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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : In what Harry Potter book does a Centaur become a teacher?

Dumbledore hires a centaur as a teacher of that palm reading and astronomy class.

And was this put or skipped in the movie?

Answer by Bee
This was in the 5th Book. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Answer by Andie
Fifth – Order of the Phoenix. Because Umbridge fired Trelawney and they needed a new one.

Answer by Giraffekid
In the 5th book Firenze teaches at Hogwarts.

Answer by Nicole
Firenze, the centaur that saved Harry in the first book (Sorcerers/Philosophers stone) becomes the Divination teacher in the fifth book (Order of the Phoenix) because Umbridge fired Professor Trelawney and Dumbledore hired Firenze without consulting Umbridge. This is not included in the movie, however it does show Umbridge firing Trelawney, but not Firenze becoming the new teacher. Once Umbridge is gone from Hogwarts Firenze and Trelawney split up the Divination classes evenly and the both teach.

Answer by manoranjan
Actually, I don’t understand the question. It is something different that I usually peruse in palm reading

Answer by Tomi Spongebob
The fifth Book, Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix.

Firenze, a centaur,saved Harry in the first book from Quirrel in the Forbidden Forest, and let him ride on his back, so this made his tribe angry, and he got banished.Four years later, in the 5th book, Dolores Umbridge fires Prof. Sybill Trelawney for her boring lessons….however, much to her disgust, Dumbledore brings Firenze ( Prof.) to teach Divination ( It has something to connect with astrology and astronomy, yes, but that is the centaur way of forsight, palmistry is Trelawney’s stuff, and the subject is called divination ). He also makes the ground floor room ( Trelawney’s is up in the fourth or third floor) look like the forest,complete with the atmosphere for Firenze to teach better. In the sixth book, Firenze and Trelawney share classes, and after the seventh book war in the ending, he is welcomed back to his trbe.

Answer by Table
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) by J. K. Rowling is told in a strikingly different style than the previous six books – even different from The Half Blood Prince, and, I daresay, it’s a better written, better edited, tighter narrative. And while the action is lively and well paced throughout, Rowling found a way to answer most of our questions while introducing new and complex ideas. What fascinated me was this: Some people were right, with regard to who is good, who is bad, who will live, who will die – but almost nobody got the “why” part correct. I truthfully expected an exciting but rather predictable ending, but instead was thrown for a loop. We’ve known that Rowling is fiendishly clever for years – but I didn’t think she was *this* clever.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think phyciscs are truely telling the truth?

My friend got a palm reading but it was totally wrong!

Answer by Janae
Most of them are scams. I was also taken.

Answer by monkeydamour
No; they practice what is known as “cold reading”.

Answer by Magic 8 Ball BILFtacular!
You should ask a Magic 8 Ball. We are always right.

Answer by Sean
There scams dont fall for it

Answer by Underground lightning
Physics are about truth. Psychics are a waste of time….

Answer by Anonymous
It depends. A lot of people on their deathbeds have been known to tell the future truthfully. Its uncanny and weird but other than that I think they r generally scams.

answer mine?

Answer by Alyssa
no way ….
i think they do not know what they are talking about …
no one can decide anything about you or your future only you can and those people who are like fortune telllers or whatever all they want is your money they can make up anything just to get your money

Answer by Mr.Quix
You mean Psychic’s and no most of them are con artists and are fakes.

You be the judge.

Answer by mehosky
And of course they are lying!
Its impossible to read minds
They might ‘cold read’ or say something that you may fit around what has happened.

My horroscope today
‘Aries your day did may not have started with a bang, but as the day went on you started to notice there was a little action. You’re playing it safe because you don’t like to get burned. That’s OK because a little patience will serve you in the long run, as you learn how to wait.’

11:00 this morning my life long cat and best mate died on my lap.
‘your day did may not have started with a bang’

Answer by bella
I wouldn’t trust just anyone but I had my tarot read in Covent Garden. I had never had it done before by a ‘professional’ but I must admit the lady got many things correct. I will not say everything was true because a lot of the things she said have not happened yet and so time can only tell. Bare that in mind. She did tell me however initials of people in my life that had been causing me problems and said it would be solved when papers had been signed. She was spot on.

Answer by B.A.
Physcics get their readings from demon spirits that are near them. Why not consult in a prophet and get the word from God Almighty himself instead of going to some spiritist. Gods answers will always be direct and correct. You can ALWAYS count on him, he will never leave you nor forsake you. Well if you believe in that kind of thing, and if you do believe in God, then you know that he does not approve of that kind of thing. Ask for forgiveness knowing that you will be forgiven and keep on walking.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why women like supernatural stuff more than men do?

More women (may be not all) are more interested in soothsaying, horoscope reading, palm reading, voodoo magic and stuff. While more men (not all) always try to neglect them and trying to make them as mythical believes.

Well, you may haven’t met any witch in your life, but haven’t you noticed what I am telling here?

