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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : natural way to shrink pores and leave skin glowing and clean?

hey im wondering if theres any natural “recipes” for shrinking pores, morsterizing, and cleansing!
ive read about toothpaste for acne
ive read about baking soda and sugar scrub for shrinking pores
anything else? or help if that works???

Answer by iola
rub ice over the skin.. it helps to close pores…

Answer by Nick
Try this:
Take a potato (any kind will do)
Cut 2, centimeter thick, slices
Rub the slices all over your face until the potato’s juices go dry (about 45 minutes)

Answer by Storms
the best thing to do for your skin is exfoliate it, make sure to wash your face with cold water and use a ton of vitamin E, this will make your skin nice and tight and make it more of a natural look

Answer by SBabii
Dont do all those procedures like ppl say. Trust me. Just massage a tiny bit of Olive oil in the skin and sleep on it. It will close all your open pores. I had the same problem. worked within two weeks !

**only use a little so your skin doesnt look too greasy thoe. use about two drops.**

Answer by brittney s
toothpaste is harmful- only use it as a last result like if you have a big pimple before prom and no other option… first, to shrink your pores, you have to open them to clean them well- open them by boiling water and then putting your face in the steam, then quickly wash your face with soap and water while your pores are still open. once you clean out your pores they are easier to close, put a cold soft washcloth on your face, and also, when your washing your face don’t scrub so hard, that “rips” pores open. a facial scrub 2 times a week wouldn’t hurt, and its cheap to use sugar scrubs- thats ok. i haven’t tried the potato thing, but it seems like it would work- i think cucumbers work too. go with the natural things- not like toothpaste, because the more chemicals you put on your face, the more irritated your face gets, and then your pores try to open to get chemicals out because it wants to reject the un-natural chemicals. if you do this daily, they will shrink more. i hope this helps you. i am pretty sure it is bad to put olive oil on your face- because your skin shouldn’t want oil like that- but i guess it wouldnt hurt too much to try once at least.

Answer by Mukunda M
*This safe, natural cure is a really effective way to quickly and permanently rid face of pimples, black and white heads and also reduces large pores and gives healthy glowing skin,

Quite vigorous massage using essential oils works wonders . Lavender, olive, almond and grape seed have been used by specialists to treat and cure acne as they do not clog, cause breakouts and they actually reduce skin’s oil production.

So as not to pull/stretch skin, first tighten by opening mouth 3/4″ and pull lips firrmly back against teeth. Do a forward and back massage – not circular – using tips and front of fingers and sometimes palms – depending where on face you apply. For quickest results do for 15 to 20 min daily (Doesn’t have to be all in one session). Skin will clear and pores will reduce in as little as 2 to 3 days and see better results day by day.

Apply to entire face to get a tight, firm, totally blemish free, healthy skin. Oils are perfect safe moisturizers – many moisturizing products harm and age skin. Simply wipe away surface excess with water and tissues. Does not leave face oily looking.
Do an Answers Advanced Search to find my other answers giving more detailed info. Some have responses from happy users.

SOURCE(S): 20+ years research safe, natural treatments/cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments.*B

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I stop eating dairy products to slim down?

I am trying to lose fat off my stomach and I was wondering if eating fewer or no dairy products would help. (I have read from multiple sources that they are unhealthy because of the saturated fat content.) But I’m worried that if I eliminate dairy I will not get enough calcium. I can’t stand fat-free dairy products, so that’s not an option. What should I do?

Answer by sweetepi
Cut out breads and sodas. Lessen dairy just a teeny, tiny bit. The weight will peel off.

Answer by Lina
Saturated fat is good for you. Google it.

edit: eheheh, didn’t really read the part where you said that you don’t like skim milk. Sorry about that.

Answer by Ellie
I’m actually losing weight eating dairy, keeping within the recommended guidelines as outlined by the USDA. I drink 1 glass of 2% milk a day, and eat greek yogurt with berries in it for my breakfast. But I drink skim organic milk so I don’t know if you can do it without drinking skim. Hmm. If you don’t want the dairy, you can always get a calcium supplement, or cut back on other fats throughout the day.

Answer by Monnie
You can try lower fat dairy, 2% and 1% is better than skim. If you eliminate dairy take calcium supplements. I don’t know that getting rid of them will help as in another study done, it didn’t matter what people ate, just so long they reduced their calorie intake they always lost weight. So however you cut out the calories, whether threw dairy products or not eating bread, you will lose weight if you burn more than you take in. Whatever you cut out though, to make sure you get all your vitamins take a daily vitamin to ensure your health.

Answer by Hunts
Keep eating dairy products, but eat them in healthy amounts. Also cut out fast foods and foods with saturated fats. Try not to get food from the freezer isle. Go fresh and make stir fry or salad. YOu dont have to cut out good tasting foods, you just gotta learn how to cook it so it will be healthy. Instead of having a cheeseburger have a grilled chicken sandwich. If you have to eat fast food try subway or eat something that is grilled over something that is fried. Hope this helps and goodluck loosing the weight!

Answer by Susan Yarrawonga
Dairy products are good protein and calcium and in moderate amounts they are not fattening.

Saturated fats are also present in meat, poultry, sea food and eggs.

If you consume a lot of dairy products then you need to reduce your intake of other saturated fats.

Vegetable fats are unsaturated with the exception of palm oil and coconut oil.

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