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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If you believe in astrology, do you believe in palm reading?

I used to believe in palm reading, but these days I’m not so sure.

Answer by BugzBunnyyy

Answer by Hunterrrr.
I absolutly believe in palm reading.

Answer by My Power Is Pure
Yes, I Do .

Answer by chainlightning⅜
If you can believe in one, that means you can believe in any of the others. Believing takes no effort or logic and reason.

Blind belief is not my nature. If they have truth, belief would not be a requirement.

Edit: Comparing magical psychic ability to meteorology is plain silly. There is no relationship. Weather forecasting now is much better than twenty-five years ago. The airline industry considers the information vital. Also the accuracy increases in the short term. What does astrology contribute?

“You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe” – Carl Sagan

Answer by Passionate Piranha
I believed in palm reading before I started to believe in Astrology. I knew a woman ever since I was a toddler who’d do them and take them to another level. She doesn’t just do palm readings in the usual sense. She gives readings by going past using just the lines of your palm by tapping into her psychic abilties as well.

Answer by FGB
Idk I’ve never had my palms read.

Answer by vasuastro
Palm reading is good but not accurate its very oldest method of astrology but good

Answer by Vic DiCara
“Believing” in something is different, for me at least, than expecting it to always have to work all the time. For example, I believe in the ability of meteorology, theoretically, to be able to predict the weather, but it doesn’t mean that I expect the weather forecast to always be right.

My belief in astrology is similar. I practice it regularly, astrology. I can see that there is deep, undeniable substance to it, but still it is not possible to always get it to work right. I see this as the limitation of myself or my client maybe, not the basis science itself. In the same way when meteorology gets something wrong I dont think that the science is fundamentally useless, just that we have a lot to learn still about how to do it better and better.

Similarly, I “believe” that the lines in my palm are clues to the types of karma that I am due to experience in my current lifetime. Not sure that I or anyone can really read those lines tremendously accurately, but still, I believe in it theoretically.

Answer by GandaS
I used to read a lot of books on the subject of palmistry and sometimes I put to practice what I’ve learned from them. Lines and markings in the palms projects our traits and personality and there are certain time line in some lines the need more precision to interpret. Most of the times I hit the target and sometimes I missed. But IMO I think when someone missed a reading in a palm it is the fault or short coming of the palmist to interpret the lines. The lines in our palm are true and does not lie. Great personalities like Lord Rama, Sri Krishna and Lord Buddha has powerful palm lines and they extra ordinary. It’s just we don’t have the precision of knowledge to interpret what those lines are in details. But with constant practice with your friends and people you know you can counter checked your readings and in this way you will be able to upgrade your skills and sharpen them. Seek a good teacher. Palmistry itself is also based on astrology there are great similarities with astrology. Like Saturn – middle finger, Ring finger of the Sun, Jupiter’s pointing finger, Mount of Luna (Moon) Venus Girdle and Mercury the little finger of communication. and many more. I use palmistry to compare with my findings in astrology charts and they work very well and compliment each other.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does palm reading work?

I follow astrology and I’m comfortable with that.. but how are things read into and discovered from palm reading? how does it work
i’ve read books that talk about the points on the hand and the lines but maybe i just don’t see it..
if you’re a palm reader, how does it work out for you?
why is it seen in the hands?
what is there that makes it that way, besides the lines

There is a lot to be told from just a physical inspection of the hands. The shape of the hand on the side opposite of the thumb can show if the person works with their hands, it is flat, or is a thinker/desk job type, curved outer edge. Ridged nails show a lot of stress, life style, nervous, physical illness, etc. A bluish tinge to the skin and nails indicates a heart problem. The shape of the fingers and thumbs indicates if the person works with the hands or the brain better,, a broad, flat tip to the thumb indicates brain worker, thumb all same size, hand worker. Lines and chaining on the left wrist indicate intellectual potential. Lines and chaining on right wrist indicated how well the intellectual potential has been developed.

Then you begin to look at the lines on the palm. This is where it gets very complicated. I suggest you get a couple of books on palm reading and start from there.

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
A silly person let’s someone look at there palm and tell them things they want to hear. The mark walks away, usually a few bucks poorer but smiling like a fool.

Answer by miracle girl
it works only when the reader knows to read ur palm correctly

Answer by Suraj
oh ! please stop believing these foolish things u r living in 21st century.
give me exam of any one palm reader who can forcast his own future, I tell u these all are liers and if not than tell them to forcast their own future and gain success .
Please stop paying attention to these silly persons(they are jobless fellows so doing all these nonsense )
there is a famous saying ” GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES”
So believe in urself and get rid of all silly things.

Answer by isis’s brother
back in the 60s and 70s I had some books on palmistry
and I met people who could explain how it works.

As best I can remember, the left hand si your potential
and the right hand is the actual fulfillment.
There are lines below the little finger on the end of the hand that show
how many children you will have. Many other lines give clues as to
what activity will occur.
IA large star in your palm is said to indicate psychic Development
for the individual.
Get a library book with pictures of the various lines and explanations of the
meanings of the heart line, health line. life line and etc.
see if you can find a star.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is palm reading and practicing vedic astrology for money a sin in Islam?

Im a student and I don’t have much money the only thing I can do for money now is this. Is this a sin in Islam. I know if you go to an astrologer or palm reader your prayers wont be accepted for 40 days.But I don’t know if you do this for a living if this will be a sin also.

Answer by Michael doesn’t care
It’s not a sin, but it’s frowned upon, because it could potentially give Satan, or demons, access to you.

Answer by kool dude

Answer by who.
I’m sorry.. but I don’t think that’s allowed! if u go to one, then ur a sinner.. than if u do it and earn money from it. then ur money turns to haram money.. and the hardest of hardest tortures in hell fire is from the haram money.. that is money that is earned in prohibited ways…

please look for any other means for earning money… better safe than sorry!

Answer by Isa ibn Yahya
Surah 2:102-103
[2:102] They pursued what the devils taught concerning Solomon’s kingdom. Solomon, however, was not a disbeliever, but the devils were disbelievers. They taught the people sorcery, and that which was sent down through the two angels of Babel, Haroot and Maroot. These two did not divulge such knowledge without pointing out: “This is a test. You shall not abuse such knowledge.” But the people used it in such evil schemes as the breaking up of marriages. They can never harm anyone against the will of GOD. They thus learn what hurts them, not what benefits them, and they know full well that whoever practices witchcraft will have no share in the Hereafter. Miserable indeed is what they sell their souls for, if they only knew.

[2:103] If they believe and lead a righteous life, the reward from GOD is far better, if they only knew.

Peace be unto you.

Answer by Top Contributor YNWA
Absolutely, anyone who does such things will have their prayers refused by Allah SWT for 40 days.

Answer by Cool
Even worse. Yes it is a sin.

Keep searching for Halal and Allah will open it in front of you my friend

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