Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Name 13 kids with theses names?

Name 13 kids using my favourite names below. You can pick the genders but have at least one of each and include a first and middle name(as many as you’d like of course) 

Girl names: Genevieve, Louisa, Ada, Marjorie, Imogen, Ingrid, Isla, Isobel/Isabel, Flora/Florence, Penelope, Elsabet, Mathilde, Beatrice/Beatrix, Rosalie, Winnie, Hattie, Emalia, Madeleine, Liliana(Lili-On-Uh), Adeline, Kathrine, Margaret, Mollie, Katalina/Katrina, Helena, Joy

Boys: Eleazer, Jesse, Luca, Declan, Felix, Nathaniel, Dmitri, Micah, Malachi, Andre, Spencer, Riley, Harold, Paul, Louis(French Pronouciation Louie), Theodore, Alfie, Ezra, Jacob, Liam, Jackson, Kellan, Seth. 

Of course feel free to add last names, birthdays, and ages. Whoever has the most detailed answered will get BA!

Thank you,

Answer by Y
Penelope Joy
Beatrix Isla
Liliana Imogen
Margaret Adeline
Genevieve Florence
Ada Madeleine
Molly Louisa
Helena Ingrid
Luca Declan
Felix Liam
Micah Louis
Riley Paul
Jacob Seth

Penny, Bea, Lilie, Margot, Evie, Moll, Helena, Luke, Micah, Riley and Jake

Answer by Laurel
Here are my 13 (fictional) kids in order of oldest to youngest! 🙂

Girl: Penelope Isla (nickname Penny)
Girl: Louisa Emalia
Boy: Theodore Seth (Nickname Theo)
Girl: Hattie Mathilde
Boy: Andre Ezra
Girl: Rosalie Liliana
Boy: Liam Louis
Boy: Luca Spencer
Boy: Declan Riley
Girl:Isabel Beatrice
Girl: Madeleine Joy
Girl: Mollie Kathrine
Girl: Helena Margaret

Answer by ✿ ℳιssḠυι∂ℯ∂ ✿
• Penelope Louisa
• Katrina Imogen
• Margaret Joy
• Helena Mathilde
• Rosalie Florence
• Hattie Beatrice
• Isla Genevieve

• Ezra Theodore
• Felix Nathaniel
• Kellan Riley
• Malachi Jacob
• Harold Paul
• Eleazar Jackson


Answer by Kate
Wow! If you don’t mind, I just stole a few of your boy favourites. I am having a hard time coming up with boy names 🙂

1.. Helena Margaret – This is actually my daughter’s name!
2. Genevieve Elisabet
3. Madeleine Louisa
4. Mathilde Imogen
5. Emalia Florence
6. Beatrice Joy
7, Ada Kathrine
8. Declan Felix
9. Kellan Theodore *One I stole 🙂
10. Malachi Liam * Another I stole
11. Riley Nathaniel * The last one I stole
12. Ezra Dmitri
13. Jacob Louis

Lovely names!

Answer by Hannah
Genevieve Ada “Ginny”
Isabel Margaret “Issa”
Rosalie Imogen “Rosie”
Madeleine Elsabet “Maddie”
Liliana Mollie “Lily”
Adeline Emalia “Lina”
Kathrine Isla “Kate”
Helena Mathilde “Lena”
Declan Louis
Nathaniel Jesse “Nathan”
Theodore Riley “Theo”
Jacob Andre
Jackson Kellan “Jack”

Answer by Elizabeth
Genevieve Louisa Radcliff “Ginny”. 20
Madeleine Elsabet Radcliff “Maddie” 18
Liliana Joy Radcliff “Lillie” 17
Emalia Florence Radcliff “Ema” 16
Kathrine Helena Radcliff “Katie” 15
Adeline Mathilde Radcliff “Addie” 14
Rosalie Imogen Radcliff “Rose” 13
Penelope Flora Radcliff “Nellie” 12

Ezra Paul Radcliff, 11
Spencer Riley Radcliff “Spence” 10
Jackson Micah Radcliff “Jack” 9, twin,
Jacob Eleazer Radcliff “Jake” 9, twin
Kellan Seth Radcliff “Kell” 8.

