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@adamlevine Palm reading? Really? Still love you. xoxoxoxo

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“@adamlevine: I dont think you should pay for a palm reading if they don’t get any shit right.” I love you. K bye

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I love you. RT @adamlevine: I dont think you should pay for a palm reading if they don’t get any shit right.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it bad to have ur palm read/tarot cards read?

I’m thinking about doing one or the other. Which one would be better. Doing it for fun & curiosity but I’ve know that there are a lot of ppl who frown upon that, but why?

Answer by Emerson
Yes it’s bad, that’s stuff of the evil side. Don’t even get curious or mess with that stuff. Even if you think it’s fine other people will think you’re dark and evil, so don’t even go down that path. Just stop now. And if you believe in science or religion, there is no way you can justify wasting money on that. It shouldn’t even be fun.
Really, your reputation is at stake and the way people will look at you.

Answer by ‡Kali‡
They are taboo practices in the eyes of the Christian church, which condemns anything that isn’t Christianity.

I would go with a tarot reading…I don’t very much believe in palmistry.
Also, try to get a free one, so-called “mediums” who charge a lot of money are just ripping you off.

Answer by isis’s brother
Interesting that some people can believe that a Loving God can visit
punishment on His children. You wrote the script for this earth life
prior to being born. Why would it be wrong to find out some of
the plans you made? You forgot, that’s all.
A good palm reader can give a good approximation of length of
life. Reading the lines in your hand can tell how many children
you will likely have. The Length and shape on the hand and fingers
gives much info to one skilled in the art.
Go to the library and get a picture book on palmistry. Study it then
get your reading. You will understand better and can ask better questions.

Tarot readings can be fun too. Consider it fun. The tarot reader sees
images ans tries to describe them to you. Often it is more mind reading
than forecasting. They can pick up what you have building for life and
career and give a good reading on it. But what if you change your mind?
Then the reader will be wrong. So do not put too much faith in their reading.

Answer by の検索結果
No, I personally don’t think so. However, in a strict religion this can be considered a sin.

Answer by inspire4life
yes its very bad. its the devil stuff. please dont get into it. ive heard many tragic true stories about people who been there.

Answer by Shalom
OmG hey listean to me
I was a Christian and I gave up when I realized 100% it was false
There’s nothing Wrong
My life is a trillion times better no infinity times better since I ditched
Don’t give in to stupid fear imposed by fundamentals and extremists who are nothing but ignorant
Go for it it’s a wonderful fun experience
There’s nothing wrong believe me
I know u probably won’t take my answer seriously with all these other crazy xtians here condeming it but I’m telling you it’s fine

Answer by In The Cards
Some people are superstitions about divination because of their background or religious beliefs. If you’re comfortable with it, go and have a good time.

I’d lean towards getting the tarot cards done more than the palmistry. You are more likely to get someone that has some experience with tarot cards and knows the tarot card meanings versus I don’t know many, if any, readers that are really experienced in palmistry.

Just remember, if it’s a really negative reading or you’re told anything about curses, you’ve got a bad reader. Good tarot card readers find a way of presenting solutions to difficult situations.

Be clear about what you want to know and ask as many specific questions as you can. Have fun!

Written by AlyciaRose

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