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I have never owned a MP3, but I would like to purchase one. How many songs does 256 mb or 512 mb approximately hold? Plus, any additional information on larger ones with gb and how many songs they hold. Any recommendations on a brand? Thanks

Answer by dato
a 512 could hold aproxpmately 100 songs

Answer by mariananvegas
i got mine and it said u can put 2,000 songs in there and the brand i think its called archos

Answer by kojak0527
I just bought a SanDisk Sansa C140 and love it. Got it at Costco for $ 54.99. It plays MP3s, WMAs, and different picture formats.

It has 1.0 GB of memory. An average MP3 is about 4MB, so 1GB will hold roughly 250 songs, give or take a few. 256MB will hold roughly 64 songs and 512MB will hold roughly 128.

If money isn’t an object go with the 30 or 60GB iPod. Those have awesome features.

Answer by Spencer K
i think certain mp3 players have a certain maxium of number of songs like mine is up to 130 something.

Answer by xeonxr6
Depends on how many songs you have… andthe quality of them…

A Standard MP3 (44100) Stereo 16bit file at around 3:35 would be about 3.5mb..

Answer by Dreamworks
1 gb 500 music

Answer by Kainoa
Depends on sample rate but for most mp3s you can calculate about 1 mb per 1 minute of music. Apple estimates 240 songs on a 1 gig ipod, so that gives you 60 for a 256 mb, and 120 for the 512 mb.

I’ve primarily used Apple iPods, Sandisk and Creative Labs have good mp3 players, they also play videos.

There are more cellphones now that play mp3s, the Motorola ROKR and SLVR L7 are examples. I’ve read very good reviews about the LG Fusic, LG V even has stereo speakers.

The Sony PSP and some Smartphones like Palm will also play mp3s and videos. Though they don’t make very cost effective mp3 players.

You can also check out for their reviews on mp3 and personal video players.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can i choose a mobilephone to buy? it is so confusing?

my priorities in having a mobile are:
-good camera functionality, very reliable phone, smart phone
bluetooth, infrard PC connectablility

Answer by hot_tamale
ask people who have them which one works best in your area but do this before you buy one lol

Answer by Mac Momma

Answer by siddhu
nokia is the best company having good services ,mobile sets and after sales services . mobile set for you i think is good are :
6600 [no pc conn.},3230,3250,6630,and lots more . also visit > your country > phones> and browse and see your mobile .

Answer by ameen s
Well the best mobile is nokia 6260 i have that mobile

Answer by a_sambharia
Next time you ask such a question, please tell your location, budget & requirements. Also the details of your current handset.
I presume you want a GSM phone & you are not strangled for money.
Motorola V3i for 11100/- is a very good deal.
Nokia N91 & N80 are brilliant phones but are quite bulky.
Samsung SGH-X820 is just awesome. It packs in all the features in a mere 6.9mm. & it is still very easy to hold & use. It is priced at Rs.15800/-.And the Samsung SGH-X700 at around is a good option as well.
Nokia 3230 is very good buy for Rs. 9600/-
All these phones are among the best according to your needs. Except the MotoRazr V3i all these handsets have an FM tuner.
You can drop in the details & I will have a better answer for You.

Answer by Wharf Rat
It sounds like you need a Palm Treo 650 Smart Phone. These are great phones that include email, web access, bluetooth for headsets and car kits, a QWERTY keyboard for easy typing, mp3 player, camera (takes video too), and you can text message or send images to your friends with this one. This is really a PDA with with a cellular plan. Read this to see find out how smart phones and PDA’s are different even if it is by very little these days:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : MotoQ 9c phone by Sprint question?

I’m planning on upgrading my palm centro to the motoq 9c provided by Sprint but need some feedback.

My palm would reboot itself every once in a while and when I get an email it doesn’t alert me right away or sometimes it doesn’t alert me at all. What I would like to know is

if the MOTOQ9c a good PDA phone to buy?
Does it reboot itself every once in a while?
does it show a mobile device phone when you’re sign onto AIM?
Is the AIM buddylist limited on the MOTOQ?

Answer by Antwan DUBBA U
Dont get the Q, get something made by HTC. Go to

they make the hottest phones for all service providers. And sprint has some awesome phones., The q is aight but there are way betta phones out there. Also check out and read reviews and watch videos of phones to see what you like best, dont limit yourself to the Q Its not all that great

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