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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to lose 20 pounds in a month?

Please dont tell me how unhelathy it is. But if you eat and eat and eat…basically a binge eater. Then majorly cut cals and workout. Can I lose 20 pounds in a month?

Answer by Davetheman
How much do you weight now? Yes, you can lose 20lbs. in a month.

Answer by catfish
Yes, it’s possible. Even easy, if you are very overweight to begin with. If you have only the 20lbs to lose then it will be a lot harder, and you will need to be strict with your diet, and make sure you excercise more to up your calorific output.

As I’m sure you know – as long as the amount of calories you put IN your body is less than those you burn, then you cannot fail to lose weight.

But as a general rule, you are better off losing it slower, say at a rate of 2lbs per week. It is proven that you have a far greater chance of keeping it off if you lose it slower.

Good luck.

Answer by zoom85
Yes why not

Avoid eating 2Much

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why does my body feel discomfort when I discomfort or practice inner stillness?

I’m new to meditation and Spirituality..My goal is to become more clear headed and become less attached when it comes to negative emotions. Why is it when I remain clear headed and meditate my body feels uncomfortable? Its like by body isn’t in sync with my mind

Answer by Barcode
Your body is trying to figure out what in the hell you are doing to it.

Answer by sowing seeds
There are two possible reasons 1. You are sitting for to long. 2. You are becoming more aware of how your body is. At first, meditation does take quite some effort but you will eventually observe progress. When you meditate, do it for a short time (5-10min); but do it again and again and again. The whole point is to develop a habit of meditation. If one meditates at first for too long, the mind and body just becomes more and more agitated and difficult to control. If one meditates for a short time and renews the session many times, then each time the mind will be fresh and clear and able to settle down more easily. So meditate again and again until the habit of meditation grows stronger. The meditation below is typically done to develop a stable mind, called calm abiding.


Body: Sit comfortably in a stable and pleasant position, free from disturbance, with the back reasonably straight. The posture should promote neither restlessness nor sleepiness. Place your hands (a) on your knees with the palms up or down or (b) on your lap with the palms up. The eyes should be open and look gently slightly down past the tip of your nose and in a relaxed manner. Establish a base physical posture for meditation “which suits you.” This will be referred as your base posture.

Breath: Breathe through your nose. Let the rate and depth of your breath be just as it is. Don’t interfere with it.

Mind: Begin your meditation with a joyous attitude. Feel fortunate that you are taking some time to explore yourself and care for yourself. Now attend to your breathing. Count each inhalation, and exhalation cycle as one up until the number ten. Mentally count the number with the out breath. When you complete a cycle of ten breaths, start over again from the number one.
· Place your attention particularly on the out-breath. Notice the quality of the exhalation.
· Be sure also to attend to the moments between the inhalation and exhalation and exhalation and inhalation.
· When you lose your count, return to the number one. Don’t worry about it. Just keep with the practice.

1. This seven-fold posture is recommended with (1) legs crossed (or feet flat on ground if in a chair), (2) spine straight (relaxed), (3) hands in lap palms up, (4) chin tilted slightly downwards, (5) eyes half-open, looking slightly downward, (6) tongue and lips relaxed (tongue may touch upper palate), (7) elbows out to the sides, shoulders level.
2. If this is helpful continue with it.
3. You may also like to read this free book on vipassana meditation.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I have 100 feet of block wall I want to landscape and a 3 foot planter.?

I have some Cape Honeysuckle, a few Palm Trees, some garlic plants and daylilies. Any good ideas on how to arrange these and what other TROPICAL plants might be nice???

Answer by Joanne A. W
IF you have all day sun shine or at least six hours of sun, you can do the following
(if this wall is in the shade, you have to plant only those flowers and shrubs that grow in shade).

Hibiscus are beautiful shrubs and come in many different colored flowers. This would be very pretty in front of your wall.

The honeysuckle can be trained to grow on top of your wall. But if you have a neighbor on the other side, you might want to talk to them to see if they want it on their side as it will automatically grow on their side too.

The daylilies can grow in front of the honeysuckle. After they bloom and the leaves start drying up, cut them to the ground. Go to a nursery/garden center and buy bright colored annuals to plant among the cut-off daylilies. This will take you through the summer months. Annuals need to be replaced each year. They are good for instant color or late in the season color.

You could also plant evergreen shrubs in front of the wall instead of the honeysuckle. Check with a nursery as to what shrubs are evergreen in your area.

Just about anything can be grown in your container. In the winter you will need to move it into a covered area or cover it with an all weather tarp if you have freezes in your area. You don’t want the roots to freeze if you have planted a perennial (keeps coming back each year plants).

Before you plant, dig into the soil some slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote. Read the directions as to how much. Water well. Plant your flowers whenever you wish. Water well.

If you have cold winters, it is too late to do any of this for now. Send for a free catelog of flowers to see what is out on the market now. Here are a couple of websites:

Happy gardening to you.

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