Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm Pre or Palm Pixie?

I’m planning on getting a new phone today,
just an upgrade from my Palm Centro.
I love Palm’s
I’ve been using them for about 3 years now.

I’m not sure which to get either a Palm Pre or Palm Pixie.
I went on sprint (cuz thats my service) and read the reviews for both, but they just both sound good.

So if you have either phone, which would you suggest?
thanks 🙂

Answer by TJ J
The Pixi is a stripped down\less featured version of the Pre. The Pre has more functions and features. Go with the Pre.

I have a Sprint Pre and its amazing. Let me know what you decide

Answer by NCL
I would recommend getting the Palm Pre instead. I think it is a better phone.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can someone please give me a reading?*please let it be a girl :)*?

ok,i need a girl please,ok,i was born on july 10 1993 at 1:30 pm.
i just wanted to know what is in my future and is there love?
is there any thing bad?
my name is Kayla Lee and i am a cancer
one more thing,if you can see it,can you tell me if im gonna get my period before i turn 14 for me please?
i dont want any surprises
and please,can you see if i will ever see a boy named Chris Muniz ever again?
i really miss him 🙁

Answer by loula
no body can tell u the future no one of us ppl know future except god who knows all that and if some one told u what will u have in future then he is a lier no body can say that

Answer by betty z
You’re young have more concentration in your studies

Answer by horselover1993whiting
who knows whats in your future mabye that boy chris will turn up in your life that happened to me many times! 😀 you go girl!!!! 😉

Answer by me39721
no one can tell you the future. u also shouldn’t give out all that personal info like that and so simply. life is full of surprises. You just can’t predict these kinds of things.

Answer by the_kitten_trouble
Your future is still being written and it’s not advised to read on someone until they’re at least 17 or 18.

Enjoy being a child. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up so quickly.

Answer by addybme
1. Don’t be in a hurry to get your period…because once you get it, it does not go away for a long, long time. Its not a fun thing to have, and it does not make you a woman any quicker. Enjoy your life before it gets there.
2. Now look on the palm of your hand, Do the lines look like an M??? if they do you are going to get married and have love. If there is a break in the M, then you will be married more than once, so you will have pain with your love. Any branches off of the M, stand for children.
3. There is no way of telling if you will ever see the boy named Chris Muniz ever again. Maybe what you need to do is move on, and enjoy yourself. Once you move on you will be able to heal the pain from missing him, and enjoy your friends, and family more, and then you will maybe be able to find your sweetheart, and enjoy life in general.
4. For some reason I get the feeling that you need to pay a bit more attention in class, and raise your grades. You will want to do so, that way you will be able to get scholarships to some good colleges, and be able to support yourself in life, and live it to the fullest.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I Love New York?

Can some1 give me an good recap of tonights I Love New York with Tango, Real, and Chance i know real go’s home but i want all details best description gets 10 points

Answer by maria tortilla.

Answer by Mariposa
She met their moms. Chance and Real’s mom got along well with NY and her mom and they liked her. The guy’s mom would like to see NY with Real and thought he was a better choice for her. She also told the guys not to fight, they had been there, done that before and it would break her heart if they did it again. We learned that every time Chance and Real’s mom cries, Chance also cries. NY didn’t care. Chance like horses and finds them calming. (The meeting was at a horse farm.) NY also met Tango’s mom, who is older. The ladies didn’t click and NY started to act childish at the table with the mom present. Sister Patterson offered Chance money not to take the chain, he acted like he was going to take the money instead of the chain, but didn’t. Real wished his brother and NY the best. I felt really bad when he left, he really cared about her. She seemed upset as well. (She’ll be kicking herself later, since he was the better pick for her.) The guys and NY are headed off to Mexico. next week is the unseen moments from this season and in two weeks is the finale.

Answer by Bonita Applebaum
I’m watching it right now..I’m confused why she’s sending him home..chance is ridculous. He’s a child. Real is perfect for her. She didn’t learn her lesson the first time around it seems. She’ll never find real happiness.

Answer by Prickle’s Back!
All i can say is that it was very heartbreaking. Claudia, Real and Chance’s mom, showed up and had lunch with Tiffany and Sister Patterson after visiting a horse ranch. Chance was tweaking out big time, and sucking up all of Tiffany’s attention, while Claudia and Sister Patterson talked about how beautiful Tiffany and Real’s kids would be. Poor Real just sat there and took it like a man. Then Tango’s mom showed up and they all went to Tango lessons; but later at lunch, Tiffany tweaked out big time, and left a not so hot impression on Tango’s mom. And then at home, Sister Patterson tried to buy off Chance (at first for $ 5,000 and then for $ 10,000) if he would leave the show. But at elimination, Chance stood his ground, and for reasons unknown, Tiffany eliminated darling, sweet Real. It was so sad. Next week, Tiffany, Tango, and Chance embark for the finale in Mexico. Another yahoo poster mentioned something about the winner (i don’t want to spoil it, so i won’t mention the name here), but I’m pretty disappointed. But then again I Love New York is HIGH DRAMA! Can’t wait for Charm School!!! Hope this summary is sufficient!!

