Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Looking for some advice on getting a PDA?

Looking for some advice on getting a PDA. I would be using for: Microsoft applications, reading PDF files and e-books, remembering dates, scheduling, tasking, and taking short notes. My questions are:

Can you use hotkeys or a mouse with a PDA when typing? And how hard is to change power point presentations? How hard is to read PDF files or e-books on PDA? And how is handwriting recognition? Do you use it more or less than small paper notepad? I would like it to have Bluetooth; WI fi would be nice but not essential. I would be willing to sacrifice that for price…Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Answer by pookielog
Taking your points one at a time….
All Pocket PCs / Windows Mobile machines have the basic core of Microsoft apps built in (Word, Excel, Outlook) – and note taking (with Audio recorder) – so that takes care of your first bit.

Not sure what you mean by hotkeys or a mouse while typing. Some PDAs have a built in glidepoint (like a laptop) but with a touch screen you tend to use software a little differently – don’t worry – you’ll get used to it 🙂
Changing PowerPoint presentations might be a little tricky – there is some software out there that will achieve that – but I’m not sure how good it is – there’s plenty of software to VIEW PowerPoint presentations so I can’t comment on the editing.
PDF readers are easily available – my HP HX4700 comes with it built in – but not too difficult to source. Ebooks are a whole different matter – Microsoft Reader is GREAT – is free and you can create the ebooks with a plugin for MS Word that’s VERY easy to use. There’s literally MILLIONS of .LIT books available on the net.
Handwriting recognition is ok – I personally use the Graffiti system (same as the one on Palms) and it’s a dream – much better than on the palm. By default you get 3 choices of written input – plus an on-screen keyboard – so you’re covered there. I never write on paper anymore – everything comes with me!
Bluetooth and wifi are now fairly standard features on a PDA

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can the virus that causes plantar warts cause warts in other parts of the body?

For example, if I had a cut on my stomach or something and I touched the wart, then my stomach, could I get a wart there? Or is the virus specific to warts on the foot?

Answer by carolethecatlover
According to who you read…there are 27 or 32 different kinds of warts. Some are more or less specific to glabeous skin, the skin on palms and soles. But in theory they all love all skin. In practice, no. It’s a virus that is washed off easily. The problem is with the sorts of virus that love mucus skin, like the sexual warts that cause genital and cervical cancers(HPV 15 , 16, 18 to my memory). In Australia girls get the vaccine free, not guys, which is irrational, but if you are susceptible to warts, (proper name Human Papalloma Virus) you should have the vaccine. I have had a couple of patients with re-occuring plantar warts on their feet, who have had repeated irregular cervical biopsies. Considering how few women are tested, think how many have the HPV without knowing it.
But that’s not to say you shouldn’t wash your hands well in HOT water and soap after touching your fee. Also, wash your socks and bedlinen in HOT water.
The explosion in foot fungus and HPV is in my humble opinion, due to ‘eco’ washes…..30C.
Wash at 90C.

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