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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm pre or iPhone……..?

Which phone would be better for a 14 year old female who likes the internet, msn, facebook, games and talking pictures…

Palm Pre?
iPhone 3G ?

Answer by Kody Wilcox
14 year olds LOVE picture messages.. For a 14 year old, they probably wouldn’t care for the new Compass feature on the iPhone. They are gonna want their phone to do everything..

The iPhone may be better at doing SOME things, but it doesn’t do EVERYTHING the Pre would.. make sense?

The PRE will send Pictures, text, IM, browse the web. The iPhone has the NEW! voice recording and compass.. (wooo…)

The Apple website says it now has MMS.. but if you read the fine print, it has the ability but AT&T won’t have it for the iPhone until late summer.

The palm pre does everything!! PRE PRE PRE..

PS: I have an iPhone.. So i have experience. I loved it but some features just werent there.. The Pre has all of them! 😀

Answer by AT&Tphonewiz
I personally like the iPhone because of its great app store, it has over 50,000 apps and palm only has like a dozen. The iPhone 3G S will be able to send text this summer because its already installed and ready to go, the iPhone 3G wont work because of At&ts network.

The Pre has great features too but for a 14 year old the iPhone will be perfect for you, its a great music player, fast browser, great apps for everything you do. its has a great 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, and video camera and you can edit it right from your iphone.

Answer by R.I.P Barney
I don’t like the iPhone at all. So with that being said I say get the Palm Pre phone.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : who does heroine love?, amnesian anime?

so you see i read the plot of the anime amnesia and i found out this “heroine” girl has been dating this guy shin for three months (who might be the hottest bastard I’ve ever seen) ,but also was about to confess to this other guy toma she loves him; also i’ts said that she’s part of this ikki guy’s fan club (i mean his name is ikki not that he’s icky) but also (and i hope is the last -.- ) she’s also dating this guy called kent….. so who is she really dating, who does she really love and is she doing all of this for a reason or is she just a slut -.- ?

Answer by yousy
No, she just an idiot IMO.
An extreme submissive idiot with no personality. The creator just want a fast cash in by luring girl gamer in to this nightmare 🙂

This anime base on a reverse harem gal game (girl game) so you will know there’s no hope in a story department.

Quoting sayuri on MAL

” The series can hardly be blamed for the bad characters since it’s an adaptation.
The main character (conveniently named “Heroine”) has the personality of a wooden board, is unbelievably naive, can’t say “No” to anyone and is always hurting herself in some accidental way. In fact, that’s pretty much all she does; in one episode she goes as far as to sit still on a couch for several hours.
Yes, she has amnesia; that’s not an excuse for not having a personality.
She rarely questions anyone or speaks up about her feelings, never gets angry or frustrated at anything or anyone and seems to be perfectly happy being treated like a severly handicapped person who depends on everyone.

The guys have reasonably distinct, cliché personalities:
There’s the lone-wolf bad guy, the extremely popular guy that all girls like, the overly rational guy who analyzes everything like a math problem, the social and outgoing guy and the mysterious guy.
The only thing they have in common is that they’re all in love with Heroine and the majority try to force physical interactions with her whether she wants to or not.

Basically, the guys are meant to be eye-candy for female viewers and Heroine is a serious face-palm material “

Written by AlyciaRose

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