I made them all related…though I’d never actually have 13 children.
Lovely names 🙂

Answer by hαiℓєy♥
• Genevieve Kathrine
• Isobel Rosalie
• Flora Adeline
• Mathilde Joy
• Beatrix Emalia
• Winnie Madeleine
• Margaret Louisa

• Felix Declan
• Nathaniel Riley
• Theodore Paul
• Ezra Malachi
• Jackson Eleazer
• Micah Liam

“Eva, Isobel, Flora, Milla, Beatrix, Winnie, May, Felix, Nate, Teddy, Ezra, Jack & Micah”


Answer by ali
1. Genevive (Vi) Grace Roland, born 1/23. A creative, artsy red headed girl who loves painting.
2. Adeline (Addi) Kai Roland, born 2/15. A sweet, curly haired fair skinned, blond and blue eyed beauty.
3. Hattie May Roland, born 3/27. Despite having down syndrome, loves life.
4. Madeline Prater Roland, born 4/17. Gorgeous, with light brown hair and bright blue eyes who always is around Hattie.
5. Kathrine (Katie) Allysandra Roland, born 5/29. Quirky and loves to dye her hair and play on her phone.
6. Mollie Alexandra Roland, born 6/3. A stunning girl with a mix of red and brown hair, and blue eyes. With boys wrapped around her finger, she knows it, and likes it. Funloving and loves to speak other languages. She is best friends with Elsabet.
7. Elsabet (Elsie) Alison Roland, born 7/11. A girl who is best friends with her sister Mollie. Blond and brown eyed, she has a bright smile and loves photography.
8. Louis Thomas Roland, born 8/10. A shy boy who has a crush on a girl in their grade.
9. Declan Ezra Roland, born 9/2. The girls love him, he loves them, and the parties. A disappointment to the Roland’s.
10. Jackson Emmet Roland, born 10/8. Handsome and charming, he is a ladie’s man and spoils all of them. Loves his family.
11. Jacob Benjamin Roland, born 11/7. Dark hair and green eyes, he is a super nice guy. He loves hanging out with his friends and that one special girl.
12. Spencer Riley Roland, born 12/20. Blond and a big sports fan, Spencer loves basketball and all sports
13. Nathaniel (Nate) Micah Roland, not born yet. Due 12/4.

Answer by Anglesea
I’m going to put them in “birth order”, like what order i WANT them to be born –

Katherine Ada
Elsabet Joy
Louisa Margaret
Jesse Theodore
Winnie Madeleine
Liam Spencer
Harold Paul
Andre Nathaniel
Jackson Felix
Mollie Ingrid
Jacob Kellen
Riley Seth
Rosalie Flora

(Kat, Elsabet, Louisa, Jesse, Winnie, Liam, Harry, Andy, Jack, Mollie, Jake, Riley, Rosie)

