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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My boyfriend and I have matching palms? Does palmistry give this meaning?

We both grew up in a very small town without knowing each other, and now we met in the same big city. Neither of us have ever felt so connected to someone else. Also, all the lines on both hands of our palms are very similar. Does it mean anything?

Answer by Andrew
You’re probably related, WINCEST!!!

Answer by PiercingtheSnowdrift
According to my rudimentary knowledge of palmistry, no, it doesn’t really mean much.
You may just have similar futures (which could either mean you two are meant to be together for a long time and to experience the same things OR it’s just plain luck that you will have the same strain of things happening in your lives).

Answer by Briana
Nah, seriously, you can’t just look at a palm and says it’s simular.

Answer by Arnulfo
You guys are both gunna beat cheeks and have many children, slapping the donkey all night

Answer by vasuastro
No meaning

Answer by Hand Research
Hello CeCeliaW,

‘Matching palms’…???

One can always find some ‘matching’ characteristics between the hands of 2 persons… starting with: usually both have 5 fingers, and a headline connected to the life line, etc. But there are also always many differences… especially when you know where to look for, but for the hands it’s always a matter of details!!

So, what you observed is probably not really rather exceptional… though actually, it is hard for use to say: because you did not mention any specified characteristics, so what on earth can we say about it?

Maybe you would like to share more details at the ‘Modern Hand Reading Forum’? (See the source below: I am sure that you will get some response outthere!)

But for sure, your words sounds like you ARE in love!!

Anyway, I wish you a happy love-life with your boyfriend!

Greetings from The Netherlands,


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone have information and experience with pet mice?

i really want pet mice and i have done my research but i would LOOOVE to have some advice from experience. i apprerciate all advice and information. thanks!

Answer by cbakerd3
I would not plan on keeping them in the room that you sleep, especially if they have a wheel. Wheels can make a lot of noise and make it hard to sleep. Even if I took the wheel out they would always be chewing on the bars on the side and scurrying around and making a lot of noise. Also, no matter how much you change the bedding they will smell. Males smell worse than females but they all smell. Also, don’t get them if you’re planning on having a cute little furry animal to cuddle with. They are terrified of humans and are constantly on the move, there is no cuddling, no matter how much you hold them and try to get them used to humans. All of that aside, they can be a lot of fun. My brother and I used to block of a portion of the room and set up obstacles for them and let them run. They’re very curious and this can be a lot of fun. Oh and if you have a dog make sure the mice are way out of its reach at all times. My dog killed my first pet mice 🙁 Overall though, I’d say go for it, and get a couple.

Answer by lizzy
mice can be great pets they are very fun to watch they like to be handled but they can be scared. rats are more the cuddly type.they can be noisy at night your better of getting two as they would be alone at night they don’t smell unless you don’t clean their cage at least every week there better in wire cages as its more ventilated.

Mice make great pets

Answer by Alyssa P
Mice make fantastic pets. They are intelligent, but they aren’t exactly the most pleasant pets to maintain. Their cages have to be freshened every few days and completely cleaned once a week. But I’ve taught my mice tricks and it’s absolutely fascinating to put in a thick layer of bedding and watch them create and collapse tunnels all day long. Keeping a group of female mice is the best way to go, and you don’t need a tank bigger than 10 gallons for two or three. They are pretty easily hand tamed, but it’s weird – the feeder mouse I rescued was perfectly hand tamed while the two fancy, pet mice I got were extremely difficult to hand tame. Hrm.
Anyway, good luck.

Answer by lovemice
I am very happy to read you want mice. It is smart of you to get both book information and personal experience before getting them. Do not rely too heavily on just one. In the past 15 years I have had many mice. Hopefully I can pass on to you something you do not know yet, or confirm something you already do know. Following is a brief overview on being a mouse parent to those adorable animals:

Mice, like any animal when young, will be a lot of work at first. For example, they do not understand right away not to use their wheel as a bathroom. It can get dirty fast., and the smell can be overwhelming. When people talk of mice being smelly, it is usually the wheel that is the culprit. Clean them twice a day in the beginning, and the odors will be kept to a minimum. It does not take long, either, for the mice to appreciate the wheel for its intended use. You can then clean them once a day. Some people wait to clean them until it is time for the weekly house cleaning, but I notice a difference when I do not do them nightly.

Mice are chewers by nature. You need to prevent the teeth from overgrowing, so get your mouse plenty of wood toys. It will help keep her teeth trim, which is very important. There are apple flavored logs, and colored pretzel twists/sticks that you can try. My girls love them. Break the twists/sticks into smaller pieces to make them last, and also so they will be easier to handle.

