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Okay so im am frickin in love with the palm pre! Everything about it is wonderful! But i have done lots of research and there have been some complaints about the charger. Now, they say it has a VERY short battery life. Ive read that there is a kinda expensive charger that u can buy optionlly that is better-and lets the pre run longer. You can purchase it at fly?? Im not sure…im a 15 year old girl,so im not a technology buff :] What is this charger called…?

p.s..For those who own the Palm Pre….what are your 5 favorite things about the palm pre, and what are your 5 least favorite things about the palm pre. Much appriciated!

Answer by Palm & IT Geek
The Pre is a great phone, but it does only lasts about 3/4 of a day under heavy use. There is the Touchstone, but it won’t increase the battery life of the phone, it just makes it very easy to charge.

There are also extended life batteries available (Seidio) and if you keep both charged you could always have a spare. I have heard that the battery life is similar to the iPhone 3G (not 3Gs).

Five best things about my fav phone:
1) Hackable (go to and see all the crap you can hack or download to the phone!!)
2) Very easy to use
3) Real keyboard (Yes, I like it better than BlackBerrys)
4) Smooth and slick – style cred here.
5) I migrated from iPod without having to ditch iTunes – it shows up as an iPod. (Although I did finally ditch iTunes for Songbird.)

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I have an electric guitar and i just got it and i’ve been trying to look up some guitar tabs for APC and Tool. Until just recently, i realised i have no idea how to read guitar tabs. Does anyone have any links or tips or lessons on how to properly translate tabs.

Answer by conie
every tab site show you how to do it. the number is the fret you hit. the top line is the highE string (the highest-pitched string), the last row is the lowE string.

Answer by Icefire
You might want to go to a music store, or a online one like to get a book on it. It’s a little too much to answer here .

Answer by Travis W
Tabs are easy. Each line represents a string, each “space” represents a fret, and the number in the dot tells which finger to use when you hold the string down in the indicated fret.

Answer by Broadway
ok. first of all, the line on the top of the tabs is the #1 string and the second one from the top is the #2 string and so on. and the numbers you see on the tabs are the frets. just put your finger on the fret and string it tells you to and you’ll get it. its simple once you get it

Answer by Tiny dancer

Answer by NightTrainWooWoo

That should get you started. You’ll get the hang of it after a while with the slides and the bends. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Keep rockin!

Answer by go wylde!
its all about the numbers. the numbers and lines represent the strings and what fret is to be played.

Answer by Mindless
they are set up with i think 5 lines? (however many strings are on a guitar) then there are numbers on those lines.

the number stands for the fret

then just play them as u go down the line.

example: there is a 2 on the third line, that means u want to hold down string 3 on the second fret.

if there are more then one number (like say theres a 2 on line two and three right below one another) then you would hold down both string 2 and 3 on the 2nd fret.

then you go to the next number/s

Answer by juliefan
Well… from a strict music standpoint, I can. But I don’t play the guitar. Are you talking, like this stuff: Bb C D#?

If you are… here are ways to know what notes to play…

Bb chord: Bb is the root, then D, F
B chord: B, D#, F#
C chord: C, E, G
D chord: D, F#, A

If this is what you need… send me a message and I’ll continue to help you!
If not, I’m sorry… I can’t play the guitar. 🙂

Answer by luvz2puff
Just Google “how to read guitar tabs” and u will get a ton of help. When looking at the tabs you will notice that there are 6 lines used on the bar. These 6 lines represent the actual strings of the guitar. The top line being the high e or the 1st string, the 6th line would be the low E. So now the lines can be looked at at 1=e 2=B 3=G 4=D 5=A 6=E. This would be the standard tuning of the 6 string guitar. A good way to remember is “Every Bunny Gets Drunk After Easter” =eBGDAE. Now when looking at the lines u will notice that there are numbers on the lines. These numbers denote the position that the finger is to be put on to sound the note. For example. If there is a 3 on the first line, then you press your finger on the 3rd fret of the first string. If there is a 0 then u play that string open or with nothing held down. If there is a x on the line then u are to mute the string with palm of picking hand and or not play the string… Its best to practice alternate picking when going through the notes. Example. pick the first string using a downward pick, then the next note using a upward pick. So you will now pick through the bar going down up down up. This will allow you to pick fluidly and will accommodate speed. Practice Practice Practice! And u will LOVE it! Have fun!

