Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : im looking for a HD (HDD) 1080IorP without all the buttons but not a palm held camera ?

it cant be over 4k and if it can be a Hard drive camera (i use it for skiing) and worried about condensation and i can wait for later cameras

Answer by Mark G
If you mean you are looking for a camera, that isn’t hand held, and doesn’t have a lot of manual settings, and you are willing to spend 4k on it then you sir are a retard. anything over 2k is that price because you can customized the picture. Also i wouldn’t get a hard drive camera. If you fall that thing is toast. Also i haven’t seen many non hand held hard drive cameras. If you are willing to spend that kind of money, get a canon xh-a1 and buy an instructional video.

Answer by Little Dog
You REALLY don’t want a hard drive based camcorder for what you want to do. The shaking/shock during skiiing can lock the heads in park (to protect the hard drive platters) and if you go above 9,800 feet, the air is too thin for the head to work properly. Down load and read through any Sony HDD camcorder manual and you will see vibration and altitude issues addressed.

Flash memory and miniDV tape based camcorders do not share the vibration/shock and altitude issues HDD camcorders have.

ALL camcorders are electronic devices. BEFORE you buy the camcorder you think you want to get, download its manual and read through it. ALL electronic devices have operating environmental requirements. You are not immune from these. There are some heated “wrappers” available for camcorders. They look a little like camera rain jackets, but for cold weather, and they nearly envelope the camcorder. They are made for cold environment camcorder use and help keep the condensation away and they help keep the batteries warm enough to actually work.

If you are holding the camcorder with your hands while you are recording video and skiing, the video will be too shaky to be useful. No amount of image stabilization (optical or electronic) can counter this. You would be much better off using a camcorder with AV-in and adding a helmet cam. This, along with a LANC, will allow your hands to remain free – and will be much safer for you. Your head (and the helmet) is a great stabilization device. Mount the helmet cam on your helmet, put the camcorder in a backpack, run the LANC wire out to your belt so you can start/stop the video capture.

The Sony HDR-FX1000 or HDR-FX1 seem to fit.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What have I experienced with body energy?

Okay, I have recently began looking up “spiritual” things with body energy, and auras, mind reading, physic abilities, ect ect. I have learned about the crown chakra and stuff like that. I recently watched a video on how to view ghosts. Fake or not. I had a wild experience trying this. My aura is teal/blue, so before you mark it as my aura, it is not. Here is my crazy experience.

Last night, I have decided I want to look at some spirits, I have relaxed for a good 5 minutes, cleared my mind and did exactly what the video said, stare off into a corner of the room, until you see the air waving around. That has happened, and I was expecting to see shadow figures and what not. Wrong.
The air around me has turned purple, a deep royal purple. But yet I could see everything perfectly fine. I blinked, and it would stay the same. I would move my eyes and it would change but go back to the purple. All of my objects, on my desk, and floor had a yellow haze around them. I wanted to test it, so I moved my arm slowly, my arm was deep red, and the wrinkles on my palm and wrist and outlines of my hands were big, deep, black lines like a sharpie has traced them. As I curled my fingers, the shadows in my palm were extremely dark. Every time I curled my hands in, the yellow outlines on the objects such as pants on the floor, belts, and hairspray (there were more, but these are a few things) began to pulsate, they would get bigger and smaller when I re-focused my eyes. Then, I snapped out of it to try it again, but focused on a stain on my carpet, that’s when I saw the carpet warp. It was going all sorts of crazy. And then it happened again, the purple. Everything has happened the same as the first time, but this time, I have opened my crown chakra, and that’s when the lights began to dim on and off. Sure it could be electric problems, but I find it extremely funny how that has never happened before. I snapped out of it, and I haven’t seen any spirits, yet I have experienced something better, and crazier.

I know this was long, and I’m extremely glad you have read it. Can someone, that doesn’t think this was a joke please explain to me whether it was an eye issue, mental, or energy?
I swear on my life this has happened, I know I was not sleeping because I headed to bed after that. It lasted for 20 minutes. Until I snapped out of it.

Please, someone help me. Is this normal? What have I experienced? Thanks!

Serious answers only PLEASE!

P.S, I am not sure what subject this goes into.

Answer by Paul
You haven’t experienced anything with “body energy.” Your body *uses* energy, but auras and chakras and mind reading and psychic abilities etc. etc. are all completely worthless nonsense.

And if you’re having hallucinations, I suggest contacting a competent mental health professional, or a neurologist at the very least.

Answer by Love

and am so sorry but i dont know what its called. It sounds so interesting and i dont believe in ghost but want to try it baaaad.

My guess is creative imagination… :)…just a guess sorry.

Answer by Carl

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are any other land animals fluorescent just like the scorpion?

Answer by TheTerminatorFan
None that I can think of. There is a small fish that is.

I read that A. We do not know why scorpions are fluorescent. B. Even fossil scorpions, millions of years old, are fluorescent too. C. I saw a video of a guy who had scorpions that lived on his palm tree. You could not see them, same color as the tree. Put a fluorescent light on the tree, and there were hundreds of scorpions on the tree! Damn.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading video

Ambitious hand

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