Answer by Olivia
1. Adeline Beatrice Jackson
Age: 11
Birthday: 5/6/2001
Height: 4’7
Weight: 74 lbs.
2. Seth Andre Geraldson
Age: 8
Birthday: 4/25/2005
Height: 4’2
Weight: 51 lbs.
3. Emalia Joy Carson
Age: 5
Birthday: 8/12/2007
Height: 3’7
Weight: 32 lbs.
4. Nathaniel Spencer Haroldson
Age: 10
Birthday: 7/5/2003
Height: 4’8
Weight: 63 lbs.
5. Rosalie Florence Drew
Age: 15
Birthday: 10/14/1997
Height: 5’4
Weight: 97
6. Ezra Harold Jacobson
Age: 13
Birthday: 6/2/1999
Height: 5’1
Weight: 86 lbs.
7. Mollie Margaret Peters
Age: 10
Birthday: 1/1/2002
Height: 4’6
Weight: 58 lbs.
8. Paul Dmitri Geralds
Age: 18
Birthday: 5/23/1994
Height: 5’7
Weight: 126 lbs.
9. Isla Louisa Rhode
Age: 11
Birthday: 11/28/2001
Height: 4’5
Weight: 74 lbs.
10. Liam Jacob Yertson
Age: 16
Birthday: 12/5/1996
Height: 5’6
Weight: 107 lbs.
11. Katalina Penelope Holland
Age: 17
Birthday: 6/30/1995
Height: 5’3
Weight: 110 lbs.
12. Micah Harold Tolonso
Age: 2
Birthday: 4/16/2011
Height: 2’8
Weight: 32 lbs.
13. Genevieve Madeleine Fredericks
Age: 14
Birthday: 2/19/1998
Height: 5’3
Weight: 87 lbs.

Answer by Rosie
(in order of age)

1. Louis Nathaniel (19)
2. Katherine Isla (17)
3. Ada Beatrice (16)
4. Harold Jesse (14)
5. Felix Seth (11)
6. Helena Ingrid (10)
7. Imogen Flora (8)
8. Alfie Theodore (8)
9. Liam Micah (6)
10. Katrina Mollie (5)
11. Winnie Adeline (3)
12. Luca Jackson (2)
13. Rosalie Isobel (6 months)

“Louis, Kate, Ada, Harry, Felix, Helena, Immy, Alfie, Liam, Trina, Winnie, Luca and Rose”

Answer by amyhpete
The O’Granahans. Isaiah (architect) and Emma (novelist) are the parents. They live in a small town in California. They have successfully blended a family. Vivi, Beatty, Jesse, Penny and Maddie are Isaiah’s from his first marriage. His first wife left after Penny and Maddy were born. Doc, Kate, Mic and Maggie are Emma’s from a failed relationship, and she took in EJ, Mollie and Mally after her sister and brother in law died. Izzy and Riley are Isaiah’s and Emma’s together. All the older kids have chosen the name O’Granahan, who didn’t already have it.

Genevieve Ada (Vivi) – age 22, senior at UCLA in pre-med and French. Wants to treat people with AIDS and other serious illnesses in Haiti and Francophone African nations. Dark hair and eyes, plays cello. Hilarious — starts water gun fights in the house she shares with her friends in LA.

Beatrix Ingrid (Beatty) – age 20, sophomore at Colorado. Ski bunny, majoring in partying, oops, she means Psychology. Brown hair and dark brown eyes, practically engaged to an Australian student named Cullen, but he hasn’t popped the question yet.

Jesse Kellan (Jess) – age 17, senior in high school. Deep thinker, reads girls’ palms to introduce himself. Peacemaker, saved up and bought an old BMW to fix up, his younger siblings hang around when he’s working on it to ask his advice. His older sisters tell him he needs to cut his dark hair in which he’s dyed a red/black streak, and maybe more girls would pay attention to him. Actually, he has no trouble with girls, but he spends more on his car than on his girl so it never lasts long.

Penelope Helena (Penny) – 16, Junior in high school. Diva in the choir and lead in the musical. Dark auburn hair and hazel eyes. Big smile. Generally cheerful. Not the greatest student, but hopes she can go to Juilliard in New York. Already preparing her audition. Maddie’s twin, but they’re totally different from each other.

Madeleine Louisa (Maddie) – 16 Junior in high school. Athletic and tough. Same dark auburn hair and hazel eyes as Penny. She dyes hers redder and keeps it short. Wants a basketball scholarship to UConn and a future in the WNBA.

Declan Liam (Doc) – 14 Eighth grade. Serious gamer, he is always playing Halo and other challenging games with his online and real friends. Sacks groceries to pay for more equipment. He doesn’t really talk to anyone except the few times he either gets Jesse to play with him or hangs around Jesse’s shop. His friend Camden introduced him to pot. He’s lost in his huge family. Redhead with freckles which he also hates.