Answer by El Moro

6 strings are shown above…you read it the opposite way…the thickest is the last one on the diagram above.
now here’s another diagram…if the numbers in the diagram are in the same order, it’s a chord…example:


solos are most-likely like this (for example):


those are played individually (every number by itself)..
i hope you understand what i said…
good luck

Answer by ♥ R0S3NR0+
you might want to learn the instrument before learning tool

Answer by sixpac304
Guitar tab is fairly simple, but I recommend learning the correct way to identify notes on your guitar.
The top line of the music staff identified as – e is the thickest string, and continues on to – E the thinest string on the guitar.
Notes are called out by numbers 1-21 to 24 depending on the number of frets on your guitar. Note #1 Would be the first fret on the neck.
The top line on the sheet music is string #6 and so on down to #1.
Example: Letters on the left indicate which string numbers on the right indicate which fret to press on the guitar neck.
is great source

Answer by friend
Hi, I’ll try to explain this on English, because my first language is Spanish.
The Tab is a map of the guitar and the place where you must to put the fingers of the left hand.
The Tab have 6 lines that correspond to every cord of the guitar, the first line of the top correspond to the Mi (First Cord)
Then, the Tab have a number on the cord that correspond to the frets on the guitar.
It’s important hear the part of the song to have an idea of how the tab could sound.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : So do you believe in love at first sight? Fate? Destiny?

if you do.. why? and if you don’t, explain why you don’t believe in it..

before you read on, i’m just reminding you that if you’re not LGBT friendly, then this is not for you to read. thanks..

my boyfriend and i are fate and if you don’t think so, read my story.. we just found out on friday that he has this condition that could end his life really soon if we don’t do anything about it.. but i just want our love to be known and share this with you all and let you know that love is real and fate and destiny are real..

this is my story:
i believe in love at first sight.. it’s how i met my boyfriend.. people say it was just major infactuation, but i felt like it was love at first sight.. i believe in fate, destiny and love at first sight.. when i first laid my eyes on my boyfriend 3 years ago, i felt it all.. heart was racing, couldn’t function (i was working construction in a town an hour away from my house and commuted to work everyday).. i looked forward to seeing him everyday, even if we didn’t talk.. i just loved the feeling i had when i saw him everyday doing his work.. after a year, i left to live in hawaii..i didn’t think i’d see him again.. but i remember distinctively telling myself that if he and i were meant to be, we’d see each other again.. of course, chances were very low because i worked an hour away from my hometown and i figured he lived on that side, but never did think was frlom my side.. anyway, i lived in hawaii for a year and completely forgot about him.. so anyway, decided to go back to my home town.. as soon as i got off the plane (sacramento airport), i saw him boarding his plane.. we looked at each other and smiled.. he recognized me and of course i recognized him.. i then rememberred how i told myself that if it was meant to be, we’d see each other again.. so i left the airport and drove home.. about a month later, i was bbqing with my friends on my front yard, and all of a sudden, this guy passed my house.. and slowed down and looked at me and i looked back at him in shock.. the feeling came back to me.. my heart started racing, i lost function of what i was doing.. dropped everything and started freaking out.. i then learned that he lived a few houses down from me.. from that day and on, he alwasy drove by and said hi.. then, one day, as i was doing some grocery shopping, this old woman came up to me and she said she wanted to read my palm and do a psychic reading on me for free.. she did it to me there in the isle of winco (the store i was in).. she told me that the letters “O” and “B” are popping up and that she saw the most purest and genuine love ever in my eyes.. of course, i didn’t know what “O” and “B” were representing at the time.. she told me that me and this person are from a past life and our love has brought us together in this life.. and that i should win this person’s heart before it’s too late.. after that, i immediately went home and thought about it.. the only person i could think of was him.. and i hoped and prayed she was talking abou thim.. it was on my mind for almost 3 months until i finally stood up and stopped him while he drove by.. i asked him to hang out and since then, we have been inseperable.. i found out what his name was.. and his first initial was “O” and his last name initial was “B”.. i was sooo convinced that we were fate by this time.. we were friends and slept over each other’s houses almost every night until about 3 months ago when he asked to be with me.. and the crazy thing about it is that he told me that when he first laid his eyes on me three years ago while we were working construction, he felt like it was love at first sight.. and that when he saw me at the airport, he tried to follow me to say something to me, but couldn’t for long because he had to board his plane.. the crazier thing is that he told me a psychic came up to him one day at the local flea market and told him that she saw love in his eyes and that he had feelings for me but didn’t know how to open up to me because of his mexican culture and his religious background.. and that he would have to win my heart before it was too late.. she also told him to remember the two letters “J” and “G”, which happen to be the initials of my first and last name.. i was speechless and shocked after he told me all of this.. i then told him my story and that’s how we both know that we are meant to be for each other.. on friday, we both learned that he has a condition and it could take his life soon if we don’t act on it.. that’s why i wanted to share my story.. i want it to be known.. i want everyone to know that fate, destiny and love at first sight is sooooo real.. no matter what happens to him.. i’m still glad i met him.. i love him soo much..

