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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : New Palm Pre, what are some cool features or neat apps or websites to use with it?

I just got a Palm Pre and dont feel like reading the entire instruction manual online. What are some cool features (and how to) on this phone? Are there any good applications or free websites to use with it (example: for free wallpaper or ringtones)?
I am not super phone savy, can you tell me what all of these things are (homebrew apps, patches and themes). I keep hearing about them but am not sure I know exactly what they do but would love to learn!!

Answer by tripen_dAN-o
get friendly with

For hombrew:

You’re in luck. Doom and quake were just released on Preware (homebrew).

Answer by Adios Mother F
Go to phonescoop web site and look up the phone.Scroll down and look under features.You can read all the features that the phone has there. As far as I know the palm pre has a market of it’s own.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I believe that our ”destiny or fate”, choose one, are pre-determined however, do we have an option?

Dear readers, it’s not a blind belief out of which i ask you this question but a thorough research of my own and using it in practise that i have come to ask this question, does anything we do have to do with free will??

I used to be an atheist, certain things happened in my life that led me to frustration….now, frustration is a key factor to provoke anyone into religion however, this is not JUST the thing that happened to me. I met a guru who i wanted to prove wrong of his practise, he wasn’t a palmist by profession but a ‘pujari’ (priest). He told me though that he did study the art of palmistry as well and so i gave it a shot. He didn’t play with words with me, he told me that he’ll tell me just what the lines say and nothing more and then, he described in minute detail with direct words my entire life, he told me my future too and it shocked me when he did that so i had to understand this thing. i went online reading up almost every article and tutorial i could find on palmistry and other sects of astrology and i praticed it on numerous people and i UNDERSTAND it to be true. The fu(ked up thing about it is that his predictions of my future is happening to me one by one, it’s all good things that’s happening to me right now and i have no complaints but i still can not understand it if we have free will or not?

I have already discarded the, ‘it’s how you percieve these tests laid on you by god’ theory cos it’s just bullshit and would take me ages to explain.

What we face now is the result of our own deeds in the previous comings onto this world. I believe this notion but how did we land ourselves into this mess if it was something we had no choice over??

If your wife cheats on you, it was supposed to happen (similar case to mine and trust me, i can read it in my palm myself) but does that make the wife a wrong doer or just fullfilling her destiny??

If i get angry over it and do things out of anger that one should not do but then it leads me to fullfill another destiny written for me, was the anger and the acts that followed justifiable??

I hope that the much much more learned people here will be able to help me understand.

Thank you!
Ok, i have an answer below which suggests that predicting the future is impossible. Predicting the future in details, maybe but predicting the future…I can’t say it’s impossible at all. I’m an international student in the uk, before the UK, i applied for a student visa for Australia, after that is when i met the guru, he told me then that i am trying to abroad but will not be able to until the start of next year, and will be a country in the west and not SOUTH is what he said.. it was february then and what he said pissed me off but to my surprise, the australian border agency took more than 9 months to tell me that my application was rejected and here i am now, in the UK! Oh and i came here on Jan, ”start of next year”.

The simple answer is that no one has free will, if you believe that the entire universe obeys the physical laws then you must accept that we don’t have free will.

I read some more of your question about predicting the future, now if someone was able to do such a thing then the act of them predicting the future would affect the future itself, which is predetermined, so predicting the future is in itself impossible.

Answer by Amory
“Fate, is an excuse for why we end up where we do. Our ‘Actions’ predetermine our Destiny, our ‘Reactions’ seal that fate.” – Carl Stoynoff

Everyone has free will. You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can choose what you do with your experiences.

Answer by Army Dude
of course we have a free will.

even if we dont, we dont know before hand what choices we will make, so to US, sure, we have free will.

even if things are pre-determined and we have NO say in our choices, it doesnt matter because to US, we didnt know what was going to happen.

Answer by Araymage
If you believe in god then you believe in pre-destination.

