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My bf came home from college for the weekend and we were laying on my bed and I heard my phone go off I asked my bf to read it to was a text from my guy friend and it said “hey beautiful 🙂 it was great seeing you today” so my bf FLIPPED out at first he was mad at the guy then at me and I don’t see why he would be mad at ME it’s not like I was hiding stuff from him he knows the passcode on my phone and he just randomly takes it all the time and does stuff on it I rarely delete texts and I ASKED him to read my text if I was hiding stuff I wouldn’t have done that. He was worried about me starting school again without him there (I’m a senior he’s in his first year of college) because I’m friends with more guys than girls just because I get along with guys better so my bf was worried with him gone “all the guys would flirt with me and he wouldn’t be there to scare them anymore” and I was just now convincing him it would be fine and then he had to go and see that so he’s not so much mad at me anymore but now he won’t relax and he was cheated on before and I’m the only girl he’s been with after her and we’ve been together for almost 2 years now anyway idk what to do about it because he’s so tense and distracted and I kissed him and he just seemed far away…so help?

Answer by Ray
Sorry to hear that….take it one step at a time try to get other boys to respect the fact that you are in a relationship and you are not looking to get out of one now and he may seem distant for now but once he is sure that you are not cheeting then he will be fine…..boys can be more complicated than girls when it comes to relationships if they care.

Answer by Your The Best Friend
Remember it is just words in the text that is all it is! They will protect you wont they? make sure u have more then one with u at all times. to keep an eye on the other ones!

Answer by Cassandra B.
WEEEEEELL R.L.T. plan should work for you. step 1 R. Reassure him. Do cute stuff that isn’t major like writing TAKEN Sorry! on your palm or wearing a shirt that says dating something small that will show him your willing to tell guys no 2 L. Show Love. Show him you love him with tight hugs kisses stuff like that so he’ll feel you love only him. 3. T. Give him something to trust. Let him check stuff like your msges whenever and stuff that shows that your not doing anything he wouldn’t like. ok?Hope i was help ~CCj<3Says

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I see darkness approaching.
Anticipate the count for thunder,
while seconds fuse together
becoming fewer and fewer in between.
The crash of thunder
bolts faster than thought.
I stand exposed in the open,
surrounded by trees,
reaching out their deadly limbs
in good intentions.
Don’t give me shelter –
I need to be drenched by the rain.
I watched the storm brew
so let it take its course,
for the destruction left behind
is far better
than waiting for it to be let loose.
@bbmm: I still can’t tell if you’re sarcastic or not XP It’s ok if it’s not great, please criticize/comment so I can get some constructive perspective and improve, truly ^ ^

Answer by bbmm
I’m sorry, but this doesn’t cut it. OK I’m joking, it’s great, keep it up

Answer by Enamul Khair
I am not good reader of poem. Moreover it’s good effort.

Answer by Bill
I don’t understand a lot of it. I’d think you’d name it, “Standing against the Storm” or something like that. If you’re surrounded by the trees then what to the trees represent? What is it that makes them deadly?

I do see that storms come and go and I think I percieve this as the message, but, I’m not sure.

Answer by Giorgio Veneto ©
The post describes well the oncoming of a storm, and the expectation of it on behalf of the reader. Some attention should be paid to the tenses: the present tense is substituted by a sudden past tense. I understand that it is a logical jump from the beginning of the storm to the end of it. but still what has happened in between?

You have potential that someone may detect in your scripts. You only need to experiment more. Avoid to write explanations in your pieces and offer self confidence to yourself that will eventually transmit to your work.

I would like you to read some Emily Dickinson poems, and observe how fast and accurately she analyzes and finishes her themes.

Thank you for it!

Summer Shower
by Emily Dickinson

A drop fell on the apple tree,
Another on the roof;
A half a dozen kissed the eaves,
And made the gables laugh.

A few went out to help the brook,
That went to help the sea.
Myself conjectured, Were they pearls,
What necklaces could be!

The dust replaced in hoisted roads,
The birds jocoser sung;
The sunshine threw his hat away,
The orchards spangles hung.

The breezes brought dejected lutes,
And bathed them in the glee;
The East put out a single flag,
And signed the fete away.

Emily Dickinson

Little Exercise
by Elizabeth Bishop

For Thomas Edwards Wanning

Think of the storm roaming the sky uneasily
like a dog looking for a place to sleep in,
listen to it growling.

Think how they must look now, the mangrove keys
lying out there unresponsive to the lightning
in dark, coarse-fibred families,

where occasionally a heron may undo his head,
shake up his feathers, make an uncertain comment
when the surrounding water shines.

Think of the boulevard and the little palm trees
all stuck in rows, suddenly revealed
as fistfuls of limp fish-skeletons.

It is raining there. The boulevard
and its broken sidewalks with weeds in every crack,
are relieved to be wet, the sea to be freshened.

Now the storm goes away again in a series
of small, badly lit battle-scenes,
each in “Another part of the field.”

Think of someone sleeping in the bottom of a row-boat
tied to a mangrove root or the pile of a bridge;
think of him as uninjured, barely disturbed.

