Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a basic way to learn about the stock market?

Answer by Corkey

Answer by reena p
Daily time investment in stock market

Answer by Ben W
One way is to make a habit of reading news regularly. For example, CNN Money and Wall Street Journal Online are good sources and starting points. Try to understand how the different news affect the market as a whole and companies (and their stocks) individually – news such as on economic situations (e.g. the credit crisis), acquisitions (Bank of American taking over Merrill Lynch), financial announcements (quarterly company earnings), new product releases (Palm announcing the new Pre), politics and regulations (the government financial bailout package) and so on. Find a topic or company that you are interested in, and follow the news for a period of time. Look at how the stock prices are affected by the company’s news, its competitors’ news, and by the market movements. At the beginning, you might run into terminologies that are difficult to make sense of – don’t worry, a quick search on Google or Wikipedia (or even here at Yahoo Answers) would often give you comprehensive explanations. Once you get into it, it’s quite fun. Good luck!

Answer by Alvie
Yes, the most basic and sure way to learn about the stock market is to do a lot of paper trading with virtual money.

Reading about the stock market won’t help you much. Because there are many contradictory views. Many people are opinionated about it. And it’s hard to know who is right and who is wrong.

But you can learn from your own experience in paper trading. And based on your experience, you can decide which style of trading and investing in the stock market is best for you.

Here are a couple of websites where you can trade in the stock market for free using virtual money:

Answer by J M
It would help to know if there’s some specific component you want to learn about.

In general, reading related news every day on a regular basis is the best way to start to understand what occurs and why. The more you understand business basics the more you’ll understand the market. I’d read the general news (like CNN) combined with finance specific news.

If you want to understand puts and calls and more technical things, there are more “academic” type texts out there that can explain those.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything overnight. It tends to become easier the more one lives and understands what happens in the world and why, and people do get full blown economics degrees, MBA’s, etc. and still don’t exactly master it overnight.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why Do I Get scared of going out?

i get scared of going out, and socialsing 2 meet other ppl, am also affraid of using the london trainsport for sumreason. also am always feeling very lonely and tired.

Answer by Dariathemiseryteen
Well, maybe that is because you are out on the London transport. I think you are suffering from a phobia. I think it is mainly because of the attacks put on London last year or the year after that when four explosions went off in a tube and a bus. I guess that’s why you are scared of going out on London transports. I live in Birmingham and i am scared to sit up stairs in the bus because i dont feel safe over there, anyone can put explosives up there!

Answer by Amy
You should see your family doctor and tell him/her these things. It sounds to me like you are depressed and have anxiety issues. I take medication for both and without them, I felt the same way. Depression causes physical illness, so take care of it before it gets too bad. Good luck!

Answer by addicted to piercings
you need to seek the help of a psychiatrist. your symptoms are classic for depression and anxiety. you don’t need to suffer any longer than you already have. there are a myriad of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications that can treat your emotional state of mind.
i know this from experience and from having the same symptoms you write about. it destroys your life, makes you a prisoner, and doesn’t end. it can end though!
please see a psychiatrist ASAP. if the wait is to long, go to your nearest hospital and present them with your symptoms. once you acknowledge your illness, it’s not yours alone to solve.
i will pray for you!

Answer by funny_cat25
u may have depression….and anxiety talk to your doc.

Answer by Chico
Even though the guy who answered first did not use any tact and was very inconsiderate with the last part of his answer, he is correct. You may be suffering from social anxiety disorder. I used to be scared to go out, especially if I knew there were going to be a lot of people. I also had panic attacks if I did go out and got overwhelmed. Call a mental health clinic near you and make an appointment. They may put you on a medication that will calm you down. You also need to consider taking a lot at your life. Have you been depressed or disappointed a lot lately? Are you a Christian? With Jesus in your heart things will always improve. I’m not saying things will be perfect, but God will guide in your day to day life.

Answer by amaragold
I get scared of going out too, like going to the store, or anything like that. For me, it’s more of a problem with people who are in authority, or that I feel are “better” or more in authority than I am. Like sometimes shopping in the store will be just fine, but going to pay is difficult/scary. What happens to me is my heart feels like it’s beating very fast, and I feel flustered, and my mind kinda starts spinning.

