Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I want to learn how to read palms?

Ive always wanted to read palms but i don’t understand how,can someone help me?

Answer by ?
Either get a book about reading palms or google it up or you tube it

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Had my palm read, am i already dead?

I once had my palm read by a palm reader, she told me that according to my life line I was already dead. Can this be true?

Answer by naddyspud
are you breathing?

Answer by kluelesskidd
basically thats a load of rubbish, i mean, how could you be dead and then be able to ask that question?

think about it

Answer by STELLA T
no don’t worry this kind of death means rebirth right now ur not sure where ur life is going. u r trying 2 decide.

Answer by mazsheps
maybe she meant that you were dead on the inside (lacking emotion/feeling)

Answer by Ben G

Answer by loner
hahahah..thts a joke. Its just to scare u..or make u more curious. Forget wht he/she said and enjoy ur life …

Answer by Mokele Mbembe
Are you the same guy who was asking if it would be a good idea to smoke more cigarettes? The way you smoke, you probably are already dead. Bummer, dude. If you’re a ghost you can try to haunt a ladies locker room.

Answer by `°º¤ø,¸yummy°º¤ø,¸¸,
It could be possible I would get more information and get your palm read by some other people and see what they also think. Tell them about your experience.

Answer by debbiep
Obviously not

Answer by morpheus8250
No. Obviously you’re still alive – unless you’re now a zombie with the ability to type.

Palm reading is subjective and pretty unreliable anyway.

Answer by Trofim L
That is a possibility. Another possibility is that she was pulling your leg, and another that she was full of crap.

Answer by Jeff (weseye) Wesley
Could be, check your breathe on a mirror. If the mirror fogs then you are alive. But if not, then check your pulse. If no pulse, then pinch yourself. If that doesn’t hurt. Dial a funeral home and schedule an appointment.

Answer by clisismarieana
I have had my palm read by the same person for the past six years. Every year she tells me I’m going to die, and I’m still here, still breathing, my hearts still beating. It’s a crock to get money.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in the tarot card reading or palm reading?

Just intersted

Answer by Trying my best
No, it’s crap.

Answer by Elena S
No i dont !

Answer by Arnulfo
I do for some reason, I did a reading on myself and it was accurate. Oh yea, and I did one for one of my friends and it turns out because of the reading we found out her spouse was cheating on her. True story

Answer by Zane and Azaria
No. It is not a matter of “believing” one way or the other. It is simply “knowing.”

Tarot card reading, palm readin, the thing where you read a person’s head, all of that stuff is false. None of them truly work.

Please note that I am not saying that Psi powers do not exist because they, beyond a reasonable doubt, do, indeed, exist. If you would like more information on these, then please message me. (These would include seeing and reading auras, healing/draiing, blah blah blah. –Not the way “Psychics” do them–) If not, then that is just as well.

~Best of wishes,
Zane and Azaria

Answer by ThePres
yea i do palm reading a little bit and sometimes i do it on people i know. Once i did it on my moms friend and told her that her hand says she has two children, but she only had one. later my mom told me she had a miscarriage. ever since then i limit myself to what i say to people.

And my brother does Tarot card readings and i remember a year ago i asked him a question to something that might or might not happen at this time, he gave me an answer then that turned out to be true. He does it on everyone in my family once in a while and everything he says comes true.

So yea i believe i it. Anyone that doesnt, i would probably be able to figure you out if i saw your hand

Answer by jdomanico
No – Most of what is done by psychics suing any medium such as cards or palms is called “Cold reading”. This is a technique that the reader says some obvious statements based on what he feels applies to the person. Then he elaborates on the statement based on the person’s feedback, Since person is giving the information to the reader, the reader continues to expand the statements until the person being read feels the information is valid.

I have included two links but there are many more. Search for “Cold Reading”

Answer by not here
yes it soo true i do believe them the only real psychic are not suppo to ask you any question at all and if one of the psychic ask you questions they are fakes be carefull where u go ..

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