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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a such thing as psychic Christians?

I DO NOT mean palm readers or terror cards or gazing balls or whatever that stuff is–people who work with that are sinister.

Answer by Hey Hey
No , but God does give people wisdom to those who seek it.

Answer by Codey
There’s psychotic Christians i know that much.

Answer by Happy Penguin
anyone who uses terror cards is sinister in my book! Think it got a bit lost in translation there.

And the answer is no. There are no psychics, christian or otherwise.

While there is certainly more to the human mind than we currently know about, I am certain that talking to the dead is not a reality, and at best a self delusion, and at worst, a scam to part the recently bereaved from their cash….

Answer by Coram Deo
Not psychic but prophetic and other gifts of the Holy Spirit such as discerning of spirits can sometimes seem similar to psychics but are far more accurate because the gifts are God given and Holy Spirit empowered.

Answer by Kurtis
When you say ‘psychic Christians’ you mean people who can foretell the future? Well, these people are called prophets. Hardly anyone today is a prophet, as most of them were a couple hundred years before and after Jesus was born and died, but I’ve heard of people who had prophetic visions of the future to help them out at a critical moment.

In saying this, there are stacks of false prophets too. Try not to fall for these ones.

Answer by homechrch
Psychic is also sinister, if only you will receive it.

‘Psychic’ comes from the Greek word ‘psuche’ which means ‘of the soul, coming from the soul’. As such, it refers to someone who receives information through the soul (ie. the mind, the emotions and the will). Now – if you will receive it – ‘through the soul’ is not the proper channel to receive truth, because it is the realm through which evil spirits work and plant their suggestions, but not the Spirit of God. You will never receive anything from God through the soul, or ‘psychic’ means.

How do you receive from God, then? Well, the Holy Spirit speaks to people through an entirely different means, which is a pure means, and it is his special avenue – it is through the spirit which is in man, through his own spirit. When information comes to you through the Holy Spirit speaking to and through your spirit, then that is not ‘psychic’ at all, it is ‘spiritual’.

There are lots of psychic Christians around, actually, but most of them think they are receiving ‘from Spirit to spirit’ but they are not, they are receiving ‘into the soul’. These are they who have strayed from the truth in what they believe and are now into ‘the wild and wonderful’. Their meetings are more like ‘pandemonium’ rather than where the Spirit of God is.

You must know what I mean. These strange manifestations are not of God and anyone with a modicum of commonsense and a knowledge of the Word ought to know that. But so many of them will not listen to warnings, until they make ‘shipwreck’ of their faith.

That is what playing with spirits does, it destroys everything in the end and leads away from the knowledge of the true God. But many Christians are deceived and choose to go after these things because they give them strange thrills which have brightened up what was otherwise a rather ‘boring’ Christianity. Because they never really knew God in the first place, they are like children playing around with whatever amuses them.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Did anyone know that horoscopical signs with the reading of the stars is satanic?

Horoscope, voodoo, obeah, palm readers, psyche readers, and many others are demonic. Do many people held captive?

Answer by ♥Have a Beautiful Day :)♥
You’re ridiculous. I read the horoscope and Tarot cards and I am not Satanic. They’re just from different beliefs.

Answer by Jimmy Mcjimjim
It depends what your definition of satanic is, If you are talking about the actual worship of the antagonist satan, then no. It is more of a paganistic worship of the stars. Also “Do many people held captive?” what does that mean? Check your answers before you submit.

Answer by talismb
Your obviously insane. Get a life, stop with the silly idea that everything you read in the various story books (bible, koran, torah) is fact, it’s not, they are nothing but 6000 year old stories. They really have little to no meaning in the modern world, and surely shouldn’t be taken nearly as seriously as many people do.

Answer by lolalove
Well, i think that we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this matter.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the pros and cons of going to a palm reader?

I want to go to a palm reader to help get my life sorted out…is this a good idea, and how accurate are they?

Answer by Lin
They Are A Waste Of Money

Answer by The Mammoth
Pro’s- None

They are all fakes. There are no such things as psychics, nor palm readers. They just rip you off.

Studies have been done where they are really just making guesses and enticing you to talk, tricking you into thinking they are “reading your future”. It’s a waste of money.

Rather than going to a palm reader, start taking action to sort your life out. Such as figuring out what your problem is in the first place, rather than wasting time with con-men and women that do “readings”

Answer by andrew t
pros: get to see a crazy person
cons: don’t learn anything new or accurate

Answer by linda_c_44
They are all con artist…

Answer by mikedrazenhero
it’s real, if you beleive it to be real
i can read palms, and i think it’s bs
the lines on your hand have nothing to do with anything
you have free will (very little)

sit in your car, or anywhere, and think about what you want out of your life, and how to get it, and then focus and work on it, to get there

Answer by Poppet
It is fun for entertainment
You lose money.

Answer by Suki
Pro’s: They may work

Con’s: To look at your hands, it’ll cost you

Answer by Cud_Wick
The pros are that you might get a solution to a problem you’ve been having lately.

The cons are that even though you paid for the palm reading, chances are that it will merely be a catalyst for yourself to figure whatever your problem is.

Palm reading is by no means hoaky or false. Instead, it can act as a tool to bring other opportunities, feelings, options, and thoughts to us from our own thinking. Palm reading is merely another way to get a new perspective on things. But only if the palm reader is good. If they suck, you won’t gain much from the experience.

Answer by Daddy Big Dawg
A palm reader is not going to help get your life sorted out. The Con part is that most of them are just con-artist out to take your money. If you need help see a Doctor (Shrink), that is money better spent. Or talk to a close friend, one who will tell you the truth and not just what you want to hear.

Answer by Lee
There are no pros. Palm reading is useless.

If you really feel that you need help sorting out you’re life, see a therapist instead of a con artist.

Answer by kiddie m
I had some weird lady approach me at a mall! saying she was a psychic and felt a strong vibe toward me! I was just going threw a sad break up and said she felt alot of pain in me! and stuff! she said that I will meet a guy and fall madly in love! well funny thing that happen is I did meet a guy 3 month after she told that reading and I been with that same guy for almost three years now! although what she said was kind of accurate I felt that she was kind of a phony! u never know its a gamble you have to put yourself into! never hurts to wonder but don’t deeply believe in what they say!

Answer by Raven
as with the other guys who’s telling there’s no pros.
here is one.

you’ll just get some IDEAS of what things that
could PROBABLY happen… I’m not saying
it WOULD happen… learn from the ideas you might get
use them wisely then that is what might get Ur life sorted out.

losing money
and getting Ur life more fucked up that ever for making a really bad decision

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