If this sounds somewhat like what happens to you, then you might have social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, or whatever they want to call it. You DON’T need to be put into an institution like that other answerer said! If there’s a specific reason you get scared of going out, like you think someone is going to hurt you, or something like that, then it may be some other problem. However, if you just feel scared and bad for no reason (and you realize that you really shouldn’t feel how you feel, because it’s unreasonable to be scared of something simple like going out) then my guess is that it’s social anxiety disorder.

You have a few ways of trying to get better. You could go to a psychiatrist or psychologist (not sure of the difference between the two, I think one prescribes meds, one doesn’t). You could go to your general doctor, and tell him/her about it, and he/she might give you medication. You could also look up information about it online, and maybe get some books from the library or bookstore and try to help yourself feel better.

If you go to a doctor and they prescribe you medication, they might try you on an anti-depressant. Now, I am not against anti-depressants, because I know they can be very helpful for some people, but they can be very powerful drugs. If you are depressed, then maybe they would be of help to you, but it could just make you not care about anything, which they have a tendency to do. Doctors often don’t tell you about the effects the drug will have on you, how they will make you just not care about anything enough to be depressed by it. They also might not tell you how tough it is to stop taking them, because you will go through withdrawal. It is possible to stop taking anti-depressants, but you have to stop carefully and gradually. I don’t know that all have this problem, but I do know that some do. I really advise you to research any drug that you are recommended to take, and if you decide that you’d rather not take it, talk to your doctor. Of course, don’t start or stop medication without talking to your doctor! They know a lot more than you do about medicine, but you still have a right to know exactly what you are putting inside you!

A doctor might also prescribe a different type of medicine, called a beta-blocker. I have taken Inderal, which is typically used to treat heart problems. It helps with the physical symptoms like a racing heart and sweaty palms, etc. that make you freak out more, so that you can focus on calming yourself down, and not have to focus so much on the physical symptoms. It can really help you help yourself. Now, I only take it when I think I might need it.

It might be helpful to see a psychiatrist/psychologist, they would probably have good ideas to help you not feel as scared, etc. I don’t know exactly, because I haven’t seen one.

I’m better than I used to be, I think part of the reason is just getting used to doing things on my own (I recently graduated college and moved to another city), and part of it is using the Inderal, but part of it is due to this wonderful book that I have read part of, and plan to read more of. It’s called Anxiety, Phobias, & Panic: A Step-by-Step Program for Regaining Control of Your Life by Reneau Z. Peurifoy, M.A., M.F.C.C.
here’s a link to it on

It is really reasonable and practical and not some kinda crazy stuff, it’s good solid advice for feeling better. I think everyone should read it, even if they don’t have problems with anxiety.

Good luck! I hope you feel better! Remember that you just have a slight problem, there’s nothing wrong with you, and other people feel like you do, you’re not alone!

Answer by robin
I am sorry that you are feeling that way but there really is help. I am an outgoing person who suffers from depression and extreme anxiety. I am treated for both I have taken Paxil, Lexapro, and now am on Wellbutrin for depression and have been on Valium and am on xanax to handle it. I have found reading self help books are good and being put on medication. Best of luck to you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m supposed to find out what contributation Thailand makes to the global marketplace.?

I’m doing a school project on Thailand for an international fair. One of the requirements is the above. I’m guessing tourism, but can any of you fellow yahooers think fo anything else? Thanks! Oh, and where exactly do you find stats for that online? THANKS A BUNCH! ;D

Answer by spanky
The stats on tourism here seem to be more a debate than actual figures – I read that oturism is up [ but that they don’t release figures ?? ] and then talk with taxi drivers who say it is way way down – –

BIG rice exporters here – palm oil – and wives – lots of guys come here and get married to Thai ladies and bring them to their home country…

Answer by mgan
A lot of happy old men after their annual vacation to Thailand.

Seriously, rice, cassava (tapioca), rubber, corn, sugarcane, coconuts and soybeans are their major exports. Information easily found by using an Internet search engine.

Answer by Negeshia
Thailand is the Rice basket for the world. They export more rice than any other country. They are also the 6 largest car exporter.


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