Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it wrong to palm reading if you’re a muslim?

is it wrong?

Answer by jjem
ask you Imman.

Answer by locita1231
my sons muslim , his dads a muslim and even though we are not together any more long story i am not muslim and his father told me that muslims Do not believe in palm reading and tarot cards and that sort of thing it goes against their religion to know the future the reason we was talking about it was we was taking our son to school and i was doing tarot cards on my phone and he give me a very long speech but i on the other hand think it is a personal choice and if you want to go ahead just fast and pray about it

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can some one please do a palm reading for me?

My hands have crazy deep lines.
This is my left hand,
I’m a female 23.

Answer by Fae
Wrong category.

Answer by Caroline
Wrong category, but I’ll do it anyway. I learned to palm read when I was like ten.

You have a long life line, you will live a long life.

You will also be married, but you will outlive your spouse.

I also see that you will not ever be fat in your life, but you will be out of shape. Unless you get into shape you will have a disease around 3/4 of your life.

I see rocky roads ahead, but a rewarding future.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : so i want to get my palms read/……?

but is it bad to?? or idk im kinda scared

Answer by Frances
Well, I wouldn’t put that under “Skin Conditions” first off, and getting your palm read is a perfectly harmless, albeit useless practice. It can be fun though. Try not to take it too seriously.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

Michael Jackson palm reading as seen on “THE INSIDER WITH LARA SPENCER” Leslie Siegel Palmist.

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