Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there any physic that can tell me about my career path and love life?

I am not sure if I making the right decision in my career path or my love life DOB 1/7/81

Answer by crempel2007
No! Take responsibility for your own actions and do whatever it is you feel like doing. Psychics will rip you off and probably screw up your life.

Answer by JC_1437
You will figure it out. Those people are out to take your money and read of your face expressions, reactions, and answers you give them. Plus if you are the least bit religious its just flat out bad… When times get tough and you need to figure out your way, Just take the time to refocus things on your own. I am hopeful that we can all figure it out if we really are ambitious. Just remember. “Bleed your dreams and they will; come true”.

Answer by uncleclover
Some people seem to think I’m psychic. They’re full of it, I believe, but in the off chance they see something I don’t (some ‘psychic’ I’d be then, eh?), I’ll have a go at it. I used to be quite good at doing cold readings and such – before I realized I don’t actually like conning people. :-/

But still…

For some reason, I keep seeing a red dress – kind of like an old-fashioned Mexican/Spanish dress, but worn by a white woman with brown hair – and a rose in her hair, I do believe. A bar dancer, but not necessarily a stripper. More like Miss Kitty from “Gunsmoke”.

I see you traveling down a dark right-hand path. Is your relationship with someone you’re not really all that crazy about? Or is it possibly the other way around? There does appear to be something dark and curling in upon itself – that dark, curling thing being the path you are walking with your S.O. It’s not a good thing, but it’s not exactly a tragedy, either. Actually, it may just be a momentary trouble spot now that I look at it in more detail.

But for some reason, I can’t see your S.O. They’re out of sight at the moment – ah… Sounds like you might need some time apart. Not forever, not calling it quits, but just a break.

Okay, that’s my attempt. Again, don’t take it too seriously – I don’t. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it misses, and that’s just all there is to it. 🙂

Answer by j153e
“Soul Mates and Twin Flames,” Elizabeth Clare Prophet,
“For Women Only,” Shaunti Feldhahn,
“Freakonomics,” S. Levitt,
“Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon,” O. M. Aivanhov, and and may be helpful.

Books reviewed at

Answer by Saranya T
Psychic, not physic. And life’s about making mistakes, really. If you made a mistake, you’ll realize it soon enough, and then you’ll be able to know by yourself instead of being told what to do by some coincidence of where the stars just HAPPENED to be when you were born.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I get my daughter to go to church tomorrow?

Usually my daughter is excited to go to Church and learn all about God and Jesus, however when I mentioned going to church tomorrow, she pouted and declared that she wasn’t going. Astound, I asked why and I discovered last Sunday a group of little girls picked on and called my daughter ugly and she’s been upset about it ever since. She asked me if I thought she was beautiful, and being a Christian woman I couldn’t lie to my own daughter’s face and say she was; Her father and I are quite good looking, I am unsure why my daughter didn’t inherited our good looks. However, I did manage to cheer her up by explaining how there isn’t anything wrong with being ugly and how God loves both his beautiful and ugly creatures. Unfortunately, this didn’t make her feel better and after 4 hours she’s still in her room crying. I don’t know what to do… she’s only 4.

Answer by Evoke186
forcing children to believe in your imaginary friend you call “god” is a form a child abuse and you should be ashamed.

Answer by Julian
Teah her to stand up for herself. This will be useful now and even in the future. Also, if there are other churches around, go to a different ones, not the one where the other girls are picking on her.

Answer by Kayleigh
Right now, your daughter needs parents. Not God. If you tell her she’s ugly, she’ll feel like even her parents don’t find her attractive. She’ll have such a low confidence level, and when she gets older she will be totally convinced she’s ugly and unwanted. Sometimes people kill themselves when they are at that point. I know how you religious people hate that. If being a good Christian woman Is more important to you than your daughter’s self-esteem, then you need to seriously re-think your morals. Tell her everybody is unique, and that’s what makes everybody beautiful. Tell her it’s not on the outside that counts. Tell her it’s what’s on the inside. Tell her that a pretty face will fade but a beautiful personality is forever. Not that she’s ugly. Have some empathy!!

Answer by Julie
OK. You have ALREADY made a big boo-boo. Im sorry to say but you are a VERY, VERY terrible mother for telling your OWN daughter that she is ugly! That is just terrible!! Every single person on this planet is BEAUTIFUL no matter what. God created us and God made us all beautiful. And its so terrible of you to explain to her that God loves “both” his ” beautiful” and “ugly” creations! Have you been paying attention during mass? That is straight down WRONG and extremely bad.God does not create ugly things.

