis and myth busting genius)

Win Shares by Bill James (About Sabermetrics from the master)

The Hidden Game of Baseball by John Thorn and Pete Palmer (About Sabermetrics)

The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball by Tom Tango, Mitchel Lichtman, and Andrew Dolphin (About Sabermetrics…here is a weblink to more on this:

Fangraphs, Baseball Prospectus, and Baseball Reference have great web based resources.

This guy has some books too, I haven’t read them tho, but I read this page from time to time:

And finally the best writer:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do preachers ever run out of bible readings in church?

I probably worded it terribly, so I’ll add a little more detail. (I also have not gone to church in 14 years, so, yeah, lol.)

Let’s say you go to church or whatever you do every Sunday or whatever for like 20 years. Would the sermon every repeat the same stuff? Like, there’s only so much you can teach in a religion, correct? Or do they start expanding the readings to more present day stuff, just to “keep the crowd going”.

I’m just curious.

Answer by Aminda
No. They should not. There are thousands of things to preach on from the Bible. A person could be there for 100 years and never cover everything in the Bible.

Answer by avengers may fourth
once your brained washed you don’t mind hearing the same stores, sermons over again.

Answer by ?
The BIBLE is a living word, everytime you read it you can get something new from it. So no they dont run out of readings. You should really think about coming back to church. Jesus loves you and so do I.

Answer by Arizona Knight Wolf
Nope, they jut go over the same stuff over and over again.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How are some books not considered as literature?

I just read an answer which says some books are not literature, and her basis for saying that is the authors who wrote that book. I thought literature is the art of written work? I don’t really understand how it is that some books cannot be considered as literature just because some person thinks the author is not good enough? can someone please explain this…

I love reading books and i just can’t stand the thought of some books not being considered as literature, its so confusing. o_o
Oh my, i should’ve posted this on Books and Authors. .

Answer by LeFooker
Yes, the books you have read and loved are most definately considered literature. Some people may consider themselves intellects and say what this person said, but that only goes to show their ignorance. You are correct. The books are considered literature. Tell her to stick to comic pages.

Answer by Puppy
6 months imprisonment for posting here lol

Answer by FLASH
Well small mind are just that . I love to read . I don’t like everything . But Others do . So I let them read what they like . And I read what I like .

Answer by Captain Obvious
Literature is defined simply as written works. Thus, all books would be considered to be literature regardless of the quality of the work.

Answer by Masternachos
I would think that any fiction book is “literature,” and that a book is NOT “literature” if it’s non-fiction (a dictionary’s not “literature,” is it?).

Answer by Dark Betty
All books are literature, they are simply divided into different category of types of literature.

For example:

Child Literature – a book for child to read. As long the words are there and written, it is still literature.

Teen Literature – A book is more into deeper reading, yet, almost like an adult’s books. Just being careful with age appropriate. It’s written and still a literature.

Adult Literature – Same thing as Teen Literature, only there’s no maturity warning. It can be given more sexual, language, strong violence, etc… something that parents do not want teens to be reading into. It’s still literature.

English Literature – This involves more of a serious reading, plot, development, and more vocabularies put into. It’s still literature AND in English. There are also other language literature too! Like “The Dairy of Ann Frank”! She originally written it in Germany (if I am remembering it correctly, but I’d check on that later or research into before to be absolute sure the original language was).

History Literature – It’s more focused on past stories that has been given down to generation to generation to our modern time. Like Shakespeare’s work. Mainly all the best classical readings that have been around for a long period of time for more than over a century like Odyssey! (If I am spell this one right that is.)

The only reason I wouldn’t consider too much to be literature, if it’s based on Fan Fiction work or comic reading. Those are the only ones that cannot be considered literature, even though they have written it. It’s just not really publish books or novel.

So whatever has actually been published into a real book is literature! Literature = Creative writing = Story!

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