Answer by ivory l
real&chance when’t on a date with there mother and new york and her mom came too and they were at a horse farm and they ate then tango’s mother came and new york asked her mother would she like pushing his mother around then at elimination real when’t home and every on but tango was crying but now there going to mexico for a vacation

Answer by asdf1234
Sorry I hate long posts, but this one is detailed:)

The opening shot are of the men in their respective rooms; Tango is alone while the Stallionaire Brothers slept on adjoining beds. The mood is sombre because tonight’s elimination is important.

Real seems down and though he warns, “I will turn into Cain and destroy Abel” he fixates on teaming up to eliminate Tango. But Tango’s fixation is on winning and he repeats his leave-a-note trick and once again it works.
The note read:

I pray to God that you continue to play the right hand.
With true love,

For some reason that inspires New York to “change clothes” and run over to Tango to sit on his lap.

Looking into his eyes she says, “ever since you left me in Palm Springs, I cannot get my mind off you. There is something about you that moves my soul”
Tango is blushing but becomes very serious when New York asks, “do you love me?”
“I love you”, Tango replies.
***Scene ends***

“Good morning caballeros”, Chamo says, before handing a note to Real.

The note says the moms are coming and mindful of LA traffic, they are making staggered appearances. Real’s and Chance’s mother is first and Tango’s mom will visit the next day.
The news prompts Tango to exclaim, “that’s big for me right now”

There is no time to waste however and the Stallionaire Brothers race upstairs to get dressed. Their shirts of choice are ‘Stallionaire t-shirts’ and as if they’re reading our minds Chance apologizes….”I am not here like Trends handing out CD’s”

Moments later their mom arrives. Her name is Claudia.
Her first impression of New York is perfect….”she is a beautiful lady that the guys are fighting for.” And later describes New York as “absolutely gorgeous”
The date with the mom is a visit to Temecula to play with horses, hence the reason Chamo addressed them as “caballeros”

On the ride there, Sister Patterson says, “he’s kind of aggressive Chance is.” And Claudia agrees.

Encouraged by that, Sister Patterson asks, “what would Real provide for New York?”
“He’s so compassionate and so spiritual”, avers Claudia.
And she goes further to say he writes 4-page letters with rose petals

Finally they arrive at the ranch and New York is understandably nervous given her previous encounter with a horse. But Real assures her it’ll be alright and later Chance persuades her to touch the horse with an outstretched hand.

Seizing the moment Chance does a bit of showing-off with the horses, performing tricks that looked suspiciously like standing there doing nothing. But what do I know.
The tricks upset Real who described him as a “son of a b****”

And those very tricks, impressed New York who described it as “stroking” and went further to say, “the way Chance stroke those horses made me want to stroke something else.”

It was time to eat though after the excitement of stroking horses and all that, so they gathered at the table to chow down. New York seem besotted by Chance as much as everyone else was disgusted by his antics.
Real too was embarrassed, and asked New York, “do you want children?”
“Three”, she replied
“Do you want a twenty-something stepchild too”, Real replied -referring to Chance

New York continues to ignore Real and overplays her obsession with Chance; it’s almsot deliberate.
More than almost in fact, for she soon confesses, “I’ve never had two brothers fight for me before. I find it erotic”

Chance and Real continue to go at it and the scene breaks to show Claudia saying, “I think Real is better for her”
The fighting gets the better of Chance and he walks off to visit the horses because animals “calm him down”.

As he (Chance) walks away, Real advises New York, “if you want Flavor Flav 2 then go on with him”

Alone together, Real confesses, “I don’t want to have to fight for you. I’d rather back the h*** out”
“Then why the f*** did you come here”, was New York’s obvious reply.

Looking on at the couple (Real and New York) Sister Patterson remarks, “they would have beautiful children”. And Claudia seems to agree!

***The VH1 Editors interrupt with their best guess of what their child would look like. It turns out to be a mini-Flavor Flav***

The date is winding up and Claudia inexplicably says “I would love New York to be my daughter-in-law. I Love her dearly”

Before they leave, America’s Next Top Mom has a conference with Real and Chance to let them know that their fighting will “really break my heart”
Claudia cries, and her tears and the melancholy overwhelm Chance who sheds a few himself.
She walks away, leaving the brothers to sort it out on their own. This they do thanks to a Churchillian speech from Real who preached something like “this is life, it’s life. We are brothers, it’s blood….nobody’s gonna tear us apart”
The brilliant speeches don’t end there. New York says Chance’s thug-card hasn’t been pulled because of those tears because, “soldiers cry, dogs cry and doves cry (lmao). We cry, we all f****** cry”
***Date ends***

The next day comes and the anticipation builds for Tango’s mother’s arrival; but Chamo mucks it up with the most ridiculous ensemble he’s worn all season. His choice today was a purple blouse and tights.

Oddly enough, Tango’s mom was nonchalant; which suggests the taping of that scene had many takes.
Preparing to meet his mother New York says Tango is more mature than Real or Chance, possibly because “turtles do live a lot longer than humans”

Eventually New York meets Tango’s mom and her first impression is not a good one…”she’s a little on the plus-size.”