just thought i’d share this with you all.. and, honestly, i know that the realest and most genuine love doens’t just pop up in the middle of no where.. real love takes time and grows on someone.. through trust and committment.. but for me, this may all sound like a fairytale, but after all of this, i know that he and i are destined for each other.. PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORY TOO!

Answer by Mustafa
I DO believe in love at first site

Answer by jamesy
ok that is just way to long to read..

Answer by Sean B
I believe in love at first sight because before I met my girlfriend I dated probably 4 or 5 girls and never had this feeling before. The feeling I had for my girlfriend now who Ive been with for 3 years is the moment I looked at her I felt a feeling I cant describe and I was so comfortable around her the first day I layed eyes on her.

Answer by Captain Wozniak
I had a hard time reading through the piss poor grammar and lack of punctuation throughout your story. I gave up after about 4 lines, but I would say NO.

Answer by Dani
i didn’t read one word of that. but yes i believe in love at first sight. only because I experienced it!!

Answer by jessicaus1255
who really know what love is
i think love is over rated a little

just because everybody uses it
but yea i would have to say that love at first sight hmm… no

Answer by heyyy
I am so glad you two found eachother 🙂

I do believe in fate, destiny, but not so much the love at 1st sight thing. I believe that my boyfriend and I are seriously meant to be together. I just can’t describe it, I don’t have an amazing story as you to, but I think you know what I mean when I say that I just know.

Answer by Matt

Answer by carelesswhisper1015
I believe in it 100% and no one will ever change my mind. I won’t be sharing my story but I know what it’s like to love another and know when you’re meant for someone..unfortunatley it doesn’t always work both ways…

Answer by Agent319.007
At least yours turned out awesome!

For me, my love at first sight was a flash in the pan. Fiery and all bright as can be and…


I searched the world over and thought I found true love, he had another and phftt…he was gone.

Answer by Bree
The only person who I felt like that for is gone now. He passed away almost 2 years ago. And it was too late for me. That’s why I don’t believe in love at first sight, destiny, or fate. Also, I’m not religious at all, because I feel it enslaves our minds. I live life day by day. I love life and I choose to do what I think must be done bc it has to be done. I think people want to belive in those things and so what? Sometimes, people need to have faith in something. If this is what you truly believe in, then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Cherish him as much as you can. I wish you the very best! I really do. Appreciate him to the fullest extent. I’m glad some people believe in all that “fairy tale” stuff. I wish I could:(

Answer by wawys
I do belive in love At firt sight, My story does no involve a palm reader but, God,I met my husband in Texas he was from Idaho just went for a week to pickup his mother, so we dated for a week, talked on the phone for a month every single day eventhough in thath week he put a ging in my finguer and promissed to be back for me, he couldn’t go, buthe send me a ticket to come to Idaho and be with him we have been merried for 15 years, and have tree beutyfull children.All because I said to Godone day: Lord I don’t ask you to give me this one, or that one, give me the one you have for me That’s the one I want because you have made us for eachother we will be able to overcome everything. God wants to heal you boyfriend
Give yor life to Jesus. You will not regrate it. We are bless to have found our soulmate, alot people are on their third , some fith marrage, some divorce and sitll searching. We don’t have to surch no more. God bless!

If you want to know more about my story look me up

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on love palm reading

“Palm Reading” – Nick reads Hilarie’s palm

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