Answer by Joshua
I don’t believe in any of that “fate” crap. Cause if any of it’s true it means we have no choice in life. And you know that’s not true.

Answer by purplepeace59
I think it’s true to say no one has free will per say. There’s genetics and also social, cultural conditioning. But as far as fate or destiny. I’m psychic and have had lots of premonitions. I have lived an impossible life that looks like a story, as if someone has written it. It fits together as if created by some mysterious hand. My personal opinion is that time doesn’t exist. It’s just an illusion created by the brain to organise information. Science is very much going in that direction apparently. I know God exists, had experience. I think God can create a destiny for someone, certainly in my case. But that has to be for a particular reason. Otherwise,no I don’t think the future is predetermined. If time doesn’t really exist then there is no past, present or future. I tend to believe premonitions happen because info travels back through time. I’m quite honestly confused about the whole issue.

Answer by Fo.B
as a former non-religious you must realize that personal experiences aren’t very convincing so i’ll leave the prophecies as they are

i do however believe in determinism though i wouldn’t call it fate or destiny sins this implies some kind of spiritual force

my question to you is if everything is predetermined by what you did in your previous life that means your previous life was also pre determent by the life before that and how can (i will assume) karma punish you for things you have no control over and when was the first life and did that one have free will

(excuse me if i misunderstood the question)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How much should I charge for Psychic Readings.?

I read cards, palms, and can go clairvoiant.
I have been doing it for free but someone asked for priceing… How much is to much and how much is to little.

I don’t own or rent a shop,, or have an online site to worry about .. so my overhead is really low….

Many have asked why dont i know the answer…. or something along those lines… the reason is… I can not read for myself…Its one of the first rules of being a Psychic.
I am seeing answer from you all that Appear to suggest within .25$ of a dollar per minute… I was thinking more along the lines of $ 1 dollar per question? Is that reasonable? Feel free to update your answers.

Answer by rishathra7
well, i’d start out cheap and as you build clientelle start charging more. maybe go like $ 20/$ 30 for 30 minutes.

Answer by isabow27
Check at other online sites to find out what their prices are to give you a baseline of what to charge.

Answer by DominoSweetie
You shouldnt do it at all!

Answer by desperatehw
$ 25.00 for every 15 minutes. That should be fair enough to not get you into trouble. But look into the future first to see if you get arrested at that rate.

Answer by cosaxteacher
Charge as much as you feel ok with charging, and then see what the market would bear. I’d also look for how much other “psychics” are working for.

Answer by briansgirl
if you are really clairvoiant, then you would know how much people are going to be willing to pay…..hmmmmmmmmmm…..

Answer by ez_cheesey
You should be paying people to let you give the readings.

Answer by atomictulip
I would call any area psychics and aske them how much they charge. Try to base your price on that, but adjust it accordingly, lowering your prices in order to establish a clientelle.

Answer by the Oracle
Well, if you’re really psychic, then you can read my mind
and know how much I think you should charge.

Answer by acejester1818
Let me get this right , Your a psychic reader and your asking us? lmao. no more then 50 cent!

Answer by GreatGasMileage
You are providing a service that requires a very select degree of skill / talent / ability. When faced with such a situation, one usually charges “what the market will bear.” Premium prices are charged by those skills that are more rare. Why do doctors charge more than lawyers, lawyers more than opticians, and opticians more than the guy who mows your lawn? The more elite and difficult it is to enter a field, the more you can charge because there just aren’t that many of you. Your notoriety can affect your prices as well. The more famous you get the more money you command.

Charge whatever you feel won’t scare away future business.

Some of the other posts recommend checking out what others in your proposed profession are charging. Good idea.

This could become a lucrative career move for you.

Good luck!

Answer by spot
Go to You find hundreds of psychics charging anywhere from $ 1/min to $ 10 or more /min. Compare yourself with them and see where you fit in. As you develop steady business your price will go up.

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