You will need to completely clean the house once a week, but if you spot clean it nightly it will not be such a chore, and this will bring the smell down. Never use pine or cedar bedding. Both of them are toxic to the animals, as they can cause major respiratory problems leading to death. Frankly, I do not know why stores still sell it. I do not know why people still buy it, either. Aspen is a favorite with some people; however, I do not use it anymore, because my mice were getting skin irritations far too often. It was sometimes an allergy to it, or else the bedding had mites in it courtesy of the factory where it was made. Either way, I switched to CareFresh Natural. It is excellent bedding, and often on sale. I just purchased it on-line from PetCo for roughly $ 13.33 a bag, whereas it goes for over $ 22 regular price at the store. Shipping was free. Any of the CareFresh beddings work well. The Ultra is super soft, and because of the color, white, helps when doing the nightly spot cleaning,

For housing I now use clear bins. They are tall enough (28″L X 15″W X 22″H) that I can leave them open, so air circulation does not seem to be a problem. The only difficulty I encountered was finding a water bottle to stick to the wall. Traditional bottles cannot be used. Many years ago I used wire cages, but stopped when one of the mice kept squeezing through the bars. The house was advertised as being for mice, so it should never have happened. If you do opt for the wire housing, just be sure the spacing is .25 inches or less, and you will be fine.

Treat getting to know your mouse like a process. Mice are always skittish at first, and they need to get used to you. Put your hand along the bottom of the house, palm side up, and let her come to you. Let her sniff, but do not try to pick her up just yet. Be patient, as it takes time for her to stop being frightened. Try a small treat in your palm, and let her take it safely away without you trying to grab her. It is a great way to build trust. Eventually she will come right onto your hand, and from there you can start to pick her up.

Have you decided how many mice and what gender yet? Three females are best to house together, as there will not be any territorial issues. Males will mark anything and everything, whereas females do not. This, too, will lessen the overall smell. Males are likely to fight, and have even been known to kill each other. Females are just about guaranteed a close-knit relationship. It is rare when female mice do not get along, but it needs to be mentioned because it can happen. If you watch the mice at the store to see how they interact, you will be able to see who is aggressive and who is not. You do not want the one biting all the others, of course, but rather the ones who are eating side by side without incident.

I am truly glad you are getting mice. You will love them. All the time and effort you are putting into studying up on the needs and care of them will not be wasted, as it will make you a wonderful mouse parent. I wish you all the best.

Answer by Rozmin
Disagree that there’s no cuddling. We had 4 when I was growing up. They were nervous when my sister or I would hold them–they would pee or poop in our hands when we picked them up!

But they loved my mom. They liked to be picked up by her, and she always wore t-shirts with pockets, they liked to ride around in her pocket peeking out, lol.

They are a tiny bit smelly, and yeah, very nocturnal. The wheel will keep you up at night.

Also, don’t get a cage with bars, get an aquarium type one. My mom is a night owl, and she’d stay up quietly reading in the same room as our mice lived. We had them for a long time and tried different cages. On the one with bars, they were small enough to get through the bars! She saw on more than one occasion that after they thought everyone was asleep, they came out, played, ran around, and then went back into their cage!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What phone has the best PDA like features?

I have a Palm Z22 that just died on me. I absolutely loved all it’s features. I’m thinking of replacing it with a smartphone. I don’t need a smartphone that can go on line and all that stuff, basically I just want a phone that also has the same capabilities as my Z22.

I was thinking of getting a blackberry pearl but I’m a Verizon subscriber and they don’t offer it. I’m a little leery of getting another Palm product since mine just died after 8 months for no apparent reason. Should i switch to Cingular? Also if I do get a smart phone can I just use it as an organizer without purchasing the data plan?

Answer by Aj
This is not a direct answer to your question, but what do you mean by dead? I’ve used my Tungsten E for 5 years, it recently appeared to die, but when I let it run down and charge it again, its now working fine. Palm products are pretty ok, although their support leaves much to be desired.

Answer by Thanatos
check out the HTC 8125 and the newer version the HTC 8525 it is the absolute best phone i have ever used or seen or even read about in all my years of product reviewing….to answer your other question no you do not have to switch to cingular (and i strongly recommend against it because it sucks even worse as at&t than it did as cingular) because verizon has their own version of the phone the MDA something…google around for it and ull find that proper name (im too lazy)
it wouldnt make sense for the company to force you to buy the data plan because hardly anyone would want to buy the phone so as long as you make sure and tell them you dont want the data plan you will be okay….

Answer by Renata J
sidekick 3 or id

Answer by Josh A

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