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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it bad that I love jesus, yet can’t stand organized religion?

The more I seek and read about Jesus in the BIble and the lost gospels such as the “Essene Gospel of Peace” the more I love him. Yet I am a spiritual hippie who follows Christ and cannot sit in front of a church with yelling preachers that bash gay people, yet praise so called “saints” since they have a ticket to “heaven.”

Answer by Bongernet
Don’t worry the vast majority of christian cultists pick and choose those aspects of the cult and cult guide book that suit their already chosen lifestyle. They then explain away the rest as allegory or give some other bullshit reason as to why it doesn’t apply to them.

Sounds like you’ll fit right in.

Answer by Peter

Answer by Sam
Same here . I love JESUS , I can’t stand organized Religion. I ain’t bad.

Answer by perfectvelvet
No. I think organized religion is a scam. God loves you whether or not you go to church, right?

Answer by Angela
You are a candidate for beginning a cult.
Every new denomination tried to add a new revelation or practice . Most were kicked out like Martin Luther. Just go with it.

Answer by the Christian
I thought you said you love jesus…you listen to someone you love right? No hope at all without jesus.

God loves you so much…..

Answer by Heretic
No. A lot of people appear to be going this direction.

Answer by Smaug The Tremendous

You might want to watch this… see if you agree with it.
Jesus came to undo the idea behind “religion” with all its dos and do nots, and in place HE DID what he did to save us.
“It’s not about what we do, it’s about what Christ has done”

Answer by Roger
you do not know your bible. The bible CLEARLY teaches like – minded believers are to gather together to worship, to build each other up, to share the talents God has provided etc etc etc. Can an ear survive on its own?How will it see? (you should recognize this paraphrase if you are a true believer). We are all part of the body of Christ, we are called to worship Him in unity…not be a foot all on its own – a foot on its own is useless and not glorifyiong to God. If you truly love God, find the church that does too and together you all will be blessed.

Answer by Tipton
No. God finished with the nation of Israel in 33 A.D. (the cross). God finished with churches (organized religion) in 1988. Judgment began at “the house of God”.

True believers were commanded to come out of the churches (flee to the mountains, a reference to get out of the “house” and seek God). You can pray, and read the Bible outside of churches.

The Bible defines saints, anyone that is a TRUE child of God (elect0 is also called a saint, not what some churches said about a person who died 400 years earlier.

Answer by robert43041
No. It means you like and understand the philosophy and don’t care for the hoopla

Answer by J
As fashionable and dramatic as it may be to call them “lost” gospels.

Those writings were not lost.

They were known and spoken of from the time they were written.

And they were considered counterfeit even then.

But otherwise, the way you feel about organized religion seems to be pretty common lately.

Naive, but common.

And not without good cause.

Answer by WATCHER
pretty common feeling, i tkink…

Answer by india lima foxtrot
Jesus hated religion.

Answer by JORGE N
I have been a practitioner of Religion for most of my life. I don’t go to any church either. Don’t care for the commitment personally although I see no problem in others doing it. I just have no taste for it.

Answer by Chicago Bob
It’s sad that you have a non-informed vision of Church. Why don’t you try one? You may see your wrong and enjoy yourself. After all, It’s latter than you think. Once saved does not mean always saved. Jesus knows the Heart.

God Bless Ya,
Chicago Bob

There is more joy in Jesus in one day.
Than there is in the World 365/24/7
I know, I tried them both.
Numbers 6:24-26

Answer by Bard Hyllis
It’s ok that you love Jesus , but you should love God also , becouse Jesus was one of his prophets.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need a reliable prophetic, psychic, christian intuitive or fortune teller to answer this?

First question:

If I change my lifestyle and turn away from the bad influences in my life will I get a chance to date this guy?

Second Question: [GIVE ME AN EXACT DATE PLEASE!!!]

When will I see him again? will he contact me or will we bump into each other? (I was told by God not to contact him)

Answer by Dragon Master
There is no such thing as a Christian fortune teller.

