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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My girlfriend apparently can read palms and tells me I’m going to die at an early age, is this bull?

I hate the thought of death at an early age and am just wondering if anyone knows if palm reading is total bull

Answer by mikeyajeto
probably dude.
but if it is.
I’d stop drinking, doing pot.
whatever you’re doing.

maybe you should take buses too.

Answer by hulk110
Yes its complete bull. The lines on your hand have absolutely no real impact on what will happen to you during your life. palm reading is a way for gypsies to make money and swindle people.

Answer by SirchV
Of course it is bull. Let’s think about it this way, if there were someone who could accurately predict these types of things, they would be making millions of dollars and be prominently displayed on television. They would never be left alone because they would predicting things for people all the time.

Complete bull.

Answer by Pagan Dan
As I understand your situation, your girlfriend can read palms and says you will die at an early age.

Her prediction may well turn out to be true, if she finds about your other girlfriend.

Answer by alexandra2702
Your girlfriend seems to be either joking or a really terrible palm reader………..maybe you should show her your question on here?

Answer by American Man
Nobody can tell that.
Change girlfriends right away.

Answer by j. lunchbox
i think its total bull and if it isn’t you wont know cuz you’ll be dead.

Answer by sammi23
No it’s not true, and what kind of girlfriend would tell her boyfriend that anyways!

Answer by danabee
I do believe in psychics, as I have had very accurate readings before. HOWEVER. I do not believe in palm reading. Example: The life line is supposed to determine the length of your life and I barely have one on my palm! lol Maybe I will live forever… Please don’t worry about your girlfriend’s prediction. Tell her you know how to read tarot cards and give her a scary reading-see how she likes it! lol

Answer by shiariryu
The simple answer is ‘no’. From the palm-reading standpoint, death cannot be predicted. “Stressful” episodes are thought to show up on the dominant hand, which can be of mental, emotional, financial, or physical in nature. If she is saying you are going to ‘die young’ because of a short lifeline, she is not able to ‘read’ palms. Lifelines are relative. Just because mine curves to my wrist and towards the back of my hand does NOT mean I’m going to live to be 110.

Answer by Cannon Cannonball
Um hate to brake It to ya but I think this might be her trying to give you the old ‘ITS OVER!’ sign…

Answer by Stephen
From what I have learned about palmistry I would have to say that your girlfriend might not know what she is talking about. Your life line doesn’t tell you how long you will live but what kind of life you will have. There isn’t a line on your palm to tell you when you will die.

Blessed Be )O(

Answer by Elder H
Well a friend of mind has had readings done by several palm and tarot readers and he has been told by them that according to thier readings he is suposed to be already dead but he is very much alive although he has been declared dead before by doctors and then came out of it and is still alive today.

Answer by just a dude…
She’s just yanking yer chain. Relax. Everyone knows palm reading is total nonsense.

Answer by Thalia
Well, she sounds like a real bitch! No, its definitely not real!! She is making it up.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I access yahoo & aim messenger on Palm TX? What software or program should I use?

I am thinking about purchasing the Palm TX and I am wondering if I can use yahoo and aim messenger on this device. If so, what do I need to do or purchase to access those messengers.

Answer by Wiseone
internet explorer

Answer by rogueryche
For AIM, check out this link to the AOL mobile products:

I didn’t see a specific one for Yahoo, but you may want to check this one out:,64105-order,1-page,1-c,morepalm/description.html

Good luck!

Answer by Smokey MonTana
dont spend your money

go to

You can access yahoo aim, msn and google

I have not heard many people happy with palm –
For an excellend paid messenger get
Agile Messenger – worth the money – can share pictures thru messenger

Myself, I have Audiovox PPC6700– I think you can access the same websites I prefer to get Windows

When I was evaluating everything that I could get, I found MANY MORE applications for WM then Palm
choice is yours of course –
Good luck

But for today==For a free program –
says ipod, but Wondershare is a great ompany and if you read the reviews throughout the day
Wondershare PPT to iPod is a professional PowerPoint to iPod video converter. It can convert PowerPoint presentations to iPod MP4 video format with excellent quality.

– very suavy people review the program and highlight both the good and the bad of each product and extra uses!! 🙂

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Handwriting Analysis, anyone else think it is reliable?

I recently read a book on handwriting analysis. I think it was fairly reliable. I’m basing it on myself and people I know. My job involves hiring people for many different companies and I am debating on using this practice, at least under the table as a strictly pre-screening method. Has anyone else read any books on this, or do you think it is compared to palm reading or something?

Any real word experiences?

Answer by whathappentothisnation
Just speaking for myself, I never write the same way all the time.

I do not think it is a good idea, to hire people based on analysis of their handwriting. Besides, I know people who fill out their application using their computer; and a resume is always done in this method.

I have never read any books on this topic, but I do know it can’t be compared to palm reading.

Answer by Jeramoo
I believe it can be somewhat useful for certain things *when used by experts*.

In no way do I believe it should be used when it comes to whether you hire someone or not. It’s not perfect by any means.

In your case, it should definitely not be used. Reading a book in no way makes you an “expert in the field”. People are probably counting on those jobs and using this to determine their eligibility is really not ethical.

I don’t know. How would you feel if it (or something similar) was used to determine something in your life? How would your employers feel knowing you’re doing this?

Answer by Frou Frou
yes i think its reliable, its nothing to do with palm reading and it wouldn’t be really legal if you started not hiring people because of their handwriting

obviously you dont want someone who writes really terribly nor someone whos handwriting suggests bad or suspicious thing sabout their personality
, but in order to be fair and legal you would have to hire them if they were the best suited to the job, see what happens when they are working, ask them to sort out their writing out, and keep an eye on them.

if it got out you were not hiring based solely on handwriting i think youd end up with some law suits on your hands

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