Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is it dangerous to get st tropez spray tan treatment ?

its at a top london salon !

Answer by nioctcrypt
Spray tans are perfectly fine, ask them for a brochure or to read the FAQ before you go in. I tan at Palm Beach Mega Tan and they always have information on their beds and spray tans and are very well trained. Do your online research before you go, and then when you get there ask some more questions. There is nothing dangerous about spray tans.

Answer by CD
any tanning treatment is dangerous!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : (Please Read) I need help bad please read this and help me(ALMOST any advice will help…thanks in advance?

ok so i need help with some things. Number one, I have this girlfriend. she is mainly an online girlfriend. I live in denver and she lives in texes, which isn’t too far away(to me that is). We have been “together” for about three months. Just for the record, i have a little bit of girl trouble whitch is why i have been trying online dating now. I have had more than twenty girlfriends within my life they have all dumped me(um… ecept one :|). It is girl trouble because i can’t keep a relationship going for long.(In fact, my current girlfriend is the record holder for being with me the longest).Ok so the problem is she barely contacts me, wheather it be on the computer or the phone. I love her but ive been heartbroken so much it wouldnt really hurt to let her go, yet I feel that i love her enough to stay with her. I feel like she might be busy so if i would let her go i would feel like an ass(so im not going to dump her)i fear that she can be cheating on me since its online and i have no way of knowing for sure. ok next problem i weigh 295 pounds 170 is muscle id luv to lose weight buti need help just a littlebit. My height is 5 foot and 8 inches if that helps.Ok next problem is with my dad.He left me when i was only 3 and he rarely visited after that. Now he is in jail for alot of minor problems, nothing bad though. But now he wants to be a part of my life and i dont know if i should accept him in it. next problem, everybody seems to hate me. wen i say this i mean mainly friends, because i know for sure my famly hates me exept my mom my bro my gma and my cusin. I only have a small group of close friends which is about 3 to 4 people. the rest are people i know and talk to that dont care about me. i did an experiment to prove this. i didnt contact any one for like a week to see if anyone noticed enough to contact me. the only ones who did were the same 3 or 4 people. thats how i know that the rest dont care. ok next problem is my apperance. I have a long torso with short leggs big palm tinny fingers short arms and small feet with a huge head. I mean some of this i love but i cant play basketball verry good witch is my all time favorite sport and everyone beats me at thats about it so leave advide( no suicidal or stupid shit though) peace out people

Answer by Breshears
Well now..
I found out that you are REALLY self-conscious of yourself.
Maybe if you quit paying so much attention to yourself.

Get a daily work-out routine. Start working out every day. It takes patience, but after awhile it’s routine.

You are over-analyzing things. RELAX.

You’re negative. Get optimistic. Quit saying “everyone hates me.” Only emo kids and pessimists say that shit. You gotta look at it like the “glass is half full.” Start looking at why they don’t like you that much. Change that bro.

All this stuff is FIXABLE. You’re dwelling on physical stuff. It don’t really matter how you look, as long as you’re comfortable with how you look. Best of luck.

U.S. Marine Corps
Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.

* EDIT *

Start becoming a leader. Whenever you say stuff like “everyone hates me”, that is making you a follower. You’re worrying about the “effects they have on you.” Start worrying about the “effects you have on them.” If that makes sense.

Quit being a cry baby. Let them come to you. Start wondering why nobody likes you, and do everything in your power to fix that. Become a desirable person. Make them WANT to be like you. Be a role-model. Girls like that bro. And guys will hate that; BUT they will try to replicate that also. lol.

As for basketball….. Sooooo? It takes skill.

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always, wins – not through strength but by perseverance.”

Think of that quote.
Imagine the rock as someone who is visioned as being “strong.” That “strong” person is only looks though. (Height, muscle, body, etc.)
The stream though, is the person who has the endurance, the courage, the skill, the mind-set, the knowledge.

Become the stream.

Answer by ♥Jolie♪♫♪♫
I think Breshears said it all =)

Answer by waterlilyccr
Damn!!! Umm ok. So let’s start with the biggest problem I see that’s affecting everything else. Babe you have to look at yourself with love. When you look in the mirror you (believe it or not) see yourself from the worst perspective. We are all our own worst critic. We see everything wrong that no one else ever sees. Details that not another living soul pays attention to. So stop it. Start by looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling at yourself. Remember that noone not a single soul alive or dead has ever been or will ever be totally perfect. People come in just about every height, shape, size and style. And true perfection is accepting your flaws and loving yourself. You are unique and there will never be another you. So learn to like how different you are. And don’t be so hard on yourself.

You say you have girl trouble. Well I can understand why. And it has nothing to do with how you look. Its your lack of self confidence. There is nothing more sexy then someone who is at ease with themself. And confidence is something that drives women wild. You seem to be the type to dwell on bad things. You have to get out of that habit because while its easiest to see the bad its also emotionally draining for those around you. And when all you do is say how much you don’t like yourself others won’t like you either. Stop pointing out your flaws to others, and those that point out your flaws need to go away. Healthy friends and friendships begin with respect. And those that don’t respect you aren’t doing you any favors. Babe ya don’t need someone else to tell you who you are. Figure that out for yourself. And be happy with who you are.

I seriously doubt that your family hates you. I think what’s more likely is that you are depressed and so you unleash those negative vibes to those around you and then they react to that. Try to find a way to be positive. Everyone doesn’t hate you. But don’t expect everyone to love you either. This is part of life.

Be more laid back and don’t worry so much.

About your dad, he hasn’t been there before now. And while he may be reaching out to try to be someone to you its up to you to decide if he is someone you really want in your life. While you should forgive him for who he hasn’t been and what he hasn’t done that doesn’t mean that you have to allow a bad influence into your life while you are so vulnerable. If you do decide to allow a relationship to develope take it slow and watch for signs that he will show you good or bad about allowing him into your life. Maybe all you really need is the time and oppertunity to clear the air and say some things that you need to say. Don’t allow him in if your gut tells you its a bad idea. And while I understand that having a father figure is important and this may be a good thing just be on your guard until you feel safe about it. And you don’t have to ever allow him back in completely.

If you are interested in losing weight try walking and clinching the problem areas. Also swimming at your local ymca or rec center is great for toning.if you want to lose tummy fat try doing crunches which aren’t full sit ups and aren’t as bad for your back and hips. I hope I have helped some. Btw long distant relationships rarely work. End it and take this time to work on your self. Learn who you are and what you need to work on. Then look for a girl friend when you have achieved the goal of a little more self confidence.

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Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

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