Katherine Marjorie (Kate) – 12 Seventh Grade. Auburn hair and freckles. Athletic — great soccer and tennis player. Plays saxophone in band. President of everything she can be. Ambitious. Seeks a career in politics. Takes care of her younger siblings and helps them with her homework.

Micah Harold (Mic) – 10 Fourth Grade. Auburn hair, brown eyes, slightly olive skin. Into every kind of sport, sometimes convinces Doc to play the sports games like NFL with him. Just started playing tuba in band. Hilarious and likes to play pranks. Always up to something with his twin, Maggie.

Margaret Rosalie (Maggie Rose) 10 Fourth Grade, Micah’s twin. Prankster, funny, auburn hair, freckles, brown eyes. Champion swimmer on the swim team, and already beginning a running program to stay in condition. Dreams of the Olympics.

Ezra Jackson (EJ) – 8 3rd Grade. Bright red hair in longish curls, freckles, green eyes. Does amazing computer art. Great student. Shoots hoops and shags balls for Maddie in the back yard.

Mollie Flora (Mols) – 6 kindergarten. Bright red/apricot hair, curly, freckles, green eyes. Loves to read and play with her friends. Hilarious prankster. Notices everything. Sometimes tattles on the older siblings, but can be bought with snacks and new pens and stickers. Loves to wear bright patterned tights and leggings with contrasting shirts and skirts.

Malachi Paul (Mally) 4 Pre-k Reddish brown hair and green eyes. Asks questions constantly. Loves sports but isn’t old enough to really play with Micah. Follows Micah around and also talks Jesse’s ear off while he’s working on his car.

Isabel Joy (Izzy) – Strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. 3 preschool. Fun and laughing. Follows Mollie around all the time.

Riley Theodore – 1 just learned to walk. Chubby with red hair and green eyes.

Answer by Willow
Louisa Joy, Ada Marjorie, Imogen Florence, Katherine Winnie, Madeleine Isla, Isobel Hattie, Theodore Jese, Louis Seth, Ezra Malachi, Jackson Micah, Dmitri Harold, Adeline Mathilde & Nathaniel Felix.

Lo, Ada, Ginny, Kat, Leiney, Bel, Theo, Lou, Ezra, Jack, Dim, Elin and Nate.

Answer by ☮ღ♥ღ Loveღ♥ღ♥ Charizma ♥ღ♥ღ™
Helena Genevieve
Katherine Rosalie
Mollie Isabel
Liliana Margaret
Mathilde Beatrice

Jesse Malachi
Ezra Felix
Kellan Seth
Riley Nathaniel
Dmitri Spencer
Luca Theodore

Answer by Lia
Jesse Louis Saunders: 18 (Twin)
Seth Harold Saunders: 18 (Twin)
Jacob Liam Saunders: 17
Genevieve Helena Saunders: 16
Felix Theodore Saunders: 14 (Twin)
Penelope Madeleine Saunders: 14 (Penny, Twin)
Micah Nathaniel Saunders: 13
Jackson Malachi Saunders: 12
Louisa Kathrine Saunders: 10
Kellan Riley Saunders: 8
Luca Paul Saunders: 5
Mollie Katrina Saunders: 4
Rosalie Isobel Saunders: 2

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Magic TrickS?

anyone know were to get good magic tricks online for free? like video tutorials. like stuff from penguin magic but for free.

I have 60 free videos, but i kneed more

Answer by trsmd
An interesting stunt where a person is lifted up into the air by the fingertips of a group. Interesting and mystifying theory. Read how it’s done here.

Effect: A person becomes seemingly weightless and may be lifted from a chair on the index fingers of four smaller people.
Although various explanations have been proposed, this classic stunt continues to mystify and amuse.

