Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it okay to keep a baby Sago Palm tree in my backyard in PA?

Like I said, I’m in PA and I’m wondering if my sago will be okay in the ground in the summer time? I’m going to re pot it and put it indoors in the winter time and spring by a window. Will it be okay outside in the ground for summer times? Thanks 🙂

Answer by Robert Thompson
Go to ASK.COM and read the article about Sago palms. It is a very very imformative article. Your sago palm should be kept in bright light but not direct sunlight. Also it should not be exposed to cold drafts when indoors in the winter time Good luck with your plant. I have a ivy plant named Ivy which i love a lot.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do people like the Palm Centro, and in what service?

I am thinking about getting the Palm Centro, and I am wondering how people like it, and what service they have. Also, what service and color is best. One more thing: how is the QWERTY keyboard? It seems kind of cramped, but some people say that they work it fine.

Basically just reviews of the Palm Centro


Answer by rdavies1987
I bought mine about a month ago.

Pros: It’s nice to have a qwerty keyboard. It’s a tiny bit cramped though (wouldn’t recommed for people with big hands). But you do get used to it. Also, the memory is wonderful! If you want more memory, you can just buy an SD card, like what you would put in a digital camera (just make sure it’s a mini) You can get them at Best Buy, or places like that.

Cons: It overheats! If you’re talking on it for more than 10 minutes, it’ll start to get hot, like REALLY hot. Almost to the point where you can’t touch it. NOT good for long conversations. Maybe that’s just a bug that they’ll work out.. Also it doesn’t hold a charge for very long. And the picture / camcorder functions aren’t very nice quality.

If I were you, I’d look into something else. Maybe something that has been out longer so all the kinks are worked out. Or wait a little for any improvements to be made.

Also, I have AT&T. I’ve had them for 6 years, no complaints.

Answer by bballer32
i was playing with one at the at&t store and it was really cool. the camera was good. the keyboard is cool

Answer by 17years
If the phone actually worked right it might be a good phone… I have the black one from AT&T… I’ve had AT&T for a month and already went through 2 centro’s… im on my 3rd one now… It freezes and overheats… screen cracks easily and the buttons r too small… Email me if you need more info

Answer by ShadowChimp
Assuming you are also considering a blackberry pearl, i’ll tell you this…..

….I have the Palm Centro (AT&T) and I love it!! The web browser is Great!!! much better than the Blackberry Pearl’s web browser!..The typing takes some getting used too (an hour tops) but it’s still better than the Pearl’s
…The Palm interface is very user-friendly and much easier for texting,email, and web browsing than the Pearl.
The Centro has a touchscreen too which is really cool!!

The Palm Centro is an EXCELLENT phone,( Soooo easy to use,ENORMOUS amount of features, Google maps, Telenav, and so much more… it’s just great all around) You will have so much fun with it, figuring out all the cool things you can do! ….I HIGHLY recommend the PALM CENTRO over the Blackberry Pearl

Answer by Just Q
I just got it yesterday a black ( red, and pink available) one thru the Sprint Network.
I love it, I was up all night playing with it. THe keyboard is fine. The camera quality is awesome.

Answer by Jackiemon
I have the Glacier White/Green Centro from AT&T

I personaly don’t mind the size of the QWERTY because I have small hands and I’m only 11, but my mom thinks it works fine for her too.
The battery life is very nice, a good 1.5-2 days at the least depending on use.
The calculator is pretty bomb. It has logarithms, area and length measures.
The camera is very clear and it has a very good memory. You can even draw on the pictures if you’d like.
The size isn’t that bad. It fits into my front pocket without taking up too much space.
I like how it comes with a touch screen, wich makes it easy to go on the web.
It is very easy to use and only took me about 20 minutes to figure out how it worked.

Also, I’ve dropped this phone a lot and no scratches so far. [ :

Hope it helps!

