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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I want to start a Manga/Anime club at my highschool next year, I need some advice?

what kinds of things should we do? Cosplay? Drawing of course. Maybe watching some animes after school? what do you suggest?

Answer by Rocky
-Anime/Manga Discussion
-Actually watching/reading the anime/manga
-Possibly help teach Japanese to the members so everyone can leave the club with some knowledge. If you can get access to computers, then hopefully your school has Rosetta Stone installed on each computer. That program can make teaching a language easier.

Answer by Anabelle Cross
You could each week have a new manga book to read (books are chosen by members. Take turns choosing) and discuss it and watch the anime if there is one. Be sure to read the whole series.

– Write Fanfictions
– Each week have a group preform a scene from a manga/anime
– Write your own manga!
– Create an anime!
– Go to ohayocon! πŸ˜€
– Learn the Japanese language and how to write/speak. Kawaii! :3

Have fun!

Answer by Anthony Pena
I was gonna join it but my highscool anime club was Cancelled πŸ™ for some reason , or they didnt make one last year

Answer by Daun Semanggi ga punya avatar
–learn everything about japan .. language , culture , etc ..
–cosplay .. come to J-fest ..
–watching anime ..
–manga , anime , japan film library ..
–drawing , maybe you can make manga class ..
— hngg ..

Answer by xlilyx
That’s a great idea. I’m glad someones doing a club in school. So I think reading manga and watching anime after school is a very good idea. You should read and watch different genres and also you can review on them. Yes, do some drawings and then you can put the best ones up on a bulletin board it attracts other people into joining the club. You could also set competitions in the club like drawing the best manga picture and the winner gets a price like a manga or anime for free. Writing up stories about an anime or manga is fun as well. Cosplaying is also a excellent idea so you get some free time from school and have some fun and also attracting other people to join like giving out leaflets about the club. Learning Japanese in your club is also a good idea so you all can help each other and also it’s really fun. You can even have discussions about anime and manga and share what you know or like about anime and manga.
I hope I helped and good luck.

Answer by Robin
Oh god, I read the other answers and I face palmed.

Please don’t show anime during meetings. Only after school or during the weekends. I have a anime club at my school (with me being the biggest fan of anime in the whole city) but Im not in the club because they do that. I want to watch anime on my own time where its quiet rather than people laughing or making comments during the show. We don’t even finish the episodes and we watch them during lunch.

Just socialize and converse. People in anime clubs tend to be quiet but they need to converse more and relate to one another. Also attend conventions together and go to anime related events together.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do i get started in auto racing? i don’t know where to go, and i live in a town next to palm springs CA

Im 16 years old and already people are telling me that im too old to get into racing, but im not and i will continue to try.I would like to know how to get started especially living in CA 2 to 3 hours away from LA. Where do i get a car, one that is affordable, how do i enter a race, and how will i find a race team who will help me get started? Please help me. This is my future and i want to get started on it NOW! Please give plenty of detailed advice if you can. If you own a race team, i hope you will defininitely help me in the best possible way. Experience is always good and i would love to have advice or actual physical help. i know its not too late to become a racer. So help me get started. its important to me and my dream will never die. thank you for reading my question. PS: my family doesnt have a lot of money either,so if there is any way that i can race without putting my family in debt, that would be great!

Answer by martin_rulz6
First off, your not too old to get into racing. If I recall correctly, there was an IRL driver that didnt start racing until he was in his early 20’s, and a few other drivers who didnt start until they were teenagers themselves.

Probably the best way to get into racing is to have connections, if you know people that are into racing, or if you can afford it, buy and/or build a race car, start practicing, and enter races. Other than that, thats probably the best answer I could give.

Answer by elphi88
There are drivers out there that started later than you. Check out local tracks on There are some drivers from California check out their BIOs on the same site to see where they got their start.

Answer by cale11
Alot of drivers now are starting in gokarts.They are inexpensive compared to cars.Once you started winning you could do like Carl Edwards and have calling cards made up to sell yourself.If you start winning in gokarts you may get noticed.
One other way is to get in with a race team doing anything.That connection may one day lead to something.
It wont be easy but stay with it.

Written by LoveDrNikki

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