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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : my life has made a 360, can anyone read my palm?

i am naturally a happy, fun loving individual who dosnt let anything get in my way, but life hasnt been treating me good from a very young age. i still kept my happyness and faith after witnessing and going through something tragic at the age of seven. Thats the year my parents divorced. its was extremely hard for me. my father recieved full custody of my brother and i, which i thought was a compete mistake. i learned to undersatand my fathers ways, without his love and appreciation . i grew up with nannys since his work seemed to be his main priority. i lost contact with my mother at age 9. by the time i reached my teenage years i stated to wonder if i was a victim of brainwashing. i wasnt stupid, i had no choice but to mature at a young age by the brainwashing my dad and his family did to me. my teenage years were very hard for me. i was lost and had no direction in life. my fathers business too my brother and i to many citys and states. i was always the new kid, i felt like such and outcast but i walways managed to have an abundance of friends. i was pretty cool. but even friends and popularity wouldnt feel the void in my heart. i started to hang out with a bad crowd. got myself involved with drugs and starting living the party lifestyle. i guess that was my way of self medicating to deal with my past and my chronic self esteem isuues. to this day, i feel as if i dont belong or relate to anyone. im 22 now. i began to show interest in astrology things like that. im a leo born on july 25 1990. im a white horse in the Chinese astrology. i also started going to physics for guidence. yes i met some questionable ones, but there was some who said similar things. that caught my attention. they were spot on! after that i continued to live my life, but of course, my bad luc got in the way. my family from my mothers side found my through social internet sites. words can never explain how happy i was! again my bad luck got in the way. i soon found out my mother was murderd after her many attempts in finding my brother and i.. i soon found out my father lied and manipulated his was through the court system and took advantage of the fact that my mother couldnt speak english to defend herself. yet i still had a love for my father. yes hes was bad, and had issues with alcohol and drugs. but he gave my brother and i everything and i mean everything we eveer wanted. my dads business went under due to the economy and we lost close to everything. i went back to my old ways. self medicating. but this time it was much worse. alcohol, pills, cocaine, and the worst… meth… i lost my job, appt, soul. i had no choice but to move back in with my father. like i said… he lost everything which my my new life style not anything diff than my own. still my father remaind to be absent in our lives. though he did manage to keep us sheltered and fed even though it was nothing compared to the life we had. anyways.. time to get to the point… i need some help, i have lost faith in a bunch of things but the “supernatural” always had a way of holding my interest. here are pictured of my palm. i would appreciate some guidence from real people who could help this my lost and damaged soul. im on ther verge of a mental and physical breakdown.. heres a link to my palm pics. i would usually go to a pyscic but i obviously dont have the money anymore. please! someone help me.!/nickrivera7/media/slideshow?!/nickrivera7/media/slideshow?

Answer by Genuine Female Behind My Avatar
I can read your palm, but would have to see it first.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Would you read a novel with this character in it? How do you like him?

Name — Derek Steele
Age –15
Hair Color –Blonde
Eye Color –Grey
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks –a scar across his eye, and an X on his palm.
Height –5ft. 8in.
Weight –143
Mother –dead
Father –dead
Brothers –dead
Strength–His powers
Weakness –His best friend
Fears –Losing his best friend
Secrets –He has powers
Day or Night Person –Night
Optimist or Pessimist –Pessimist
Special Abilities or Powers -Dark Magic: Walking through walls, Taking over shadows, Changing his eye color(each color does a different thing), Having his fingertips have a black aura around them and then with that he can create shadow blades that can cut through almost anything, and when he gets really mad he can turn himself into your worst fear.
Clothing –Black t-shirt, black jacket w/hood, black fingerless gloves, dark blue jeans.
Extra Items in clothing —
Town or City Name –Rexville, Illinois
Details of Town or City –It is a big city like Chicago that doesn’t exist.
Best Friend –Kayla Heart(14)
Other Friends –Ray Jacobs(14) & Cory Heart(15)
If your character were asked to describe him or herself, what would he or
she say? He would say that he is a monster.

Deep down, what does your character really think of his or herself? Do they
think they are fair, moral, honest, ect…? He thinks he is a monster and is way to protective of Kayla.

Answer by Aaaa
I would read a novel with this character in it. He doesn’t sound too real but I liked him anyway. I liked the idea of your story with Derek trying to protect his best friend and thinking he is a monster… It sounds pretty interesting and I would love to read! Jus try to stay away from clichés!
Good luck!;…
Answer mine?

Answer by smk
I would read it. He seems interesting.

Answer by Pecos Bill
No, but I’m not your target audience. This is a character that would only appeal to a teenager, and probably only teenage girls. That said, you should still write the book. Find your audience and tell your story. You should consider changing the surname of a couple of your characters from ‘Heart’ to ‘Hart’, as I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of anyone who spelled thier last name Heart.

Answer by A. Thorne
He’s cliched (was his family all killed in an accident or something?), too many powers to start out with, (too much to keep in your mind as you read, make sure he has one main one and the others are used sparingly), give him some definitive weaknesses that lead him into conflict. Grey eyes are usually an indication of age or illness. There is a singer named Corey Hart if you don’t want that name to become a distraction. Just my opinions.

Answer by Sage Black
Dude I love this character totally awesome . I would read any book with a character like that because im into the paranormal stuff.

Answer by Kelley
I’m not sure, he strikes me as a Mary-Sue-ish fangirl creation, I would take a dislike to him.

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How to Find & Read the Heart Line | Palm Reading


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