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Okay, my book is about female assassins, who realize they love each other. here’s an excerpt:

The heat of the summer was overwhelming, but I had to keep going. Nothing was going to stop me now, not when I was so close. The bricks chafed my hands, and I began to count the bricks I left patches of blood on. One, two, three… twenty six, twenty seven. The number rose in an extremely depressing manner, so I stopped around fifty. The bricks higher up here were red, so the blood was hard to see compared to the graying bricks lower down. I suppose I should have been grateful the wall was leaning over; I could never have scaled a vertical wall this tall. But I would have tried. All because I knew what was at the top, and I knew I had to get to her. And I think I was beginning to know why.
I cleared the broken crenelations in a twist of my wrists that stung my palms, and a slight kick that probably sent little shards of brick hurtling down the wall at any passing rodents below. It looked impressive, but it was easy. And Mae knew that, though she didn’t see me do it. She probably heard me instead, my clumpy boots that were terrible for stalking but great for heavy work. If she heard, she made no move to indicate she did. She stood there, perfectly still, light brown curls drifting softly in the breeze that blew the heat and dust closer around us. Her leather trousers were scuffed and had a hole in, her shirt was nearly ripped to shreds and the top of one of her shoes was missing. What could have happened in those four days?
Grimly, I knew the answer to that. The Guildmaster would have sent assassins after her to bring her back. She put up a fight, and had apparently won. The assassins never let you run away, I would know. The faint twinge in my arm reminded me every time I threw a dagger.
But Mae was the smart one. She did the thinking when I charged in and nearly got myself killed again, she would yell my opponent’s weak spot and I would stab him or twist his arm, and he would talk. Or she would patch up my wounds. That was how she had saved my life, two years ago. I could never have spotted that trap, but her keen eye traced it immediately. It made me wonder how much she knew about me.
I walked towards her, treading carefully on the unstable-looking roof. Another lot of crenelations swept across the side she was standing at, obscuring my view of the ground. I hated not seeing the ground, because that meant I didn’t know how far I had to fall. My palms ached, but I ignored them as best as I could.
“Ana.” She spoke softly, as I stood in her shadow.
“Mae. I’ve found you, we need to go back. It’s not safe out here,” I said, reaching out for her arm.
“No. I won’t go.” She whispered, almost too soft for me to hear.
“What?” I yelped, confused.
“I should stay here,”
“Why? There’s nothing here, just this collapsing building and that burned house-“
“It’s my house. And my parent’s grave.” She burst out, like a spring held back for too long pinging back in your face.
“Mae, I-“
“No, it’s alright. You did’t know. No one did, except me.”
She laughed hollowly at the blank expression on my face.
“Oh, I’m sure some people guessed. I still lapse into lady-talk sometimes, if I don’t watch myself. I didn’t know a word of street slang, or even a single cuss before I was deposited in the Assassin’s Guild. I didn’t know what half of the words anyone used meant, until you told me. You must have thought it was awfully strange, an unsponsored neophyte knowing nothing of the commonly spoken language, or mannerisms, or even how to behave at all.” She paused to sigh. “I never learnt them at home, since it’s improper for young ladies of good breeding to swear.” She giggled, half hysterically.
“No, Ana. Let me finish. I need to tell someone this, and it may as well be you.”

Mae’s past: she’s actually Gemaemae of a rich family who died in a fire. she was the only survivor.

after this little scene and Mae telling Ana about her past, she tells Ana she’s going to kill herself, but Ana stops her and tells Mae she’s the only thing she’s been living for.
differences between my story and twilight:
1) twilight is a hetero book
2) there are no vampires in my book
3) my characters actually have thoughts, unlike bella
4) anyone, including illiterate people with no hands can write better than stephenie meyer.

Answer by Cucumb3rFrost
I think it’s alright, almost on the brink, though. Try not to swear too much if you do, and no “action”. Good Luck!

Answer by The Legendary Hero
It might be. But I think that it’s fantastic. I love it.

Answer by Kenny
There are more controversial books that are out.
When will you published this? I want to continue reading.

Answer by Kuroi
I would read this book, because I love to keep my options open so as to find new books/authors. Ever read the Nightrunner series? It’s basically the same thing but with men. I do think, however, that the story might be a little controversial for teens, but I’ve seen them read worse. The only difference I see between Twilight and this story is the fact it’s two women and not a human and vampire.

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My boyfriend and I are very happy. He’s a little older then me. His name is Jonhenry. So everything is fine and whatever, but…he has a friend named Alek, and I talk to Alek in my off period. I think…I am…in love with Alek. Today he casually took my hand and went off about palm reading and something else, but my heart beats so fast when I’m with Alek. I love my boyfriend, and I can’t believe this happened to me. I’m the nice, cute girl who stays out if trouble. This is my first boyfriend. But the thing is…I realize I’m not as in love with my boyfriend as his best friend. Never was. What do I do? I don’t want to be with Alek, and there’s no way to avoid him since he’s my bf best friend, so what do I do about my boyfriend? I’m a little lost and confused. Help me please? And be nice, I’m just a teenager. 😉

Answer by Rachel_Luvs
1. if you don’t wanna be just friends with your Alek and you wanna go out with him then GENTLY let ur bf go

2. if you don’t wanna go out with Alek tell ur bf EVERYTHING how you feel if he loves you truly he willl understand and help you

3. if you do what 2 says tell alek as well

hope it helps^^

Written by RockPsychic


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