Last weekend some girls read my palm too.

Answer by Knowitall
Because its not real and based on emotion. Women tend to react to the world more emotionally than men and it stands to reason they might believe things based on this.

Answer by sue e
Because they are smarter than men.

Answer by michmango5
It’s probably because women are more sensitive. (It’s genetics) and because of this they are more interested in sensitive and spiritual subjects.

Answer by ~HUNGRY BlTCH~
I’m not sure that more women like it or more men. But it’s the work of the devil and everyone should stay away from it!

Answer by nebnotlob
Because women (like animals) can see ghosts easier than men. Well…that, and cause they’re naive, gullible, and psycho. 🙂

Answer by Lizzy
My first reaction was, ‘Well, is that true of women?” Perhaps not!

Then from a strictly sociological/historic standpoint, if women are/were the nurturers, baby makers, and growers/gatherers of crops, and men are the hunters: She would certainly want to know this : WHERE is the MAN with the (meat), the baby’s cold & hungry! When is he coming back, if ever! AND when are we going to have FIRE! I am sick of raw wildebeest. One WOULD almost have to be clairvoyant to know if he was killed by a tiger, delayed in battle, or found a new cave mate.

Answer by celtish
This is true but I’ve known a number of man witches. I used to be a witch in a coven (witches’ studies group!) myself.

God is and so is bazeleebub or whatever she calls herself these days.

(of course a lot of the stuff like tarot cards, entrail reading, is a lot of twaddle)

Answer by Mike T
Men don’t like having to answer to anyone or anything. The less “rules” we have to follow the better.

Women are not like that. They don’t have that same need for control of ones life and destiny. They like to be innocent victims. THUS… the more religions and ideologies they follow.. the more outside forces they have to “blame” for their bad decisions/choices in life.


Answer by a_gondos_gotta_do
I don’t agree with this. I consider Movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and shows like Dr. Who and The X Files to be very Supernatural and many many men and boys like these shows. Then there are the Vampires and Werewolves and shows like Tomb Raider and Mortal Combat which are also very supernatural. As a woman I must admit I love these topics you posited about in your question, I read my horoscope daily and read it to my husband who despite himself is interested. Another example of boys interested in magic is the Harry Potter craze, or the Eragon/Eldest/Brissngr Trilogy. Palm reading and fortune telling witches and magic are all componets in these tales and I think they are equally enjoyed by all. The new Chronicles of Narnia comes out May 16th and I think men women boys and girls will come out in equality! I think the unknown and mystery of the supernatural draws all!

Answer by Tracey
Supernatural stuff? You mean, like belief in God?

It amuses me that some people declare that activities like tarot card reading are outlandish and supernatural, but belief in a sky-being that created the world in six days well…that makes MUCH more sense.

Answer by Eleanor B
I love supernatural stuff – I’m undecided as to whether it’s ghosts or just weird human talents that we don’t know about.

My friend and I became ghost hunters to raise money for charity and spent the night at Ordsall Hall, which is supposedly haunted. We did have one or two spooky moments (and a VERY odd photograph, which the photo development expert we showed it to could not explain) but overall, I was unimpressed by the amount of ghostly activity. By the end of the night we were half wishing the gates of hell would open up and huge terrifying beasts come out and get us, just to say we at least saw something!

Overall, I think women are half just romanced by the idea that there’s some pattern or deeper meaning to it all, and half just more open minded about things like that anyway. I’m a Fortean, so I believe fact is often stranger than fiction, but I’m all for scientific investigation 🙂

ps – I have spot on predicted 3 pregnancies with my tarot cards, it surprises me more than anyone lol 🙂

Answer by Lostfan
All of those things aren’t supernatural.

supernatural is something beyond the realm of science and technology.

palm reading, horoscopes, voodoo magic and soothsaying are all just parlor tricks.

That doesn’t mean there is neccesarily nothing to the supernatural, just that these things are fake.

Answer by Robert G
They are more likely to believe in fairy tales like gremlins, fairy princesses, prince charming, an incorruptible government and equality

Answer by tehabwa
Definitely NOT all.

There are a LOT of women who don’t buy any horse-pucky; there are a LOT of men who do.

Uh, one time in your life, some persons of one-half of the species read your palm, therefor, ALL of that group are into supernatural garbage, and NO men are?

Over-generalize much?

(If I said all men do this and no women do, wouldn’t you conclude my reasoning powers were defective?)

I’d really be surprised if never in your life you’d met men who believed in supernatural anything; and never met women who didn’t. I suspect you only NOTICE women who believe in supernatural garbage, and men who don’t.

Answer by grace hopper
Just as many men if not more than women believe in God, the devil, and the bible and that’s pretty supernatural stuff. Why do so many men believe such an illogical and unprovable superstition?

I’m agnostic, I need some proof before I’ll believe something. Obviously quite a few men disagree with me.

I don’t agree that women have the majority rule when it comes to supernatural and nutty beliefs…

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