Stage 1:

The person to be lifted ( choose a fairly heavy person ) should be relaxed but upright on a firm chair. Feet should be on the floor and their hands on their lap.

The four assistants should stand two on each side of the person, one by each shoulder and one by each knee.

Each assistant should make fists with both hands, then extend the two forefingers and touch them together, gently but firmly the two assistants standing by the shoulders, place their extended forefingers under the seated persons right or left armpit. The other two assistants place their forefinger under the seated persons left or right knee

The person to be lifted thinks “down” and imagines him or herself to be sinking into the chair.

In this position, the four assistants should try to lift the person.

Stage 2:

The assistants should now place their palms on top of the seated persons knee or shoulder and together, exert a steady downwards force.

While they are doing this someone counts out loud from one to ten.

On the count of nine, the four assistants quickly take their former positions with extended forefingers under the armpit or knee. On the count of ten, they try again to lift the person. The seated person should think”up” and imagine himself or herself rising into the air.

If these instructions are followed carefully, the person will soar straight up into the air on the forefingers of the assistants.

Answer by wlperie is where you can find a couple free videos, ive got a couple in my email if ya want me to email them to you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who can answer my iPhone Questions?

I have some questions about iPhones, you probably need to have one to be able to help me out, but any help is appreciated. I’m in Australia if that makes any difference.

1) What the advantages of having an iPhone that you didn’t realise before you owned it?

2) Was there anything that disappointed you about the iPhone after getting one?

3) If you have a router on your home computer in order to use internet on laptops, can you access internet on your iPhone (provided you have the password).

4) Can you access free internet on the iPhone? If so, do all public ‘wifi hotspots’ (or similar services) provide free internet?

5) How does it function simply as a phone compared to other current models form different makers?

6) Is it simple to access information regarding your usage over the past month, and how much more your plan will allow? In Australia how does it differ between the different providers? (Telstra in particular).

7) How durable is the iPhone (the unit and the screen), with and without a protective casing? What environments can it withstand (i.e., pocket, bag etc.)?

8) What hope is there for an iPhone if it is dropped?

9) How long does the battery last before it needs to be recharged? After several discharge/recharge cycles, how well does it maintain its original battery life?

10) If you download a video form YouTube, and then put it on your iPhone, what is the picture quality like?

11) How long does it take for the novelty of the features take to wear off?

12) How do you think the next model differ to the current one?

Please number the answers to the questions. Thankyou for your help!

Answer by Matthew
1. Ease of use.. Overall better quality than previous phones i have owned..

2. No tethering, No MMS witch is NOW offered so that’s good.

3. yep

4. Yes, and i even used it online at our condo on the beach.. It requires a WEP Password, Then a login for each user, The iPhone worked great with that system.

5. The phone is the best, Compared to my previous Blackberry Storm, I should have threw the Storm in the pool Earlier.. LOL PS Blackberry Storm is NOT waterproof LOL!

6. I have AT&T, and there is an AT&T App for the iPhone, its very clear on how much Data, Mins, and Texts you have used, and how much you have left 🙂

7. I have not dropped my phone, Or had any sudden surges to it.. i do not use a case, Because i think its prettier without one lol. and there are currently NO scratches, on my 3rd month of use.

8. They survive, My first iPhone was a 2G, i dropped it on Concrete hundreds of times, I finally put it to rest when i decided to upgrade, It worked fine, I sold it on Ebay 😛

9. Over time, I have noticed the battery life to get BETTER.. but while on 3G, it drains a LOT faster than on edge.. Normally on non stop use, It can do about 3-5 hours..

10. its not HD by any means, But you could read a sign in the video if you had to.. Its high quality, but not HD.

11. Not quite sure i understand what your asking here… Sorry..

12. The next model will be all about competing with the DROID, it will have a better camera, Possibly a flash function.. I dono if it will have it or not.. But id LOVE to see a Wireless charging feature like the Palm Pre.

13. You as a Lot of questions… Feel free to send me a personal message if you have any more 🙂

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