Answer by David
i have a red centro (best phone ever) on sprint (best service ever). the three sprint colors black, red, and pink all look incredible. the paint sparkles like car paint in the sunlight. look closely at one, it still amazes me how great mine looks. i have had it for about 4 months and other than minor bugs youll find on any phone, ive not found a single thing i dont like about it. you can literally do everything. i cant tell you how many times my friends/family have said something about needing their computer and i go I CAN DO THAT ON MY PHONE!! hahah i love it so much ive not been this happy with a phone in a long time. and ive gone through no joke, about 6 phones this past year. so that means alot coming from me.
and about the keyboard, you get used to it so fast youll amaze yourself. i first typed on it like wow this is NOT going to work but just a few days later i was typing full messages as fast as i could on the computer. other people will give you the same reaction if they see you typing on it (i get it alot) because the buttons are so small but it truly is very easy after a short while. good luck =)

Answer by Six1032
Very Nice Phone, Keyboard is cool after you get used to it,and web browsers slow at time but that’s to be expected. To help with the slowness if you go with Sprint they have 3G and AT&T doesn’t have 3G so the net with probably slower with AT&T than Sprint I have Sprint and I love it. You can also get all kinds of cool things for it such as a 2 in1 earphones and skins for it. I would go with Sprint because you can get the Simply Everything Plan and it will cost you about $ 112 a month for everything(unlimited web,text,minutes and others + phone insurance) but with AT&T if you wanted unlimited minutes you would pay $ 100+

$ 30 for PDA Personal( Unlimited data usage for PDAs and Smartphones)


$ 50PDA Personal Bundle(Unlimited data usage for PDAs and Smartphones, plus unlimited messaging
and text)

+ 5 for phone insurance…………Hope This Helps !!

Answer by allie!
After reading the other answers to your question, I’ve noticed most people would say it’s a great phone-and they’re right.

As for those who dislike the phone, like the screen cracking, overheating, etc, I really think you have problem phones. And I guess that’s not the best reasoning for these problems since that’s alot of people who got screwy phones among those who didn’t, however, I also noticed the people who complained with errors and the Centro being a terrible or not so good phone had other carriers besides Verizon:

I have the Palm Centro with Verizon,
and I think it’s the best phone. I’ve gone through 9 phones in the passed 3 years, 4 different models, and the Palm is the best phone yet. 9 seems like alot because, it is, but the Palm I’ve kept in good condition mostly because it’s a great phone.

There are so many features, including a great browser, but if you don’t want to use the net, the messaging/camera/keyboard are all great things. It comes with a game, it has different types of customization, and one of the apps on the phone itself is a tour of the phone and basically an automated user guide (it also comes with a booklet and a disk as well) that tells you how to use the phone for anything you can imagine anytime you need the help.

You can hook it up to the computer and sync your music, pics, etc onto it, and it even has Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook) on the phone itself!

It has a touchscreen and a spot for the Stylus (pencil for touchscreen) in the back of the phone so you won’t lose it easily. The touchscreen is great and it’s fast.

The camera is great quality along with the camcorder-there arent 2 second long pauses in between each take with the camcorder unlike many videos with other phones.

The speakerphone is great quality as well, and talking on the phone without speaker phone turned on sounds great too.

The QWERTY keyboard does have small keys, but they aren’t slippery. I don’t have the smallest of hands, and I can access and use the keyboard-no problem. It’s small and compact, but not too small-perfect size.

Overall, the Palm Centro is a fast, easy to use phone once you learn how to. It’s easy to learn also, I figured it out in one day, and the user guides are so helpful.

I would definitely recommend the Palm Centro, I love it and it never gets boring since there’s so much to do.

Good Luck!

Answer by xoxDelaneyxox
I got my Palm Centro when it first came out and I loved it ever since! Im with sprint right now and I also love it! I have a black one and i personally think it looks better and more expensive in black. I the keyboard doesn’t bug me at all and u get used to it.

I love it!!! It has a great camera, great sound, very bright, love the touchscreen, it has google maps on it, I LOVE IT

Answer by Jessica x
i have the white palm centro from at&t…..i love it i have not put it down since i got it the batterie lasts FOREVER the im works great and i love the way the texts are put in to one converstion instead of a million in your in box……i love it! the key board is kinda small and the first day your going to make alot of mistakes but then u get used to it and type a message just as fast as on the computer

Answer by joeee
I just got the centro for verizon. I really like how it comes with the touchscreen and i loveee the feature that your texts are in im format which actually can come in handy. The keyboard is a little bit on the small side, but i got used to it and noticed that the keys are very sturdy and i never really make too many mistakes. The only thing is that verizon only offers a dark blue color. The phone is also easy to use . i really like it, i would recomend it.

Answer by Anonymous
the palm centro is the best phone ive ever had, theres alot of things you can do with it. i have sprint and i have yet to find a place that has no service. before i got it i was worried about the keyboard size but it proved not to be a problem. i have the pink one. the only difference between the pink and the black is that on the pink one, the button glows, not the letter/number and on the black one, the letter/number glows, not the button.

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