Elizabeth Bishop

Answer by sami jay
Hi there!

I get the metaphor…I think. “I wanna make my own bed, then lie in it. I did/will suffer, but learn.”

This isn’t as clean and tight as it could be–a little prosy. Read it out loud. You’ll see what I mean.

Just a suggestion:

“I see darkness approaching.
Anticipate thunder,
as seconds fuse
becoming fewer between.”

…and onward. Don’t use thunder twice if you can avoid it. “The crash and rumble”, something like that. I could edit this for you, but YOU wrote your preference. LOL

BTW, Emily is a great poet to study. I know it’s not your style, but it is a teaching tool.
One thing I always tell up and comers is, if you want to write good poetry, read good poetry. A lot of it.

Just work it a little. Would love to see it again! Keep at it. 😉

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“I thought you said you knew what you were doing!” I roar at Roberta as I run, pressuring every muscle and joint in my legs to keep moving forward.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t think this would happen,” she cries, trying to catch up to me.
“This is why I always tell you to keep communication with humans to a minimum!” I yell fiercely at her.
The hunters are dangerously close to us. I hear their heavy footsteps stomping against the dirt, their guns firing every few seconds. The ancient trees are spiralling around me and Roberta like an army of giants. There is no clear pathway, and the only thing that saves me from not crashing in to a tree trunk is the dim moonlight.
“We have to teleport, now!” Roberta screams, panting as she catches up to me.
“We need a spot to hide, and time for that. Both of which we don‘t have,” I answer angrily.
“There’s no other choice!” she yells, brushing her long blonde hair against my cheek as she runs ahead of me.
I begin to lose sight of her as the forest gets deeper and darker. The hunters are only metres away from me. I can hear their threatening screams, “Stop!”, and “You can’t escape us!” I start to believe their words. There seems to be no escape out of this mess. The strong scent of pine needles is lingering in my nostrils, and the palms of my hands are sweaty from the panic reserved within me. The icy wind howls, hitting my face like a thousand poisoned needles, and I can hear the roars of bears in the distance. Right before I’m about to stop and give up, I’m blinded by a bright light directing at my face.
“Vlad!” a woman yells from up ahead, and a voice in my head urges me to keep moving.
Once I catch up to the light, I find Roberta holding a small flashlight in her hand. How the hell did she get so far ahead of me?
“Where’d you get that?” I ask her.
“Up at that cottage! Quick, we have to activate the spell,” she says, her dark eyes glistening with fear from the moonlight.
She grabs my hand and starts running again, urging me to follow. She’s quite strong for a woman, her grip is so tight that I can feel my bones being crushed by her fingers. I notice that she isn’t wearing her high heeled boots anymore and her black cocktail dress is ripped in to almost shreds.
Within seconds we arrive at an abandoned wooden house the size of a shack. The inside is so dark that I can’t make out anything in the room but a table and three chairs. It won’t be long before the hunters find us.
“Where are we teleporting to?” I ask so fast that I’m not sure if she understood what I said.
“You’ll see, give me your blood,” she urges me.
I grab a blade from my jean pocket and slit my wrist until blood starts to drip from under my jacket’s sleeve. She grabs my arm, collecting the warm red liquid in her hands. There is so much adrenaline rushing through my body that I can’t feel any pain in my wrist. I stare at all of my previous scars on my arm from all of the teleportations Roberta and I had done over the years. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to run before I give up.
“Okay, I’m ready,” she says frantically, holding a handful of blood.
She closes her eyes, concentrating. I can hear the sound of guns firing louder and louder by the second. After what feels like hours, a rattling sound starts to emerge from the door. It’s them, they’re here.
“Hurry!” I yell at her.
“Now,” she whispers.
As soon as the word slips out of her mouth, the air suddenly starts to thicken around me and the sounds of the hunters fades away in to the distance. My vision begins to blur in to a peaceful haze and my heart beats slower, and slower, until it comes to an almost stop. Everything around me starts to disappear as I black out of this horrific nightmare.

Answer by Stellar Dawn 2011
very cheesy

unless im a 10 year old, i wouldn’t want to read it

Answer by gardenoflia
Some changes I would make. But you can write. don’t stop.

Answer by Natalia Antonina
just by reading the first paragraph you can come across it as a fantasy;
probably similar to twilight or other vampire stories.
not my cup of tea; personally i classify that genre as one for low reading ages.
it doesn’t expand much and is quite basic; i’d prefer a good psychological story
but thats just me personally

to cheer you up there are people who love reading that kind of stuff esp. twilight fans and others

and you do have talent in writing so don’t stop cause of any negative feedback

Answer by Gabbylou12
Not my favorite story line but you’re a great writer and maybe once you find a good genre for yourself you could make it a bit better. 🙂

Answer by tiki muppet
I tend to dislike vampires stories with a main character called “Vlad” it sounds very unoriginal.
The blood thing is a bit gruesome as well, and how does Roberta manage to keep hold of a handful of blood, wouldn’t it slip through her fingers?

I do like your writing style and the descriptions, though 🙂


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