In fact, christians have always considered fortune telling as paganism and burnt people on the stake for that in the past.

Oxymoron, much?

Answer by Misscpb


It does free readings in the chat room, forums and also has a calender of events. I think its one of the best sites online for free genuine and loving honest readings.

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does it matter if you are male or female on natal chart readings?

1st of 2 questions
Example:I am a Scorpio Sun
Will the natal chart (online) say that reading is different for female or male
No ..I can only speak cajun from living in New Orleans….
This is going to be hard to pick BA today

Answer by perfection
No. It makes no difference. You can’t tell the sex from an astrology chart either.

Answer by Isabelle (back up account)
If you run your chart anywhere, the question is always there asking your gender.
I have never tried to switch to see if there were differences but my curiosity is piqued now.
Maybe it is more for the benefit of astrologers who will read other people’s chart.
Because still nowadays some signs will behave a bit differently usually whether you are male or female.
For ex. Many Aries females might repress more of their identity. Well for men : their behaviour would she deemed as assertive whereas the females would be labelled as aggressive.
Double standards.
Like for more women : venus seems to be more important whereas mars is preponderant in men.
You look at the questions : which would do you prefer : love or sex..typically women will answer love and men will answer sex ( although I have my doubts there. Think they do not want to look as sissies or something).
So I think some of the energies will be expressed differently because on the whole still, maybe men will be more focussed in having a career ( 10 house stuff) but many women will just be interested in having a “job” : 6th house stuff, get married, have kids and well…both genders regardless will view problems differently and fix them differently.
Anger will most of the time be expressed differently by males and females..(mars). In the male it will almost be more predominant ( let’s meet out side shall we ?) but in females the mercury sign might be : yap yap yap yap..some females have difficulty expressing their mars so want a partner with a strong one.

So I think it is more for the benefit of the astrologer and chart readings, identifying problems and trying to understand and fix them.

(hard to think..neighbour super noisy)

edit : interesting out put from Anthesias (?). Yeah mars is supposedly the type of guys women look for but they use venus to get him. If mars and venus are at odds I think women change from what they want to what they need.

hmmm…women change into more their sun sign after 30 ?. Maybe one hand , they got to know themselves and what they want by that stage; but then many want to get married, settle down etc also… would be the moon..

( I think most women in general identify more with their moon signs, the emotions feeling part )

I do not think there is a clear cut answer applying to all though..

Funny he mentions red lipstick about scorpio women…that is meant to evoke a sexual response by association to genitals (scorpio). did not know that about Scorpio women.

@Antiesta : je comprends le français…merci pour le lien !!

Answer by antiesta
Hmmm, I remember the following things, but I don’t think that everybody agrees (I read them a few times, but not overall):

Some think that, for a woman, mars and the sun are more important to show what type of men ur attracted to, while for the guys it’s venus and the moon who should give indications about the type of women ur attracted to.

Some think that a woman identify herself more to her moon until she’s 30, and then it’s the contrary, while a guy identifies himself more to his sun until he’s 30, and then to his moon (it’s more about psychanalysis).

Of course, then you have all the differences due to society, anatomy, … One example: In her “Sun Signs”, Linda Goodman says that Scorp women like to use lots of passion red lipstick to look deadly sexy (it was written 40 years ago). Well, I suppose you don’t really use much lipstick when you wanna look attractive!

Edit: I agree mostly with Isabelle. It’s hard to find an absolutely consensual answer about the things I mentioned.

Yeah, if you’re man or woman, you will accept some parts of your chart more likely. Sure it’s harder for a guy to identify himself to his moon because it’s the emotions. And any guy is still supposed to master his emotions in our 3rd generation post feminism society. And, things like, one example, I’m moon in cancer and, ok, I like to cook but it’s hard to identify myself with all the housekeeper things usually associated with cancer.

About the sun-moon thing (you seem to know french?):
But there are not enough details.
And I think a lot of factors can make you act more like your sun, then more like your rising, etc. etc. during your life.

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