Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : In Palmistry, what does it mean when you have alott of lines on your hands?

i have no fate line btw..

my right hand has 3 thick lines, heart,life and another, but not the fate, my left has only two, but there is SOOO many small thin lines, what does it mean? also any good links or tips on palm reading? thankss… 🙂 im 13 btw.

Answer by opinionatedlilbugger

Answer by wiccan Witch
Each line has a different meaning. One is a Life line that shows how long a life you will have, and one is a health line that shows your health, and one shows the number of children you will have, and there are many other lines with different meanings.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I would like to know something regarding my palm, can someone plz help me?

Am 21 yrs old female and my marriage line on my left palm has split where as in ma right palm i have 2 clear lines. I had an affair previously and broke up. wil this in any sense affect my married life in future? when i consulted an astrologer, he said that if i had any previous relationships and had a break up, it would not affect my future life.. someone who knows well about palm reading, please help me out.

Answer by Samantha
I only know a little I learned from a friend. As I understand it, one hand(I think your writing hand) indicates the way your life will go and the other represents the way it would have gone if you followed another path in life. If this is the case, it could be that if you had married the person you cheated on, that marriage would not have lasted. Can’t really remember anything more specific than that to answer your question.

Most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t let these lines rule your life. We each have the power to make our own destiny. Live your life in a way that you feel is right and the rest will fall into place.

Answer by smahadevan39
The effect of first marriage line has gone and you need not
worry about that. If the second line is clear your marriage life will be happy.

Answer by Gesura
Lets just say that your left palm hold your life plan and all the events that will happen to you; and your right palm holds your decisions and life choices of your predestined situations.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate is card reading?

I’ve recently have had my palms read and love cards, and everything she said was so accurate- she even knew I was two weeks late for my period. And I was blown away by the accuracy, but I’m hoping some of the things she said with relationships won’t happen .. help me out?

Answer by Dr. Morrison
I base my life on what they say.

Maybe that’s why I’m in the hole I’m in right now.

Answer by Miss Unique
accurate as hell. so accurate its scary. i had a tarot reading once. and it revealed some stuff that i didn”t even know was going on. but im glad i found out though. people say that kind of stuff is bad. but its bad, but its also good. there is good in bad in everything i guess. but i don’t mess with with tarot cars because like i said they are so accurate that they kinda freaked me out. i don’t really wanna mess with those ever again.

Answer by sadansan
It all depends on the reader. Some are just in a league of their own- ! With a natural gift for it.

Many are just good at a cold read- with little spirituality – those are easy to spot. They count on you to be asking questions and guiding the topics.

The better ones know the reason you are there without you shaping it for them to fill in the blanks.

It sounds like you met someone who connected with you and your unborn child too! BTW Congratulations!
If you are hoping parts of the reading are wrong- you..DO of course HAVE free will!!! YOU can change the outcome – Check out the “free Partners Profile” on for a report on your compatibility to understand your current relationship. Best wishes and God Bless

Answer by ♉burnttoast♑
um…. well. i had one tarot reader tell me once i was going to marry 3 times and have 3 children
then a few years later i had another one tell me i was going to have 5 sons and one marriage.
so far…. zero kids, never been married. lol
they were both way off the mark…

i’d say take it with a grain of salt.
the accuracy would depend on the talent and experience of the one reading your cards
anyone can make a lucky guess and be right half the time and predictions inst something i would even trust cause nothing in the future is written for certain, we still have our free will.
sometimes just the suggestions are all it takes for you to make assumptions, jump to conclusions and create the outcome they predicted. some people are just more susceptible to influence than others.
if you dont know them well enough to judge their talent, i’d stay skeptical till proven other wise.

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