Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : myth? the letter of the person you will marry in your palm? any other myths?

isnt there a myth or something that says the initial of the person you will marry can be found in your palm? If you heard of this can you provide details? are there any other myth with love? thanks

Answer by BelieverNotADreamer
never heard of it

Answer by couch :3
no, not the details. Besides your palm changes with age, so even if there was something like that, it would change often. But I know you can tell if you will get married or not by palm reading. If you are interested- just google it

Answer by Slightly Ravenous
I guarantee you, that I can find almost all the letters of the alphabet in my palm, so of course you can find the letter there! Right off the bat I can see an M, N, L, T, X, J, O, P, A, V…sounds pretty silly to me.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm Treo 700w Vr Palm Treo 700p?

The Treo 700W operates on Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs version 5.0 and Treo 700p operates on Palm OS 5.4.9. Does anyone know from experience witch one of the operating system is best for this phone?

Thank you for reading the question……

Answer by Bitch!
I have a 700p and my sister has a 700w, if you have a hard time figuring out phones, then I wouldn’t get the 700w, especially if no manual come with it. 700p is way easier to use. I love my 700p!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Your thoughts, Poem?

For a loving maiden belle
Upon her palm, the lines will tell
Awaiting destiny,
a cursed farewell.

Mystic magic spells, to predict
a mystery of what foretells,
through tarot cards,
Reading past shattered hearts.

Turning cards will reveal.
An emperor,
May her heart he steal,
and forever in his palm conceal.

Answer by Rick Shaw
Sounds mushy.

Answer by crashedismyid
I like it too

Answer by Cool Cat
I love it! Are you going to submit it to anything? It’s really good.

Answer by Cornelia135
its really nice, i hope you continue to write poems because it seems that it is your hubby…..have fun…and by the way…nice content of the poem….

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading about love

Ian Somerhalder Palm Reading


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