Now, the next time you go to mass, go a little earlier or stay after so you can have a confession with him.

GOD IS IN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US.- when you and the other girls at church said that your daughter was ” ugly” YOU and the other GIRLS called God ugly.

“And being a Christian woman I couldn’t lie to my own daughter’s face and say she was”
You just lied right there. Everyone is beautiful no matter what.

Now, to help your daughter:

first of all, shes 4 and probably stubborn and wont understand. She may be able to go to church the following sunday instead.

Pick out some readings from the bible that tells about how God made us all beautiful and explain what they mean
explain to her that you were just joking and then hug her and tell her that when she was born, you couldn’t believe how beautiful she was.

Tell your daughter that you will talk to the girls who made fun of hers parents and make them say sorry and ask for forgiveness.

Hopefully this works.

Answer by Trixie
If you were really religious, you would have just told her she’s beautiful because God made her just he way she’s supposed to be, and that real beauty comes from the inside.

At any rate, you’re a terrible mother.

Answer by Rachelle Notellyou
Tell her dont let them get to her.

Answer by emma
You call yourself a mother?

God doesnt exist you idiot. Youre a terrible mother and person

Answer by pigpenguin91
Geez, you told your daughter she was ugly? Even if she’s not stunningly beautiful, I think hardly anyone is ugly. Besides, it’s inner beauty which matters most. You sounds incredibly narcissistic. ‘Her father and I are quite good looking, I am unsure why my daughter didn’t inherit our good looks.’

‘Cheering her up’ by saying God loves both beautiful and ugly creatures is not going to be a consolation to a four year old who was just told by a group of girls and her own mother that she’s ugly. You need to apologize to your daughter, immediately. Tell her she’s beautiful, because I’m pretty damn sure she is. Everyone has beauty in some aspect.

The church thing isn’t the issue. You need to love her and reassure her that she is beautiful, and talk to the moms of the little girls, and explain they were picking on your daughter. If your daughter wants to go to church after it’s resolved, great. If not, don’t force her. You can encourage her, but don’t make her do something she doesn’t want to do. Everyone should be free to decide their own religion.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is any one out there besides me sick of Twilight ?

I loved Twilight but I’ve read it so many times that it’s just BORING is anyone else having the same problem ?
I really do like Twilight and I still like reading it but it’s still a little bland . Did any one of you think the movie was bad ?

Answer by Technocrat
I was about to be very proud of you for the fact that you said you were sick of Twilight.

Then I read this question, and you said you read the book many times.

That’s more than zero by the way. That’s way too many readings of this “book” (it’s not a real one, quotations are absolutely necessary).

Yes, it’s boring. It’s been boring since it came out. In fact, it is still very boring, very bland, and very bad.

If you like Twilight, stop lying because you really don’t. You’re a Dalek and we all know it, reveal yourself god damnit.

Answer by ❤ɐɾuıu pǝsnɯɐ❤
Yes, I am.
And you know what adds to the problem? Questions like this.
Use the search bar.

Answer by AhhhSashaaa 🙂
Man i thought i was the only one.

Answer by Kiki
You’re not alone. I was sick of it a long time ago. I even tried reading the books Got halfway through the second one before I had to vomit.

Answer by MiiZz.ChiiNa
hell no i aint tired of it…i kno it from front 2 bacc werd 4werd all 4 books…i will neva get tired it…u need 2 find a new book 2 read

Answer by mxrxnda
It was really very poorly written and the only reason it got as much fame as it did was because Stephenie Meyer called upon the inner fantasies of every teenage girl, which is falling for the bad boy.

Answer by tayler*lush
Hell no. That saga changed my life. Reading is SOOO incredibly boring and I can never get through more than a chapter but Twilight (all four of them, actually) I couldn’t put down.

I can’t wait for the movies either!

Answer by Taylor
I luurrve the Twilight series!! They r so good!! As if u r sick of it. I think u have just read the book too many times. It will obviously get boring after u read it 10 times. I personally think that the book was waayyyy better then the movie. The book was so much detail. I think that’s what makes the movie look bad.

Answer by Team Tyler’s Van
The movie sucked,the book was Ok but it’s so overated!

Answer by ღBiancaღ
yess. i mean i love the movie( never read the books hehe) but people are TOO overly obsessed with a book and a movie. im so glad that i dont hear “edward this blah blah he’s hot”. or “bella that” anymore.

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