Their date takes them to tango lessons because, Tango’s name is Tango, I guess; and some fool at VH1 thought that was clever.
We learn however, that Tango’s mom was a professional dancer and for that reason he was so named -Tango.
This date is as boring as yesterdays but Tango is being a good son, paying lots of attention to his mother.
(Err, Tango; remember what happened the last time you ignored New York?)

I’ll answer for you…’she got upset’, and she was just as upset today and told us about it, “I am pissed off because Tango is paying so much attention to his mom. He’s being a little b****”

New York continues, “I prefer Claudia because she looks like she knows how to apply makeup and look like a woman”. “I’m a jealous woman, he has to see now that I am his mama”

They move on to have dinner and New York is being obnoxious and reveals to the viewers that she is deliberately ruining dinner because “Tango’s mom is boring me. She’s acting like a brick-wall….plain….and big”

She and Tango argue over Chance and we have this uncomfortable situation of her defending another man while addressing another with his mom looking on. She admits that Chance has been abusive and rude, causing Sister Patterson to turn to Tango to say “handle Chance or I will”

The date ends and Paula (Tango’s mom) says her advice to Patrick (Tango) is “if he’s prepared to deal with her…Fine! If not, I want him to run as fast as he can to the border”
***Date ends***

Back at the mansion Sister Patterson asks Chance to join her outside. At the garden table she tells him he’s “a little bit too immature and rambunctious” and asks him to “come closer”.

At this point she offers him $ 5000. He balks and she offers him double ($ 10000) …”if she gives you a chain tonight; and you accept my offer, you give her back the chain”

“You serious like this?” is all Chance could say.
Sister Patterson gets up and kisses him…on the lips. On the lips! Chance was unimpressed and said “the kiss from Sister Patterson taste like Old Lady perfume”

Chance returns to the mansion and informs Real and Tango that Sister Patterson offered him a a bribe.
All that’s left is the elimination ceremony.
After deliberation the guys gather at the usual spot and New York appears looking delicious in a burgundy colored dress.

The Elimination Ceremony

Earlier, New York mulled over the strengths of the three contestants:
Real – “is a passionate man; an honest man. He’s ready for love”
Chance – “makes me laugh just like Flav used to”
Tango – “he says he loves me”

The choice was clearly between the Stallionaire Brothers.
So there she was, beautiful in burgundy and sporting her best weave yet; she wasted no time in getting to it…
“My first chain…this chain is going to a man who just fits me like a glove”
That man was Chance, and she told him,”you’re getting this chain because I can see us together; we’ve already been through ups and downs”
Chance accepts, but removes the chain saying “you know, I gotta tell you something. I can’t do this…”
New York is taken aback.

Chance turns to Sister Patterson, seated comfortably in an uncomfortably fitting purple dress and asks, “you got what you say you have for me?’
“You got what you say you have for me?”
“Do you trust me?” says Sister Patterson
“You got what you say you have for me?” (for the third time)

New York is livid and storms outside, shouting “I am the HBIC around this motha, I run this s***”
“I got feelings too”, she laments.

Chance chases after her. He’s not alone; a crew-member of the production staff grabs at New York’s arm.
Chance explains his intent to New York; “your momma offered me something I definitely can’t refuse. She offered me ten grand, I was gonna take her money and keep my chain.”

Unbelievably New York is convinced, and back in the mansion she says to him, “come here” and Chance receives his chain.
“I was never gonna leave, New York”, he reiterates.
“Don’t play his game Tiffany”, Sister Patterson chimes in.

New York kisses him
…and searches for words to explain her decision….”I have so much invested in this; my life is invested in this”

Tango’s response to this? “It’s been a common thread since the beginning of time. Females like the biggest a*******. I don’t understand that”

Tiffany turns to mom and says, “he was never gonna leave me”
“He took the chain off”, responds Sister P.

The back and forth continues but they soon return to the most important decision of the night; Tango or Real.

Real is disappointed and New York tells the audience “Real might be too sensitive”
She asks Real to step forward and spouts this crap…”You’re a wonderful man. You’re the realest man I ever met and I love you. I love you so much”

The brothers say goodbye and Real, the class act he is, says to Chance, ‘it’s your time to shine”
They hug and the regret seems genuine, but Tango brings sanity to the surreality when he says, “what the h*** is wrong with you (two)? You live in the same freaking house; you’ll see each other in a few days”

Outside, Real summarizes his disappointment but it becomes too much for him and he breaks-down in tears.

In the mansion, New York announces that they’re off to Mexico.
Tango’s closing words are “she can’t end up with this dude; it can’t happen”
Whilst Chance’s final words are “I’m gonna show that f***** how the Stallionaires get down”

Answer by Mrs. Anderson
what asdf1234 said. Sounds good to me!

Written by PsychicWilliam

Psychic William….. Likes to keep it simple and jargon free! Rather than me say how good I am, why not ask those in my room who have had a reading… Anyone can talk a good story.. You decide if I am what you’re looking for :oD

I don’t use any tools although I can use cards if you wish me too. My connection is always given in context and I present evidence all the time. It may be random but it makes sense….